Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing Knocking or Tapping

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It’s probably happened to us all at some point. You hear a distinct knocking at the door and when you investigate there’s no-one there. Is it pranks, natural phenomenon or could there be a spiritual meaning of knocking that you heard?

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Knocking?

The answer to this question is very similar to that of the spiritual meaning of a doorbell ringing in that most likely there is a 3D physical reason for the event. Though the physical reasons will differ, there is almost always a sensible, physical reason for the knocks. One should only consider the spiritual reason for the knocking if you’ve ruled out the probable physical reasons.

Physical Reasons For Knocking

To help you rule out the physical reasons for knocking, here’s some pointers that could be where the noise is coming from. Check these out, and consider any others relating to your specific circumstances – and then read on for what the spiritual meaning of knocking could be for you.

  • Doors expanding and contracting. When the sun comes out onto a door it will warm it up fairly quickly. This causes the door to expand and the joints and seams will eventually move in a quick motion that makes the door bang. Windows can do the same. When the sun goes in the door will cool and the same thing happens in reverse.
  • Water pipes in the house. These are often confused with footsteps or knocking. But these too will expand and contract as water flows through them, heating them up or cooling them down. As they expand they move against the wooden joists of the floor, or parts of the wall in which they are concealed. They reach a certain point where the friction no longer holds them in the same place and they move quickly to a slightly new position. You probably wouldn’t see it happen even if you were to look at it as the movement is small. But it can create a disturbing knocking sound when it happens.
  • Animals throwing things at your door. We’ve seen stories of animals (squirrels and the like) who were fed by previous owners of properties who’ve moved away, now throwing their acorns and pine cones at doors in a request for the food they’ve become used to. It’s not common, but it allegedly happens.
  • Pranksters will often knock on doors and then run away. They’re usually hidden somewhere slightly out of view but where they can see your door to see if you open it. This is the most likely explanation if the knocking is rhythmic or more than just a single knock. Security cameras angled toward the door would help rule this one in or out.
  • Auditory hallucinations. These can be surprisingly real sounding and may be worth getting checked out by a doctor. Tinnitus can present as knocking sounds – in my case it sounds rather like a diesel engine running outside the house. It’s not always there and comes and goes but it’s very real sounding.

What Does Spiritual Knocking Mean?

The above list is all well and good but if you’ve ruled out the physical reasons for the knocking then what does the knocking mean spiritually. Does it mean anything at all even?

There’s various schools of thought on this and some of it depends on when you hear the knocking (i.e., are you fully awake or are you dropping off to sleep?) and where you hear the knocking (i.e., is it from the floor above you, or is it knocking on a door?)

We’ll go into the sleeping knocks and the knocks on the door separately below – for this section we’ll deal with generic spiritual knocking and what it may mean.

In general, as with the spiritual meaning of a doorbell ringing, any knocking that you’re not able to explain with physical answers may be spiritual in nature. Science and sceptics would have us believe that such things are not possible. And horror movies would have us believe they’re something to be afraid of.

On their own though, spiritual knocking is not something to generally be afraid of. Many people believe that spiritual knocking sounds are from demons trying to get in somewhere. This is patently absurd because demons could get in anywhere they wanted to, with or without ID. The idea that spirits, or demons require permission to enter a home seems without merit and would fly counter to the idea of demonic possessions which are by and large involuntary.

For this reason, we don’t subscribe to the idea that any spiritual knocking is from demons or other spirit entities trying to gain permission to enter your home. Most people believe spirits/ghosts are energies that are not bound by walls and doors anyway – so why knock to ask permission?

We do believe however, that spiritual knocking can be an entity that wants to get your attention. If you’ve been wondering whether your spirit guides are around and watching you for example. You may find that the house you’re in has spirit visitors already, and they are now trying to show you they are there by knocking.

So, with all that in mind, here’s some quick pointers to what your knocking sounds might mean in general;

Hearing Knocking Can Be a Message From Spirit

This is the most common reason for hearing knocking sounds with no physical explanation. As we look at deeper in this post there’s absolutely no reason to be afraid as it’s usually just a sign that spirit want to get your attention. In which case you’ll need to look at whether the knocking happens at particular times in the day, the numbers associated with the time could give you a clue as to what spirit is wanting to hear. Your Angel Guides might use numbers in this way to try to send you a message.

It Can Also Be a Warning From Spirit

Spirit and the universe are constantly listening to your words and watching your actions. You may be putting thoughts out into the universe that, through the power of manifestation, may actually bring you something you don’t really want. Sometimes a sudden unexpected knock can be a warning that you’re thinking about the wrong things or thinking about things in the wrong way. It can be a sign to look at your intentions and make sure they really align with what you want.

