Books And Journals

On this page we showcase some of our dream journals, notebooks and spiritual awakening journals and other useful things to help you through your spiritual journey.

Journaling, particularly dream journals and spiritual awakening journals can be very helpful to help you see progression and to help you understand what you’re presently going through. Many psychologists advocate writing as a way of getting things ‘out of your head’ and helping you deal with them.

The books listed below are available in paperback or hardback format from Amazon.

Spiritual Awakening Journals

Our spiritual awakening journal is designed to help you navigate the six stages of spiritual awakening and comes with useful tips and tricks in the beginning – and a link back to our very own spiritual awakening post to refresh your memory if you need. Just scan the code with your mobile and you’ll be taken straight to the post.

There’s space on each page for you to document how you’re feeling, what you want to focus on and things such as whether you got enough sleep last night too. Chronicling your awakening journey will help you to look back on earlier stages to see just how far you’ve come.

This journal features a colorful cover and the ‘butterfly’ which you will become once awakened.

Dream Diaries / Journals

Our specially designed dream diary holds the key to helping you unlock your dreams. Almost everyone dreams, almost every night but very few people remember their dreams. This is because they’re not trained to remember them. With this dream diary beside your bed you’ll be able to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, giving you the best possible chance of remembering them for the future.

And if you can remember your dreams then you can interpret them better. And this diary has specific sections to help you do that for each dream. It has space to highlight what you were thinking of before you went to sleep and how you felt. Using this we can eliminate those dreams that were merely affectations of your mood before bed. Then you can jot down the dream itself in the provided space, along with what you think you interpretation is and any other notes.

My Dream journal

Similar to the dream diary shown before this, this dream journal has the same inside with a different cover style to suit your taste.

Manifestation Journals

These 3-6-9 Manifestation Journals are specially designed to help you with your 3-6-9 Manifestation process. Starting with a brief introduction to how to do the 369 Manifestation method, along with a QR Code to scan to read our more in depth article about the process if you need reminding. Then, following on, for the rest of the journal, there are 1 day per 2 pages of lines for you to write down your manifestation.

With enough pages for 66 days of Manifestation (the perfect number!) you can use this wonderfully colored and patterned manifestation journal to achieve whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest as quickly as possible. Learn more about the 3-6-9 Manifestation method here.