The Spiritual Meaning Of Doorbell Ringing

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What does it mean when you hear the doorbell ring and no one is there? The most obvious answer is that kids are pranking you by pressing the button and running away. It could of course be an electrical glitch too, especially if its a wireless doorbell. Interference can cause the doorbell to ring by itself.

But, if you’ve ruled all that out, there could be a spiritual meaning of doorbell ringing and in this post we’re going to investigate various reasons why you might hear a doorbell ringing and there’s nobody there.

Sound, and bells in particular, are powerful and symbolic tools in spirituality. The chiming of the bell, or doorbell, can symbolize and opening between the 3D realm and spirit realm and can act as a communication channel between the two.

Similar to this, is the question of the spiritual meaning of knocking – which we look into in a separate post.

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Connection From The Other Side

Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts or spirits, many cultures around the world do believe in some form of connection from people who’ve died. And some of those also believe that hearing a doorbell ringing is a sign from those who’ve died that they want to communicate with us or bring something to our attention.

This connection could be with someone we knew when they were alive, or it might be from someone we’ve never met before. To work out if you know the spirit who’s ringing your doorbell you’re going to need to look for other signs potentially. For example, are the sounds happening at the same time every night and is that time significant in some way to the person you think it might be? What were your thoughts when you heard the bell?

For example, you may have been thinking about a person who’s recently died and almost immediately heard the doorbell ring. This would be quite coincidental and as such may have a spiritual connection. The other person could be trying to let you know they’re now OK for example.

beautiful and colorful divine presence ringing the doorbell
Hearing a Doorbell Ring Could be a Sign of a Divine Presence
Image by Natalia from Pixabay

Sign of a Divine Presence

If you’re not convinced that the doorbell is ringing and no-one is there is being caused by someone you previously knew, it’s a possibility that it’s a sign of a divine presence trying to get your attention. At Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder our belief is that everyone has Spirit Guides, but you could equally see these as divine beings, or Angels. Whatever it is that you want to call them, hearing a doorbell ring can definitely be a sign that they want to get in touch.

This becomes especially likely if there’s other things that ‘coincidentally’ happen at the same time. For example, you hear the doorbell ring at 04:04 in the morning – or 14:14 in the afternoon. This is a superb example of your Spirit Guides using Angel Numbers to try to get your attention.

Sign of a New Life Cycle Beginning

Bells themselves are often used to ‘ring in the changes’ – and as such the hearing of bells, or doorbells, can be a sign that new beginnings are approaching. A change of lifestyle might be approaching and hearing the doorbell could be simply telling you to watch out for it.

Churches used to ring bells to signify the beginning of the New Year – as well as times when someoe was getting married of course. Bells were also used to denote that someone had died and we’ll address the scary prospect of whether or not hearing a doorbell ring means that someone is going to die soon in a later section (hint: it doesn’t).

Of course, this may be a positive change or one that you would rather avoid. You’ll need to use some of the tactics throughout the rest of this article to try to discern whether this is a new life cycle that you relish or whether the bell tolling is instead a warning to avoid something.

locked gate depicting that you are too closed off
You might need to Awaken your Consciousness
Image by Patrick Amiri from Pixabay

You Are Too Closed Off – Awakening Your Consciousness

One of the biggest life cycle changes or new beginnings can be beginning a Spiritual Awakening or Awakening your Consciousness. Our belief is that your Spirit Guides are with you at all times, whether you’re awake to them or not. Hearing the doorbell ring when no-one is there can be a call to wake up from the 3D realm and realise that there’s far more to the universe than we can normally see.

The doorbell ringing could be a sign from spirit that you need to pay attention. It’s a call to action to begin that spiritual awakening and start learning to meditate and talk to your spirit guides.

