How To Increase Spiritual Energy Levels

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How Spiritual Energy Works

You may be wondering how spiritual energy works, particularly if you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening at the moment. Science Daily[1] notes that everything in the universe is made of energy, including humans. The scientific equation E=mc2, upon which much of modern physics is based, also holds this to be true. Human beings are therefore energy.

Dr Su Mason, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists comments in her paper about Spiritual Healing[2], that modern medicine derides spiritual healing as merely a placebo effect. This is because without an objective, repeatable study of the mechanism of how spiritual energy is used in healing, it cannot be true, according to science. Mason notes that she herself does not believe this. Her paper is an interesting read.

Science Daily notes that spiritual energy theories have not been validated by science and are therefore rejected by mainstream science. But in the same article it goes on to provide links to how spirituality can improve quality of life for various different patients.

If energy is the ability to do work (as scientists describe it), then clearly there is some kind of spiritual energy that can be tapped if patients have better outcomes when they’re involved in spirituality. Because science doesn’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We just don’t yet know fully how spiritual energy works.

How To Make Your Spiritual Energy Stronger

If we put the science side of things aside for a moment and consider how one feels when they are down or depressed, almost everyone who’s been in that situation can attest to the feeling that their energy has been sapped. And without feeling energetic, humans ability to do work is reduced. This is, in a nutshell, spiritual energy. It’s not a tangible, scientifically measurable energy that can be measured in kilojoules necessarily. But it is the ability to do work nonetheless. And a stronger spiritual energy means you can do more work – achieve more and learn more.

Here’s 8 ways to help make your spiritual energy stronger;

  1. Take Care of Your Body – it might surprise you that we recommend taking care of your body first – but you are all three parts of body mind and spirit. All are linked. The body is the vehicle, and if you don’t care of a vehicle it rusts and breaks down and can’t take you on any journey. So it is with your body.
  2. Meditate regularly and often – meditation helps reconnect you with the spirit. It calms you, reducing stress hormones helps to restore the spiritual signal from the background noise. It helps release negativity that saps your spiritual energy.
  3. Go outside – spend time outside in nature. The seaside/beach or the forest. Whichever is the place that makes you feel most at ease with life, and reconnects you to mother Earth. Energy always flows to earth and if you try to hold on to it then it blocks up and slows down.
  4. Appreciate everything you do have – the universe works on appreciation of the things we do have. Gratitude is a powerful mechanism to ensure more is given. The same is true with your spiritual energy.
  5. Accept and forgive others – nothing saps our spiritual energy like un-forgiveness. The spiritual effects of unforgiveness are huge, read our post about it here.
  6. Constantly be learning – the inquisitive mind is a healthy mind. Learning new things or consolidating existing things feeds into our spirit and lifts our energy levels. Reading (or listening to audio books if you prefer) is a great, relaxing way to do this. (Try to avoid doing it on laptops or tablets – try an Amazon Kindle instead, the light is more natural).
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously – of course life is a serious business, but it’s essential to have fun along the journey. Even Western science accepts that laughter is a great form of medicine so find things to laugh at. Accept when things go wrong and laugh at the absurdity of it all.
  8. Be good to others – even those that annoy you. Giving to others is one of the most powerful ways to make your spiritual energy stronger because the universe likes energy to flow rather than remain stagnant. By giving to others, you allow the universe to refill yourself at the same time.

Let’s look at these ways to make your spiritual energy stronger in more depth.

Improve Spiritual Energy By Taking Care Of Your Body

Your body is your spirits vehicle. If you don’t look after it, it’s more likely to break down and can’t carry you to destinations that you need to go. Having a healthy body that isn’t full of toxins will raise your spiritual energy considerably. What do we mean by taking care of your body?

  • Eat healthily. Good, freshly prepared vegetables and fruits. You can eat meat and still be spiritual, so that choice is yours to make. But heavily processed foods are probably not good for you. Also, try to reduce the amount of sugar you eat – as sugary foods and snacks cause huge fluctuations in blood glucose levels, which cause highs and lows in moods and energy. Insulin that’s released as a result of high sugar foods is a known inflammatory agent and that’s akin to running your car on petrol when it should be diesel.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep is where we recharge our spiritual batteries. It also allows us to dream which can give us all sorts of spiritual guidance and help restore our balance. Burning the candle at both ends will only result in bodily fatigue and pain, which will sap spiritual energy levels too.
  • Get enough exercise. Exercise releases ‘feel good’ hormones as well as gets our blood circulating around our bodies. Exercise helps remove toxins of our everyday lives by speeding up the circulation through the bodies natural filter systems of the liver and kidneys. It also helps lift our moods considerably and this contributes towards our spiritual energy levels too.