Knocking Can Be a Sign of Meeting New People

In a similar way to spirit wanting to get your attention, sometimes hearing knocking can mean you’re about to meet new people. Obviously since new people arriving at your door would require them to knock to alert you of their presence, this is a reasonable sign that spirit can send to expect new people to turn up. Sometimes the amount of knocks you hear at one time can be a clue to how many people you can expect to be meeting shortly.

These new people should be helping you to grow spiritually and improve your own skills and talents.

A Sign of Impatience

Hearing rapid, loud knocks on the door can signify that you’re being too impatient. This is another way that your spirit guides can try to communicate with you. You may be impatient about many things and if you hear knocking it’s worth having a bit of introspection to see if you’re trying too hard or expecting things in your time not spirit time. It’s important in all things to do with spirit and the universe to realize that the more impatient you become, the longer things take. This is because we’re here to learn patience and confidence that we can create whatever we want for ourselves. Being impatient shows a disharmony to the universe and proves that you are not yet ready to receive. Be grateful for everything you have and know that when the time is right, all will come to you.

You’re Too Afraid

This one is a bit of a dichotomy. Further down this post we explore the notion that many people believe that evil spirits, or even the devil himself will knock on your door if they want to enter your house. Nothing could be further from the truth – but have you noticed that you’re feeling scared about this knocking? The knocking could be a sign from your spirit guides that you’re not trusting them or the universe enough. You’re becoming afraid about things that you need not be afraid and the knocking message serves to highlight this to you. Being afraid of the knocking, instead of asking “Who’s there” and facing things potentially becomes a vicious cycle that, like all cycles, needs breaking. Begin with some spiritual meditation and ask your guides for help to bring you out of this fear cycle you’re in.

What To Do If You’re Getting Unwanted Spiritual Knocking

Many people become quite afraid if they experience spiritual knocking. This is for a variety of reasons;

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear that the spirits mean harm
  • Fear that the spirits can even harm you, if they wanted to
  • Fear that the knocking is from the Devil himself (hint: it’s not)

Whilst there are accounts of Poltergeists being involved in spiritual knocking, and of course of Poltergeists causing damage or moving things around, such occurrences are relatively rare. There is generally nothing to fear from the spiritual knocking you’re receiving. But it is good to remain cautious.

It’s difficult to answer what you should do if you’re getting spiritual knocking without knowing a little bit of your particular background and as such this can only be generic guidance.

If you’ve been asking for a sign recently, for example you’ve been wondering if there is more to the universe than meets the eye, then the spiritual knocking could just be your answer. This is probably the beginning of your spiritual awakening adventure and we’d recommend getting in touch with a spiritual person in your neighbourhood. If possible, try to find one through word of mouth, as these are often the most trustworthy people.

If you’ve not been asking for a sign, or don’t want the knocking to continue, you can ask the spirits themselves to please stop. Become more demanding in your requests if they don’t stop when asked nicely. Some people find they don’t mind the spirits themselves being there, they just don’t want the disturbance. If that’s the case, tell them. Out loud. Remind them, if you’re at home, that it’s your home now. Most entities have no ill meaning toward you personally and many were just ordinary people like you who will honour reasonable requests.

If after repeated efforts to get the spirit to stop knocking, you may need to seek the professional help of a nearby medium or Pastor. It is very likely that the spirit means you no harm or malice, but is desperate to get a message across and may need help with that. A medium or Pastor can usually help with this. Once the message is passed, the spirit will normally move on naturally – but if not, the medium or Pastor can help with that too.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Knock at the Door

Earlier in this post we covered the idea that the spiritual meaning of knocking on the door could be spirits wanting to come in. Social media these days is littered with this idea that spirit needs permission to enter your building. Some go as far to say you should never open the door to them because you’re then inviting in a demon. This is nonsense. A spirit no more needs your permission to enter the building than anyone else does.

It is social etiquette to ask for permission but if someone does not wish to abide by that etiquette they won’t. Burglars do not ask for permission before entering your home, nor will squatters if you leave it empty long enough. Spirits – particularly demons – will not ask either. They’ll enter and you’ll not be any the wiser that they’re there unless they let you know.

So, acknowledge the knocking because it is spirit letting you know that they are there. They may have a message for you, or want you to understand something. They may just want you to recognise their presence. There is no need to be afraid. If a spirit were able to harm you and wanted to, they would have done so already – the knocking is not asking for permission to cause you any harm.