Life circumstance can sometimes cause us to close off too. When we’re stressed we often ‘shut down’ and start neglecting ourselves. We can neglect our physical health, our mental health and our spiritual health. Similar things can happen if we’ve just exited a romantic relationship and this can lead us to closing up to avoid being hurt again in the future. Sometimes the bell ringing can be a sign that we’ve spent too long in this state and it’s time to unfold our wings and fly again. Try to spend some time with people that you love and can help you to allow your true self to shine again.

Higher Calling – Pay Attention

Similarly, there is a strong possibility that your spirit guides are trying to highlight that something higher than ourselves is calling us. Hearing a phone ring when it isn’t can be a similar experience with a similar meaning, as can hearing your called when no-one is actually there.

This higher calling doesn’t necessarily have to relate to spiritual advancement – although it might. But it could also be a sign of something in normal 3D life that you should consider undertaking in order to improve the lives of those around you – or even yourself. Things such as starting a new career or trying to make changes in your local (or national) area for the betterment of people. Creating or getting involved with philanthropical causes are another example.

To find out if this is the reason you’re hearing the doorbell ring you’ll need to look at the greater context of what’s going on in your life and what was happening when you heard the doorbell ring. Thinking of a higher calling can be a scary experience because nobody likes change – but if you ask the right questions through meditation and stay open minded you might just find there’s some great things ahead.

two road signs indicating. that you might be heading in the wrong direction
Hearing a doorbell ring can be a Warning Sign
Image by Bryan Craddock from Pixabay

A Sign of Warning

The doorbell can be a metaphor or symbol of a disruption. It’s rare that we’re sitting waiting for the doorbell to ring during the day. It would be a boring existence if that’s where we’re at. So usually we’re involved in something when the doorbell rings and the action of someone ringing the bell disrupts us from that.

Similarly, the doorbell ringing – especialy when no-one is there – can be a sign that something is heading into your life and is going to disrupt it. This might be a positive disruption or a negative one. At the time of the ringing we may be quite uncertain – but all disruption is an opportunity to grow and learn.

We can help ourselves in this by learning to open the door and face what is on the other side. Meditate on this if necessary to learn to build the spiritual strength that may be needed for the coming disruption. This strength you do build can of course be used for the next disruption too. So there is no such thing as a bad outcome, only those that we don’t learn from.

Hearing a Doorbell Ring Can Be An Answer to a Question

Very often the lone doorbell ringing can be an answer to a question you’ve posed, perhaps almost subconsciously. It can be considered a synchronicity if you’ve been questioning things lately and the sound of the doorbell ringing has come at a time when you’ve been asking for signs as to whether someone, or something is there.

Interpreting the meaning of hearing the doorbell is, therefore, a very personal experience. It could be the equivalent of Gideon placing the fleece on the ground in order to receive an answer[2]. Or perhaps you’ve asked for a sign from the Universe or require confirmation of some decision. It could even be that you’ve requested some form of personal proof that your Guides exist.

Can Spirits Ring Doorbells?

If one believes in spirits – as of course we do on this site – and we consider that the essence of spirit is energy then there is no reason to assume they cannot interact with objects that fundamentally use energy. Electrically driven doorbells would perhaps be easier for a spirit to interact with than a physical object such as a bell.

Consider that allegedly spirits have been recorded on magnetic tapes for decades and that many electrical doorbells these days are driven by transistors and wireless connections (requiring receiver equipment in the actual bell component) it’s not unreasonable to think that if spirit can affect magnetic tape, then it can affect wireless signals which are nothing more than electromagnetic waves too.

It seems to us that spirits could ring a doorbell with relative ease, particularly an electrically driven doorbell.

Painting of the Grim Reaper (Death) ringing a doorbell
Painting of the Grim Reaper (death) ringing a doorbell

Doorbell Ringing (or Door Knocking) Is Not An Omen Of Death

Many people seem to have heard that a doorbell ringing is an omen of death. It isn’t. It’s likely that this ‘explanation’ has come from the idea that church bells will ring at a funeral and the saying ‘for whom the bell tolls’ is associated with death[1]. A doorbell ringing however is more likely an omen that someone will soon visit. Or that someone wants you to notice something, or someone wants your attention for something.

