Crystals For Protection Against Spirits

Crystals for protection against spirits vary wildly in colour and shape – learn which ones are the best to use to keep negative energies at bay

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Spirit Is Energy And Crystals Control, Direct And Reflect Energy

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Human being are fundamentally “Spirits”.

We are actually spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. (The Daily Guardian)

Spirits (humans!) can be either good or evil. Evil spirits have the potential to harm you just as good spirits (good PEOPLE) are capable of doing well to you.

Other than humans, there can be other creatures that can be categorized as spirits or rather invisible spirits (ghosts, demons, spirits of the dead etc.)

Just as we mentioned earlier, everything is POSSIBLE in this mysterious world of ours, likewise, the existence of invisible beings, good or bad, is also likely.

You may encounter spirits while using the Ouija Board or during meditation, particularly the 3rd eye meditation.

Sometimes we may come across spirits during astral projections too.

Nonetheless, whatever the TYPE of spirit be, one can use crystals for protection against spirits and their negativity.

How Spirits Affect Us

Negative energies flow around us every day and everywhere. It is essential for us to protect ourselves from these negative energies or else they may harm us and those around us.

How a negative energy may affect us depends on a number factors including our lifestyle, our health, our choices, our belief system and our aura.

There are a number of types of negative energies that try to gain access to us when we are most vulnerable. Sometimes we may get effects when we let our guard down while at times it’s from the intent of others.

It is not necessary that you would become a victim to a negative energy only if you reside in a haunted house or if you misuse an Ouija Board.

The truth is that there are negative vibes floating about all around us. We are most vulnerable to these when we are physically, emotionally, or spiritually unbalanced.

Spirits can be as simple as changes to your vibrational frequency and the energy field around you. You may experience a number of symptoms that may help you know you need protection from negative influences. Insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and fear are some of the common symptoms.

The Good News

While there are various types of spirits and negative energies that may attack us, the good news is that there are several ways to protect yourself from these negative forces including the use of crystals.

Yes, the mystery products of Mother Nature can ensure security and ward off evil.

There are other methods that can help you stay protected as well such as:

  • Meditating
  • Reading chants
  • Staying away from negative people
  • Asking help from your spirit guides
  • Cleaning your home
  • Maintaining your aura

While all these methods of protection from spirits have been there for years, perhaps the use of crystals for warding them off is considered an effective approach.

Using Crystals to Ward Off Evil

There are quite a few benefits of using crystals for protection against spirits. These stones are trusted for ages, they are affordable as well as easy to use.

There are long list of crystals for protection so choosing one that may fit your particular need is also not a problem.

Here are some of the best crystals for keeping you safe and secure from spirits:

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline for protection against spirits and negative energies
Black Tourmaline Is Very Powerful for Protection Against Spirits and Negative Energies

Black Tourmaline is considered as one of the most powerful stones for protection against harmful energies. It creates a powerful energy force field around your aura. In simple words, an aura is the energy circle that covers a person.

It is important to protect your aura as only a healthy energy field attracts good vibrations.

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This crystals can grant you the much needed positive energy and protective shield against the negative energies that a person or an invisible spirit may send you.

Another interesting thing about this crystal is that it helps you reveal the culprit when you notice a hex.

Using Black Tourmaline is pretty simple. All you need to do is to wear it in the form of a pendant to benefit from its protective qualities.

That is not all. This stone has an array of qualities. Not only does it block negative thoughts and psychic attacks, it also provides protection against Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) which can lead to a number of negative effects such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and fatigue.

In addition to wearing it in the form of a pendant, you can also carry Black Tourmaline with you to reduce anxiety and fear. You can place it close to electronics to protect yourself against EMFs as well.

So I suggest you must keep this stone in your list of the best crystals to protect yourself from negative forces.


Amethyst great crystal for protection against spirits and negative energies
Amethyst – pretty and helpful

A splendid stone, Amethyst radiates positive energy and acts as a protective stone against spirits. By using this crystal you can ward off negative energies and also enjoy protection from psychic attacks and illness.

With the help of this stone you can also take your metaphysical abilities to the next level. It can also facilitate in removing fear, grief and anxiety.

Amethyst is also known as a grounding crystal having a high vibrational frequency. So you can get more stability and peace by using it as well. Wearing it when you are down in the dumps can help.

To protect yourself from negative energies around you, simply wear it as jewelry or place it under your pillow.

This healing crystal will help you bid adieu to nightmares and help you sleep peacefully.

Tourmalinated Quartz

A Clear Quartz crystal, Tourmalinated Quartz is another powerful buddy in times of need. If you look closely you will notice a type of winter landscape within this stone.

This rock is often used in combination with any other crystals to protect yourself from evil spirits. As you may have an idea, Clear Quartz is a wonderful amplifier of healing properties when it is used together with other crystals.

It also helps during out-of-body experiences and works as a protective shield when you travel. In addition to absorbing negative frequencies, this crystal also helps purify your energy field. Most people use it for healing in their homes and workplace settings as well.

Just like other crystals, you can wear Tourmalinated Quartz or keep it near you in your home.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz, like its cousin clear quartz but somehow cooler

Remember to add Smoky Quartz to your list as well. They are known as one of the most powerful and versatile crystals. You must know that most negative energies aim to disturb the mind while some may attack the physical body.

With the help of this stone you can remain safe from mental, spiritual as well as physical attacks. It works by providing you with emotional balance and relieving you from negative thoughts and stress.

This way you get positive vibrations essential to remain safe from the negative influences of the spirits.

Smoky Quartz is particularly great for protection against psychic attacks. You can also use to console those who are suffering from reoccurring memories of trauma or those who are being haunted.

Place this crystal under your pillow or bed to sleep well. You can also use it as a jewel and get protection against the negative spirits.



Another powerful stone for protection, Fluorite comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Known for its great protective energies, this rock will help you repel evil forces without any effort on your part.

It is considered as a security guard that looks after you and helps you remain safe from negativity around you.

For those who want to purify their aura, Fluorite can be their best friend too. It helps to keep your aura strong which is essential to protect yourself from dark energies.

This stone will boost your confidence and concentration as well and in turn help when you are afraid of evil vibrations. Fluorite is also great when you meditate to ward off hex or evil eye.

Placing this crystal in your home is a simple and effective way to benefit from its positive energy.

Crystals Promote Protection and Positivity

Living in a world where positive and negative forces exist side by side, protecting yourself is crucial to lead a safe, peaceful and healthy life.

Since most people don’t have a very strong aura or advanced metaphysical or psychic abilities that would help them ward off spirits on their own, they need aid from certain elements such as crystals.

Using these miraculous stones will help you ward off evil and provide you with positive and healthy vibrations.

Carry them with you on the go, keep them in your pocket or wallet, or wear them as pendant, these gems will extend you the much-needed protection in a simple and affordable way.

Stay safe 🙂