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Hello and welcome to Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder where we hope to provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.

Who Runs the Site

Started by a couple who met in 1992 as a result of an interest in spiritual healing back before the internet was invented (well, maybe it was, but certainly wasn’t popular with the masses) this website is brought to you to gather together as much information about the Mystical and Spiritual Arts as possible. It will grow over time to include new information as we find it.

We ourselves have a keen interest in Spirit Guides, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Meditation, Clairvoyance and Psychometry, Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming (and we practise Astral Projection) as well as Crystals, Candles and other tools for getting closer to spirit. We’ve over 30 years experience in these fields and use them in our everyday lives to help keep us calm and balanced in everything we do.

What This Site’s About

At Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder we investigate various aspects of spirituality and divination to bring you what we hope is a balanced approach between the scientific and the unknown. We believe that science (not magic) should guide our everyday lives simply because the impact science has on our lives in undeniable. You’re reading this very page as a product of science of course. However, we also know for certain that science doesn’t yet have all the answers either. So where we can we will provide evidence. And where we cannot, well then we have to rely on a little bit of faith.

We hope you find the information you find here useful. Please do leave us a comment on any of the relevant articles if you need to know more or just want to give us feedback on our content. And once again, welcome to Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder.

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