With that in mind, context is everything. Have you recently asked your spiritual guides for a sign that they are there and helping you? Has someone close to you recently died and you’ve asked whether their essence is still around? Think of the things you might have asked for signs to.

Let’s face is, death has occurred since life began. Doorbells by contrast are a relatively new invention, even if we consider non-electrically driven doorbells. It’s not an omen of death.

Does The Doorbell Ringing Mean A Spirit Wants To Enter?

No. We’ve heard this a few times, with anecdotes such as one ring means it’s a good spirit, three rings means an evil spirit and a knock on the back door means it’s the Devil himself.

Now, we accept that for many, the notion of spirits ringing doorbells at all is a ridiculous notion in itself. But the notion that a doorbell ringing once is a good spirit wanting to come in and 3 rings is an evil spirit is absurd on ridiculous. Let’s break this down a little – and hopefully put your mind at rest if you’re worried and assure you that a doorbell ringing is not an indication of spirits wanting to enter;

  • Spirit is not bound by physical objects. Your walls are no obstacle to spirit. They have no need to ring the doorbell to enter your premises. If the spirit passed before your property was built, they may not even be aware the property is there – much less the doorbell.
  • An evil spirit will do everything it can to deceive you. If spirits had to ring the doorbell to enter your premises, and evil spirit would ring only once as it pretends to be a good spirit. An evil spirit will try to trick you into accepting its advice or guidance. It won’t advertise itself as an evil spirit by giving you three rings on the doorbell. Ridiculous.
  • The Devil himself commands the demons of Hell. Does he need to knock on your back door? Nope, he’ll flatten it in if he wants to come in. There’s more chance of the Devil Going Down To Georgia and losing a fiddle competition than there is of him knocking on your door.

A doorbell ringing when no is there is not a spirit wanting to enter. It could be a sign to answer something you’ve been asking for assistance with as we outline above, or a spirit wanting to draw your attention to their presence, but it’s most definitely not a spirit wanting to enter.

Spiritual Meaning of Doorbell Ringing In Your Sleep or in A Dream

Painting of a sleeping person dreaming of hearing bells
Painting of a sleeping person dreaming of hearing bells

Hearing doorbells in dreams is surprisingly common and can happen for a number of reasons – mostly non-spiritual unfortunately;

  • Exploding Head Syndrome – although this one usually occurs as one is dropping off to sleep or about to wake up (though do you wake up because you heard the doorbell?) and the cause is actually unknown presently. But it is often associated with stress.
  • Conditioned responses to certain noises. For example, Paramedics regularly report hearing ‘the tones’ of their radio or pager as they’re dropping off to sleep. This is likely to be similar to exploding head syndrome listed above and results from extra stress. It seems more common among new Paramedics than more seasoned ones.
  • External noises being misinterpreted by the brain during sleep. Very often we will have dreams which include noises such as our alarms going off or car engine noises. Very often our brain will begin to give us a dream that matches the noises we’re hearing, but the dream doesn’t fully match the noises. This could be a similar thing happening – we hear a noise while asleep which our brain interprets as the doorbell but in fact is something different.

If none of the above fit, and there’s been no external cause for the doorbell then similarly to hearing someone ring the doorbell when there’s no-one there during waking hours then it’s possibly a sign that something is trying to get your attention. It could be your subconscious wanting your attention or it could be your Spirit Guides wanting you to take notice. Perhaps the content of this dream is something they particularly want you to pay attention to.

Again, the interpretation of the spiritual meaning of hearing a doorbell ring in a dream is going to be a very personal experience based on context. Only you can know what you have recently been seeking or experienced and wanted answers to. It may be that you’ve wanted a sign to guide you, or some form of re-assurance that someone recently departed is still OK. All of these things could be presented as you hearing a doorbell in your sleep.

