About Us

Who Is Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder?

On the website we look at various topics, from Numerology, Astrology and all things spiritual, mystical and mysterious. These ancient arts predate many religions and definitely technologies.

If you’ve ever felt that there’s more to the universe than meets the eye – and more to the universe than science can explain, then this website is for you.

Is There Any Science Here?

On the notion of science, there’s little to no scientific for proof for many of the concepts we discuss on this website. Some people believe they work, some people aren’t sure and some people simply refuse to believe at all. And we certainly aren’t disputing science ( no, we’re not anti-vaxxers! ) because there’s an amazing amount of great work to advance humanity that is performed by science.

But science can’t explain everything (yet) though it is working towards it. For example, until recently science couldn’t explain how the universe appeared to have much more energy than could be explained. Scientists now believe in a material called Dark Matter – but we can’t see it. We can only observe the affects of dark matter.

We believe that it is similarly true of many of these mystical spiritual arts. There is no scientific way of observing the spiritual realm because our instruments cannot exist in it. We can only observe the affects of the spiritual realm.

This Website Does Not Provide Advice

The information provided on this website should be considered general in nature and does not constitute individual advice. The information contained on this site does not consider your individual circumstances and is not tailored specifically for you. If you are struggling with any issues we would always recommend you contact a specialist who is qualified in that area and can provide one on one individualised professional advice. If you don’t know where to start we would recommend contacting your primary healthcare provider (e.g. Doctor).

But, with the legal stuff out of the way, we do hope you find something fun and valuable within the pages of our website. Welcome, spiritual traveller!