Regular Meditation is Important For Spiritual Energy

Whether you’re trying to maintain a good spiritual energy level, or wanting to get your spiritual energy back (which we’ll look at more below) – meditation is a vital tool in the strategy. Later in this section we’ll talk about going outside to keep yourself earthed. Meditation is about going inside ourselves and keeping ourselves connected to spirit.

Meditation forms a channel between the physical world and the spirit realm when done as a spiritual meditation. In this time you can get help (and healing) from your spirit guides and this will do wonders for your spiritual energy. You might get answers to questions you’ve had for a while and in so doing you’ll release the frustration you might be feeling over this issue. Frustration reduces spiritual energy and releasing it will help maximise it.

Go Outside to Improve Spiritual Energy

As important as it is to go inside yourself via meditation, it’s important to allow your spiritual energy to flow through you and into the Earth. This is called ‘grounding’ and it’s vital. Energy that’s not flowing is doing no work. It has potential to do work of course, but it’s not actually doing unless it’s flowing. By grounding yourself regularly by going outside and being one with nature, you allow the spiritual energy to flow through you.

Batteries only charge when energy (electrical) flows. And so it is with your spiritual energy.

Appreciate Everything You Have

Everything we have literally comes from the universe. It’s just a fact. You came from the universe and you will return to the universe. The universe doesn’t require much of you in return for the gifts it gives you, except for gratitude.

Showing your gratitude to the universe has two effects to improve your spiritual energy. The first is that when you are grateful to the universe for everything you have, the universe is likely to give you more. In the same way that if you regularly give something to someone who is ungrateful for it, you either feel somewhat resentful for their lack of gratitude, or you simply stop giving. So the universe is.

But also, being grateful for everything you have helps you to see how well off you are. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, focus on the things you do have. The universe listens to our subconscious and provides us with that which we think the most about. If you concentrate on not having, then not having is what you get. We go into this in greater detail in our post about why your manifestations aren’t working.

Accept and Forgive Others. The Quickest To Make Your Spiritual Energy Stronger.

Unforgiveness and bitterness will sap your spiritual energy quicker than you might realise. Almost instantly indeed.

The Bible explicitly addresses this in a number of places – though it is often forgotten. See to it that no-one falls short of the Grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. (Hebrews 12, v. 15). It’s pretty clear that unforgiveness and bitterness isn’t something we should be doing – whether we believe the Bible or not.

It should be relatively obvious that bitterness and unforgiveness will ruin your spiritual energy because it consumes so much energy during the day. If you carry unforgiveness around it is a heavy burden that takes extra energy. The energy of thinking about your unforgiven could be better spent in spiritual meditation. Unforgiveness causes static noise in the spiritual energy field and reduces the amount of energy which can flow into and through you.

The spiritual effects of unforgiveness are vast and varied, and none of them are good.

Constant Learning Helps Spiritual Energy

Reading anything you can about spirituality helps you to recognise what’s going on. Learning how to improve your spiritual antennae will allow more energy to flow through you. It’ll also help you keep more of your energy while allowing others to benefit from it too. Learning, also known as awakening, is crucial to your spiritual energy levels.

Laughter Is Another Great Way to Improve Spiritual Energy

By not taking yourself too seriously and finding joy in anything you can helps to lift your spirits and in many ways is linked to the section on appreciating everything you have. Laughing and finding joy in your life shows you appreciate it, and the things it throws at you.

Laughter also releases internal hormones which help give your body good energy levels too. And as we showed earlier, a healthy body also helps to improve spiritual energy.

Finally, Be Good To Others To Keep Your Spiritual Energy

The notion of treating other people well is present in every religion on the planet. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Indeed the Christian Bible references this in two distinct books, and in various places within those books. The book of Matthew says “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12). Luke 6:31 repeats this, suggesting it is something of considerable importance to Jesus. Matthew 22:39 shows that Jesus actually repeated this when questioned what was the most important commandment was. “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

It seems pretty clear that if everyone followed this one fairly basic rule, the world – and our spiritual energy levels – would be in a far better position than currently!