If you feel you wish to, ask the spirit what they want. They may have something they want to pass on to you, or they may have something they would like your help with. If you don’t get an answer you may want to seek the help of a local medium or church pastor for assistance. Or the spirit may be letting you know that it’s time to begin your own spiritual awakening so that they can engage with you. As a complete ‘newbie’ this is best done by finding someone locally who can help you open your spiritual channels and guide you in protection methods and how to shut down when you are spiritually fatigued. They can also help keep you grounded and provide a sounding board while you’re experiencing what will be very strange things at times.

Spiritual Meaning of Tapping on Window

A window, which might be tapped on if spirit wants to get in touch
Knocking or tapping on a window can have a spiritual meaning
Image by Klara Sturm from Pixabay

Similarly to the spiritual meaning of knocking, hearing tapping on a window can have a spiritual meaning. But it’s important to rule out physical reasons first. As we mentioned earlier, one of the most common reasons for hearing tapping on a window is a change of temperature of the window frame. This change doesn’t even need to be that noticeable. It’s likely to be more noticeable if your window frames are dark in colour as they’ll be absorb more energy from the sun and let it go quickly if the sun goes in.

Birds will often tap at a window, particularly if they’re nesting nearby and get confused with their own reflection. Many birds, especially the smaller ones, become incredibly[1] territorial during breeding season and will see their own reflection as a threat. You can usually rule this one out by watching the window, or looking for tell-tale signs such as white smudges appearing on your window.

If you’ve ruled out the physical reasons and are now looking for the spiritual meaning of tapping on your window, there’s a few things it could mean.

  • Spirit is sending you a sign that they’re OK
  • Spirit is sending a sign that they want to communicate with you
  • Spirit, or your guides, are reminding you that there is a world out there
  • Spirit or the universe is giving you a sign to answer a recent question

Knocking on a window (or door for that matter) is not, as we outlined above, a sign that a spirit wants to enter your premises. Inside or outside makes no difference to spirit, so they don’t need an invite to enter your property if they’re already floating around in our realm.

It’s also not a sign of an imminent death of someone close to you (unless this has happened to you before, but even then it’s likely an unfortunate coincidence).

If you’re getting spirits tapping on your window, one of the best ways to determine what the spiritual meaning of this is, is to ask them. You can ask them via your spirit guides by asking them to ask for you if you don’t want to speak directly to the spirits. Or, you can seek the counsel of a medium or clairvoyant if you would prefer. In almost all cases the spiritual meaning of tapping on a window is simply that spirit wants your attention for some reason.

Hearing Knocking In Your Sleep Spiritual Meaning

Hearing knocking whilst falling asleep may have a spiritual meaning or it may not. There are some circumstances that ought to be ruled out before ascribing spiritual reasons to the knocking whilst you’re asleep or falling asleep. Some examples;

  • Hearing is still sensitive whilst asleep, so did the knocking sound come from outside? Someone closing a car door for example. Someone closing the door or windows of their own house.
  • Exploding Head Syndrome. This sounds far more dramatic than it actually is. But basically research is still ongoing as to its cause, but it creates a large noise or flashing light in your head as you’re falling asleep or waking up. Some people experience it more than others and it is likely related to a similar experience such as falling while you’re asleep waking you with a jolt.
  • Medical reasons such as sleep apnoea can cause your heartbeat to be heard loudly in your ears while you are asleep. You may then jolt awake as your brain realises you must breathe and do so immediately – which forces you awake hurriedly.

If you think you have a medical reason for hearing the knocking while you’re asleep, you should consider contacting a doctor or primary healthcare practitioner to discuss your issues. Sleep apnoea in particular can lead to other issues and is worthy of investigation fairly urgently.

We would always advise seeking medical assistance for any condition that may have a medical basis before ascribing it to a spiritual cause. Some medical and psychological conditions can mimic spiritual causes and some are dangerous to ignore. Contact your healthcare professional if you’re in any doubt. As much as you may wish it had a spiritual connotation, you may find you’re actually having medical issues with an easy, and safe, resolution.

Does 2 Knocks Mean You’ll Meet Your Twin Flame or Soulmate?

It could – many people believe this to be the case. It makes a certain amount of sense in many ways because the number 2 represents balance and harmony and of course relationship. If you’re hearing 2 knocks repeatedly as a pattern start to look for other signs that may indicate the meaning of these 2 knocks. For example, a very strong indicator that you’re ready to meet your twin flame or soulmate (noting that these are not the same thing) might be that the 2 knocks always come at 22:22 (10:22pm) or on the 2nd day of the week, or 2nd day of the month.

