How To Start Spiritual Awakening

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If you’re wondering how to start spiritual awakening then the good news is that you probably already have! Unless you’re just reading this page due to idle curiosity because you heard someone use the term, then you probably arrived here by asking a specific question relating to how you start spiritually awakening. If you did then congratulations because you’re already on the beginning path.

You’re presently in stage 1 of the spiritual awakening process. A process we believe occurs in six stages, although the lines between the stages blur at times, and people can experience more than one spiritual awakening. But that’s for another topic. The point is, you’ve started your journey!

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How To Start Being Spiritual

Starting to be spiritual begins with a good long hard look at ourselves. The chances are that you’re already somewhat spiritual anyway. You’re probably an old soul who’s starting to wake up from their 3D slumber. To even consider the possibility that you even want to be a more spiritual person suggests that deep down you already know. You just need the scales to be removed from your eyes, so to speak.

So, to start being spiritual we need to;

  • Look deep inside ourselves and;
  • Realise there is more to life than just the 3D realm we see, touch, smell, taste and hear.
  • Understand that we are all connected. Animal, plant, human. All part of the one.
  • Notice that if we’re all one, then our actions, however small, have consequences for others as ourselves.

As you progress you will likely;

  • Discover that we are born as creators and can create our own fortune and misfortune.
  • See that the other realms can help us with this if we ask in the right way.
  • Realise that experiences are all there is. Wealth comes from creating experiences and learning with and about each other, to improve our own lives and those of others.

Begin Your Spiritual Awakening By Looking In The Mirror

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So, in essence, if we want to learn how to awaken spiritually then we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. Do we believe and understand that there is more to life than we can perceive right now? Do we, honestly, do everything from the point of view of making everyone’s lives better? Do we understand emotionally not just logically that everything is connected. Do we understand that the damage we do to others only serves to harm ourselves as well?

As part of beginning to be spiritual, or as we start on our spiritual awakening process, we need to introspect. The idea is not to flagellate ourselves for all the time we believed we were separate hunks of meat on a blue ball in space. The 3D realm is set up to make use believe this – how can we be responsible when we didn’t know. But now you’re investigating and beginning your spiritual awakening, you’re going to try to have to be more aware of the interactions you have with everything around you.

It can be helpful to write your introspections down on a plain notepad or a journal notebook dedicated to your spiritual awakening. You can do this throughout the day as you notice things around you (and you’ll notice more and more as you practice) or you can take some quiet ‘me’ time at a suitable point in your day and jot down your thoughts.

Other Practices To Enhance Your Start To Spiritual Awakening

Introspection can be difficult in our fast paced world. It can also be extremely daunting. What might I find if I look inside? Might I find a monster of a person? Well, maybe. Or you’ll think that at first. Which is why we said you’ll need to learn to forgive yourself for the things you did in the ignorance of the 3D meat world. Some of the things below can help you to begin your spiritual awakening.

  • Learn to meditate. Meditation and taking time out from the world is important to quiet the mind.
  • Return to nature. Go for walks for no reason other than to empty your mind. Go with a friend and stick to safe places if safety is an issue in your area. You’ll be surprised how much your mind can empty on a walk in the green spaces of the world.
  • Find a spiritual counsellor. If you’re beginning your awakening process you will often find yourself daunted, scared and potentially depressed. Find a suitably qualified counsellor who can help you navigate the finer intricacies of the process. We recommend looking around – your friends may know someone. Don’t ask outright unless you’re comfortable your friends will take you seriously (many won’t as they’re not awakening). Listen for the synchronicities that will come as the universe guides you in the right direction. You’ll find the right spiritual advisor at the right time.
  • Stop putting a time limit on it. This is important, as you cannot force the awakening by rushing it. Relax and understand that what will be will be.

How To Practice Spiritual Awakening

Having begun the awakening process you may be wondering how you continue to build on it. It’s partially a case of simply keep on doing what you’re doing.

Be mindful of all interactions, with all things try to enhance their experience rather than detract from it. But understand this isn’t always easy! We will get frustrated at things and lash out, detracting from other’s experience. This is part of your spiritual growth too – as you learn to forgive yourself for the things you’ve got wrong and forgive others for the things they’ve done to you.

Read, regularly, about spiritual things. There’s all sorts of books available and you’ll find an area of spirituality that stands out for you that you want to discover more about.

Mediate regularly too. Meditate on those things that you would like answers to. These can be questions or simply emotions.

Ask questions before you sleep. Expect the answers to come to you in your dreams. Be prepared with a pen and paper (or journalling notebook) beside your bed so that you can write the answers down as soon as you awake. The answers will fade very quickly when you wake up from the dream, so to help remember them, write them down as soon as you can.

What Spiritual Awakening Stage Am I In?

If you are asking how to begin the process of spiritual awakening then you are already in stage 1 of the process. We believe there are six stages of spiritual awakening. If you’re reading this post you’re most likely in either stage 1 or stage 2. But you may be further along in the process than that. If you’re feeling very tired recently and have been awakening for a while, you may find our post about spiritual awakening fatigue useful.

Finally, understand that everyone’s awakening lasts a different length of time. Your awakening will be as unique as you are. Embrace the journey, not the end goal, for the journey is the goal.


Spiritual awakening is a beautiful yet daunting and sometimes painful experience. It’s necessary for old souls to remember who they really are. If you want to begin your spiritual awakening then there’s great news. By wanting to do it, you’ve already taken the first steps. You’re already on your spiritual awakening journey!

We hope you’ve found this post useful. Please feel free to share it using the buttons below if you have. Also, do let us know in the comments below of your experiences with beginning your spiritual awakening and if you have anything to add.

Thanks for reading and all the best to you and yours!

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