There are many other things that might happen around us that can give us clues as to what the doorbell ringing means. Or indeed, perhaps the doorbell ringing is part of the bigger picture to help guide you. So watch out for other things that might go on too – things like;

  • Seeing a specific animal – many cultures believe that spirit can move animals into our path to help guide us, warn us or tell us of something about to happen. For example, some cultures believe it’s unlucky for a black cat to cross your path. But in general, the animals crossing our paths have specific meanings which when connected with other activities we’ve experienced at similar times can help us discern the intended message.
  • Feeling an unexpected breeze – this one is commonly associated with spirit visitation. Many people report a change in temperature when spirit is present, or loved ones come close to impart some message to us. Pay attention to these signs, put them all together to form a bigger picture and you’ll likely discover what it is that spirit is trying to tell you
  • Dreams – dreams are commonly thought to be predictors of the future but we don’t believe that. At least, not as such. But dreams can be powerful messages from our spirit guides and shouldn’t be dismissed without investigating the potential meaning along with any other things you might be experiencing.
  • Finding rings, jewelry or coins – finding these things out of place or out of the blue is often associated with good luck and potentially things to come. Couple up with any of the other things in this list and/or doorbell ringing can give you a clue as to the intended meaning.

Common Questions

Is it Common To Hear a Doorbell Ringing and No-one Is There?

Yes, it is common to hear a doorbell ringing and no one being there. This can happen due to various reasons such as malfunctioning or faulty doorbells, pranksters or even environmental factors like wind or animals triggering the doorbell.

Of course it can also have a spiritual meaning – and if you’ve ruled out the above then we believe there are many possibilities for what this spiritual meaning is.

What Should I Do if the Doorbell Rings and No-One Is There?

If the doorbell rings and no one is there then it can be worth making sure that no-one is pranking you by checking security cameras or looking through a peephole. It can be worth talking to your neighbors too to see if anyone else is having similar experiences.

If you’re sure it’s not a prank but does have a spiritual reason for happening, then take some time for yourself and sit down in a relaxing place and meditate or pray and ask for guidance about what it is that the spirit is trying to convey.

Is Doorbell Ringing and No-One There a Sign of Bad Luck?

No, a doorbell ringing and no one being there is not a sign of bad luck. It could be due to various reasons such as pranksters, technical issues, or even a mistake by the person who rang the doorbell.

Even if there seems to be a spiritual meaning of the doorbell ringing it is unlikely to be indicative of bad luck. And as we’ve explained in this post, it’s almost never a sign of an approaching death of someone you know.

Are There Medical Reasons for Hearing a Doorbell Ring

Hearing a doorbell ring could be attributed to medical conditions such as tinnitus or hallucinations. We recommend you consult with a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment if the event keeps recurring or you have other symptoms such as headaches, visual disturbances etc.


The most likely cause of a doorbell ringing and no-one being there, or you hearing a doorbell in a dream is not actually spiritual, though it might be. There’s a multitude of non-spirit reasons as we’ve highlighted in this article. However, if you’ve ruled out these physical reasons then it’s possible that spirit is trying to get your attention for something, or the universe is trying to draw your attention to synchronicities or trying to get you to awaken spiritually.

Interpreting the bigger reasons behind the doorbell ringing while no-one is there requires an open mind, both to the things of the 3D realm as well as being open to investigating and asking spirit what is best for you. Not only is the message of the doorbell open to interpretation differently by each person who hears it, but it’s also open to interpretation differently depending on whether your mind is open and you’re ready to deal with the changes that might be signified.

As with many things that require interpretation, context is essential. Only you can provide the necessary context to begin to work out what it is that it all means.

However, do feel free to leave a comment below with your story and we’ll see if there’s any potential explanation for what you’ve experienced – perhaps the community can help?


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Featured Image by Squirrel_photos from Pixabay