What Happens If Your Spiritual Energy Is Low?

Having a low spiritual energy can change your entire outlook on life. With a low spiritual energy, everything you do becomes a chore – even the good stuff. It can become hard to even get out of bed in the morning and this can end up being a vicious cycle.

Here’s some significant potential effects of low spiritual energy;

  • Finding it more difficult to cope with negative life events
  • More likely to engage in addictive behaviours
  • Attachment to life partner, or feeling lost without one
  • Focus on short term profit as opposed to long term benefit to society and people

Research from 2014[3] in the Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology journal highlights that although spiritual people experience distress from negative life situations, they often have much better coping mechanisms. Interestingly, there was a much more limited correlation between purely religious people, as opposed to those with a good spiritual energy.

If you’re low on spiritual energy you’re more likely to seek solace from addictive behaviours, and take longer to recover from addictions with a higher level of relapse when compared to those who have less spiritual faith[4].

ManagerUp notes in their post that spiritual people make better leaders, involving the whole team in creativity and innovation. It also notes that in the 21st Century, more people view themselves as more than just a cog in a machine to do work. They want their spiritual needs met even at work. They state that “spiritual energy creates better leaders, more motivated and creative employees, stronger teams and less stressful work environment”.

Perhaps interestingly though, the times when your spiritual energies are at their lowest are the times when you’ll feel less able to do all the things that help make your spiritual energy stronger. When you have low spiritual energies you’ll feel less able to take care of your body, less able to meditate regularly or go out into nature.

You’ll definitely feel less able to forgive people when your spiritual energy levels are low. And you’ll certainly not be as interested in being good to people. So, just as having high spiritual energy levels can be a positive feedback cycle, so having low spiritual energy levels can be a negative feedback cycle.

If you feel your spiritual energy levels are low, it’s important to work on getting that spiritual energy back.

How To Get Your Spiritual Energy Back

As we saw above, when your spiritual energy levels are low, this is exactly the time you’ll find it the most difficult to care about getting your spiritual energy back. You may, if you’re not careful, just drift into a state of uncaring. It’s important to remember that with very few exceptions (noting particular physical body conditions such as clinical depression) you are in control of your mind and body.


You may not feel like it, but if your spiritual energy is low, this is an extremely important time to meditate regularly. Ask your spirit guides for assistance during this meditation – even if you don’t yet know them. You may not hear them, or you may think they’re not available to you right now. But they are. Just because you cannot hear them or don’t think they’re there at the moment, doesn’t mean that’s the truth. Your spirit guides will not desert you.

Get Around Other Spiritual People

You may find you need to separate yourself from those who have negative spiritual energies at this time. Such people can be draining. Indeed, I’ve heard some people call them spiritual energy vampires. Sometimes you will need to take time away from these kinds of people while you reclaim your own spiritual energy. When you have got your spiritual energy back you can learn how to protect your spiritual energy from negative energies. We’ll look at this below.

As well as getting away from people who have negative spiritual energies, it’s important to surround yourself as best as possible with those who have a positive impact on your spiritual energy. Spiritual people can help lift you out of the spiritual energy drought you find yourself in.

Get Some Spiritual Healing

At the very beginning of this article we talked about the benefits of spiritual healing being real, and Dr Su Mason talked in her paper about this phenomenon in far greater detail – and authority, than we can in this post. So, spiritual healing is real, and finding yourself a spiritual healer to help you when your spiritual energy is low will give you the boost you might not feel able to give yourself.

Get Out Into Nature

Sometimes just this can help restore your energy levels. Just sitting in a car, in the middle of nowhere, or perhaps in front of a lake, the beach or a forest can help lift your spiritual energy levels just enough to get back on track.

How To Protect Your Spiritual Energy

Given how important your spiritual energy is to your body, mind and soul, it’s important to learn how to protect it. You’ve spent time on all the things we’ve suggested above and you’re feeling great at the moment. But you’ve got to go out into the big wide world tomorrow – commuting on the train, working in an office, dealing with angry angry people who seek to steal your joy and spiritual energy. How, in this challenging environment can you protect your spiritual energy.

