How Long Does A Spiritual Awakening Last?

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As with many things spiritual or indeed human, the answer is – it depends. It depends on the person experiencing the awakening. Some people will find they open up to spirit very quickly but don’t fully integrate the spiritual side of life for months or even years. Others will take months or years of seemingly getting nowhere and then have a breakthrough at the most unexpected moments. But for most people, the spiritual awakening lasts a lifetime, but comes and goes in phases., peaks and troughs, ebbs and floes.

how long does spiritual awakening last

Relax And Enjoy The Process of Spiritually Awakening

Remember that in the 3D realm we’ve learned from birth that time is linear and passes in one direction – never to come back again. But from the soul and spirit perspective that couldn’t be further from the truth. The soul exists outside of time as we know it and isn’t at all phased by the passage of 3D time. Understanding this is actually part of the spiritual awakening process and helps us to relax and enjoy the journey of life rather than concentrating erroneously on an end destination. When we think of things in these terms, it no longer matters how long a spiritual awakening lasts.

The Spiritual Awakening May Be Instant And Yet Also A Lifetime

Jennifer Hiranya Rose, a psychotherapist and spiritual guide active on Quora makes an interesting point in this Quora question thread which somewhat mirrors my own experience. That is, the awakening to spirit can happen almost instantly – but integrating that awakening into your life can take the entire lifetime.

It’s also important to realise that in everything we do, in every life we live, that we are seeking to improve and grow. In this sense a spiritual awakening is perhaps designed to last forever.

In order to become fully enlightened and awakened we must cast off our ego – which is what makes a spiritual awakening so painful for some people since the ego does not want to be cast off. We must purify our ego and awaken to the ideas that there’s so much more around us than just the 3D that we see. And importantly, we must become aware – and constantly remember – that we are all connected to everything.

Integrating this into your life can take some people very little time at all, yet most others will take many years. For me, I know it and understand it – but all too often forget to live it at the very times when it’s most needed. For this reason too, a spiritual awakening lasts, for most people, the rest of their lives once they start the process.

Developing Patience Is Part Of The Process

Patience is easy when you realise that time doesn’t exist. Realising that time doesn’t exist when you’re living in a 3D environment where one of the most important aspects thrust upon is to ‘not waste time’ is not so easy.

Patience is part of learning to live in the now, not the future or the past. Being impatient about how long your spiritual awakening will take is living in the future. And you have to go over past hurts and injustices in your life to deal with them properly so they don’t hold you back, because living in the past serves no purpose either.

You won’t wake up one day and realise suddenly that you are now spiritually awakened. It’s generally not how it works. You’ll have to work through a lot of built up cruft from within your life – and there’ll be times when you realise you have dealt with lots of stuff and feel like you’re done. There can’t be any more to go through and deal with. And then one day something happens and you realise that somehow, your ego has crept back in and taken over on some aspect of your life. And off you go again.

Let go of your attachment to time and your attachment to things. Achieving this will ultimately give you your spiritual enlightenment and ironically be exactly the same time when you realise you don’t care how long does a spiritual awakening last, because the journey is what matters, not how long it takes.

Patience is living in the here and now with no attachments. And spiritual enlightenment shows that attachments are pointless, futile and unnecessary.

Everyone’s Spiritual Awakening Is Different

Just like everyone’s spiritual awakening takes different timescales in the 3D world (noting that time has no meaning in spirit), everyone’s awakening is different. Sure, most people tend to follow the six stages of spiritual awakening but each person will have their own pattern to that awakening. And each person’s time within each stage will be different because each person will have their own unique things to clean up to get to the next stage.

Some People Feel That They Have Multiple Awakenings

This is primarily because most people experience their spiritual awakening – that is to say, the casting off of the ego – not as one giant ego ejection but as smaller steps of a major project. So, many people will go through the six stages of spiritual awakening, or at least the last 5, multiple times. Each time will be stripping away a different aspect of the 3D ego and they will accomplish that part and (rightly) feel like they have accomplished much.

And then, some time later they begin to realise that there is still other aspects of the 3D ego that must be dealt with, that hadn’t surfaced during the previous awakening. There is nothing wrong with this – and in many cases it’s quite healthy. A spiritual awakening can be fatiguing and cause physical pain. Coming through it requires rest at times and so although it’s all one awakening, it’s broken into phases to make it easier to bear in our 3D bodies to cope with.

Conclusion To How Long Does a Spiritual Awakening Last?

As we’ve learned from this post, for almost everyone, a spiritual awakening lasts a lifetime. We may become aware of the spirit realm and begin to realise the vast expanse of it all fairly quickly, but integrating these truths into our everyday life will take a lifetime. Or more.

We’re so accustomed and trained that this is all there is. And our human ego demands to be heard, throughout our lives until we turn the tables when we begin the awakening process.

But importantly, crucially indeed, the end of the awakening process is not important. The journey of the awakening process throughout life itself is the important part. Enjoy the journey, learn throughout the journey and don’t worry about where it takes you.

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