Of course if you’ve already met your twin flame, or already met your soulmate, then these 2 knocks are going to mean something different. In which case it may mean that your relationship is going to enter a new phase. In the case of a twin flame relationship perhaps it’s time to embrace more balance and harmony as you’ve possibly fulfilled the soul contract you came back to achieve and can now move on into better times.

As with any spiritual meaning of anything, you’ll need to be the one doing the most of the interpretation for yourself because it’s so context specific that it’s hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer such as this.

Does Hearing 3 Knocks Mean Death Is Coming?

Death Knocking 3 Times on the Door
Death Knocking 3 Times on the Door

No, it most certainly does not. At least, not if you’re here asking this question. Some people claim they hear 3 knocks and shortly afterwards someone dies. Whilst this is unlikely it is perhaps possible for those that have experienced it.

In this case, you would know if the 3 knocks means someone is going to die because you would likely have experienced it before. The difficulty here is that you will now be looking for who’s going to die and will determine, if someone does, that the knocks were somehow a notification of it.

But what’s the point? It wouldn’t tell you who’s about to die. Just someone. But we hear about death fairly regularly – whether it’s a close relative, friend or a famous person. We can ascribe the knocks as a symbol of the death if it fits. And generally, we make it fit.

I have experienced, on a few occasions, dreams whereby the person I am dreaming of tells me they are OK now or everything is sorted. Then the following morning I receive news of the person’s passing overnight. However, that’s quite a different thing to just hearing 3 knocks.

Knocks on the door are usually a spirit asking you to pay attention. Sometimes they may be spirit pranks just designed to startle you. In any case, if you hear 3 knocks on the door and you believe it is spirit, read the sections above to get some more advice on what it means and how to deal with it.

But it almost certainly does not mean death is coming.

It’s possible that the 3 knocks are, however, the spirit of a recently passed person whom you knew. These knocks may be that person trying to give you a sign that they’re OK, or that they want some help from you. You’ll need to use your intuition here and perhaps ask for some additional signs as to which it is. In other words, 3 knocks can be a sign that someone has died, but it is not a sign that someone is about to die.

Hearing 3 knocks can mean that you’re beginning to integrate your body, mind and soul in a good and meaningful way though. You’re integrating your spiritual life with your 3D life and learning how to mesh the demands of each whilst keeping time for yourself too. If you hear 3 knocks and don’t think this applies to you, it could be a sign from your guardians that it’s time to look into doing this!

Hearing 4 Knocks Could be a Sign to Stay Balanced

If you’re hearing 4 knocks and experiencing itching ears it could be a sign that you need to improve the balance in your life. A square – the 4 sided shape – is nicely balanced with each side the same length and each angle at the corner the same. So 4 is a number that symbolizes balance and stability. Hearing 4 knocks is a strong sign that you’re either properly balanced right now and it’s recommended you stay that way, or if it’s combined with itching ears you may want to look at the areas of your life that are presently out of balance. In this latter case it’s most likely that you’re spending too much time on the physical aspects of your life (i.e. the 3D world) and not enough on your spiritual well-being and development.

5 Knocks Is a Sign of Change

Hearing 5 knocks is a sign that things are changing in your life. This could be for the better or worse and only you’ll have any idea of what that really means. Usually it’s a sign that things are going to get better, particularly if you’ve been trying to manifest something positive (but bear in mind what we said earlier in the post about manifesting things that are not good for you, in which case the change that’s coming could simply be your mindset).

It’s generally a sign that a significant change is about to occur though, so try to discern what that change may be and how you can prepare for it. It could be time to get excited and thank the universe for everything it’s doing for you.


Hearing knocking on doors, walls, floors, windows etc. almost always has a physical explanation. If you can, put up some security cameras to see if you can spot what it is that’s causing the knocking. Before attributing any knocking experiences to a spiritual source you should always rule out the physical possibilities first.

Sometimes medical reasons are the source of the knocking we hear. In this case you should definitely rule these out before deciding that the knocking has a spiritual meaning. Contact your primary healthcare person and discuss the issue with them.

If you have ruled out the physical and medical possibilities then you may be experiencing a spiritual knocking and be looking for the meaning. In almost all cases it is simply a spirit wanting to attract your attention for some reason. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Ask for help from a local medium if you feel overwhelmed yourself or are unable to discern any answers when you ask the spirit what you want.

We hope this post has been helpful and that you’ve enjoyed reading it. If you have, please feel free to share it with your friends using the buttons below.

Please do leave your questions or comments below and we’ll do our best to give you our perspective on the meaning of your spiritual knocking issue.


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Featured Image by Peter H from Pixabay