Protect Your Spiritual Energy With Powerful Words or Phrases

Words really do have power, lots of it. Actually, it’s not so much the words but the meaning and emotion behind the words. You can choose which powerful phrase helps guard your energies. For some people this can be as simple as the Lord’s Prayer. For others they might just use a single word such as ‘invincible’ or ‘shield’. Others might call the name of their protector spirit guide. (People often have at least two spirit guides, one who is a protector and the other who is more of a ‘doer’).

Breathe In Your Spiritual Energy

Many people find that one way to hold on to their spiritual energy is to visualise breathing in a white smoke like substance. This substance contains the essence of their spiritual energy. This visualization can be used in the beginning of a meditation too – but in this scenario is just a quick way to remind you that you are in control.

This method helps to calm you down by concentrating on your breathing. Calming down when someone has irritated you or tried to take your spiritual energy somehow will help you remain at peace. And at peace you can remain forgiving of them, and be good to them. This helps keep your spiritual energy. It will also help your physical energy because a calm body requires less energy than an anxious or annoyed one.

Wear A Spiritual Cloak Or Energy Field For Spiritual Energy Protection

This is an important way to protect your spiritual energy. And it’s surprisingly effect in all circumstances and easy to do. When you first begin you may find that you have to slow down, sit quietly and visualise yourself performing this ritual. But as you become more practised at it, you’ll find that just remembering the cloak or energy field is enough.

Imagine yourself out in the rain, standing at a bus stop (without a shelter). As it rains, you begin to get wet on your head and shoulders. This is the visualisation of all that negative energy raining down on you and draining your own spiritual energy.

Now imagine yourself putting on a cloak. It can be a see through cloak so you can still go about your business. It could be a ‘poncho’ type arrangement with a hood even. Put this cloak on and see how the rain is now deflected away from your hair and shoulders. You remain dry inside the cloak.

You can substitute this cloak with an energy field – kind of like the force-fields you see in Sci-Fi movies. It can fizz or buzz as the rain hits it if you like. The rain, negative spiritual energy, cannot penetrate the cloak or forcefield and you are safe.

At this point you’ve visualised the cloak/energy field on your head and shoulders, but now bring it down further so that it covers your chest, back arms and abdomen. Continue visualising it down to your feet and just gently touching the floor.

You do not need the spiritual cloak to go underneath your feet. The Earth protects you from negative energies naturally – though if you think it will help then you can visualise the energy field going all around you if you prefer. If you’re flying for instance, then this might be beneficial.

Once you have the cloak or energy field in place, visualise it beginning to glow with strong, bright light. This light repels the darkness of any negativity in the area – keeping it far away from you and stopping it from affecting you. You may prefer a different color, you can choose your own, though we’d recommend uplifting colors rather than blacks or dark colors.

Once you’ve practised this a few times you’ll find it takes a lot less time to do each time. Much of the time you’ll just need to take a few moment to remember that you already have your cloak of protection on. It can be helpful if you go through the ritual of putting it on before you go out into the big wide world, and then simply remember it when you feel under attack whilst out there.

You Can Use Crystals To Protect Your Spiritual Energy Levels

We have a whole post on how to use crystals to protect yourself from negative spirits and energies so we won’t go into too much detail in this post. But using crystals is one way to help protect yourself and is often similar to the visualisation of the force field method above.


In this post we’ve looked at how to increase your spiritual energy levels and how to keep them at a high level. We’ve looked at what happens when your spiritual energy is low and how that can affect you and your relationship with the world.

We looked at the spiritual ‘golden rule’ that says you should love others as yourself and use this as a reminder sometimes to forgive others when we really don’t want to. This is important because unforgiveness will sap your spiritual energy levels quicker than any other issue you might experience in life.

We then looked at how to improve your spiritual energy levels if you feel like they’ve been eroded – and finally we examined ways to protect your spiritual energy levels while you’re out in the world with all the energy sapping people that might try to bring your own energy levels down.

Finally, we’ve highlighted how your spiritual energy levels will determine almost everything you do in life and how you do it. It’s important to keep your spiritual energy levels up to protect against addictive behaviours and give you better resilience against negative life events.

We hope you found this post useful. If you did, please share it with your friends using the buttons below. If you would like to let us know your thoughts, or ask any questions or give other feedback please leave a comment using the form below.

Thanks for reading and all the best keeping that spiritual energy up!


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