6 Physical Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

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If you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may be feeling a range of physical symptoms, including:

  1. Intense exhaustion
    You may feel like you’re running on empty, despite getting plenty of rest. This is because your body is working overtime to adjust to your new energy levels.
  2. Sudden changes in appetite
    Your body may be craving certain foods or completely losing its appetite. These changes are a result of your body’s need for more nutrients to support your higher energy levels.
  3. Sensitivity to light and sound
    You may find yourself sensitive to bright lights and loud noises. This is because your senses are becoming more attuned to your surroundings.
  4. Heightened emotions
    You may find yourself feeling more emotional than usual. This is because your spiritual awakening is causing you to feel things more deeply.
  5. Intense dreams
    Your dreams may become more vivid and intense. This is because your subconscious is working overtime to process your new spiritual awareness.
  6. Sudden physical changes
    You may notice sudden changes in your physical appearance, such as weight loss or gain, hair loss or growth, and changes in your skin.

Let’s look at these in more depth.

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These Physical Symptoms Could Be Medical – Get A Checkup First

Before we continue though, many, if not all, of these physical symptoms can also be tied to medical conditions, such as hormone imbalances or mental health issues. These aren’t necessarily physical symptoms of spiritual awakening and you must take into account the context surrounding these conditions arising.

If you’re not expecting or actively undertaking a spiritual awakening these would be more likely to be medical conditions. This post is not medical advice – if you are concerned about these symptoms you should still seek professional medical advice from your Doctor or Allied Healthcare Professional. If in doubt, always get the medical stuff ruled out first.

Intense Exhaustion Can Be A Physical Symptom Of Spiritual Awakening

When you’re undergoing a spiritual awakening, your mind starts to question everything. Everything in your history – perhaps even your family history is investigated as you try to learn what is ego and what is spiritual. You are becoming aware that there is so much in the universe and existence than you ever thought possible. You’re also starting to realise that everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. In the early stages of spiritual awakening you might overthink lots of things.

All of this takes a lot of mental energy to work through. You may not even consciously be aware of just how much is going on as you reshape the landscape you thought you knew clearly.

When coupled up with many of the other physical symptoms of spiritual awakening it’s no wonder you’re feeling exhausted. The sudden changes in appetite which we’ll go into shortly along with the potential for intense dreams and perhaps even sleep disturbances will tire out even those with the strongest stamina.

How To Reduce The Intense Exhaustion

We go into far more depth about how to reduce the exhaustion you might feel from your spiritual awakening in our post about spiritual awakening fatigue. In that post we look at other symptoms associated with the exhaustion and show you 6 different steps you can take to recover.

Sudden Changes In Appetite Due To Spiritually Awakening

This physical symptom of spiritually awakening can go in either direction. That is to say, you might find that you suddenly want to eat a lot more than used to, or you might find the notion of eating very off-putting.

Why You Might Want To Eat More Than You Did Previously

This is likely to be couple of with the exhaustion aspect we looked at above. Your body is tired, using up its nutrients and energy and it needs fuel. In our 3D world there’s only one way for it to successfully do that and that is through food and water. There are those that say that advanced beings no longer need to eat – but they often don’t tell you that by advanced they mean those with thousands if not millions of years of evolution ahead of us. It may be that in the future we evolve to only need sunlight, oxygen and water to function. But at the moment, your body needs nutrients so don’t deprive it.

But, as tempting as it might be, cakes and candies are not the answer. Choose a good balanced diet that meets your nutritional needs and matches your desires. You can be spiritual and eat meat, so you don’t necessarily need to give that up – though you can if you feel that’s what your mind, body and soul are telling you. But when changing diet it’s often worth getting professional help from a dietitian who can help match your goals with your needs.

Why You Might Eat Less Than You Did Previously

As we touched on in the paragraphs above, there are those that believe the more spiritual we become, the less we need to rely on food. Ultimately, all energy comes to us from our Sun – it’s just stored and converted in different ways by different foods and drinks.

It’s likely that you feel you want to eat less because your spirit is telling you that your diet isn’t suitable. Maybe you eat too much candy, or processed foods. Changing your diet to eat less quantity but better quality can help keep your mind clear and your energy levels up, even though you’re actually eating less.

Many people, once they realise that everything is connected, decide that they can no longer continue to eat meat. They cite the stress hormones created in the animal before it dies – and the old saying of ‘You are what you eat’ is literally scientifically true. The molecules from the animal become you. Of course, you don’t suddenly morph into a lamb because you had one for Sunday dinner. But the energies from that creature are absorbed.

However, as we outline in our post about spirituality and eating meat, it’s more about the thankfulness and attitude you have toward the animal or vegetable that you eat rather than the meal itself.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether you want to change your diet – and many people won’t necessarily even have this issue as they embark on their spiritual journey. Everyone is different and it’s your choice on this one. If you do want to change your diet for whatever reason we’d recommend professional help from a dietitian who can help you reach your goals for your eating without sacrificing your health by missing out on essential nutrients.

You’re Suddenly More Sensitive To Light And Sound

This can be a big physical symptom of spiritual awakening. As you begin to open up your senses to everything that is around us and explore the previously hidden realms of the universe, you literally increase your sensitivity to everything.

It’s like perhaps if you’ve ever turned up the dial (or slider) on a microphone. When you’re on a Zoom call perhaps. Your voice is a little quiet, so you push the Mic slider up a bit. Suddenly, you’re very loud to everyone else on the call. The microphone picks up background noises now too, that it wasn’t before.

This is how your senses – all of them – are becoming. By opening up to the spiritual world, and reconnecting to it properly, you’re turning up the slider on your senses. Things that used to be quiet are now loud. Things that used to be dull are now bright. Sometimes very very bright.

And crowds of people will leave you with a headache and sometimes even nausea after you’ve been subjected to them for too long, as you soak up their (often quite negative) energy.

How To Reduce The Noise And Light Sensitivity

For much of the time, you won’t need to, or want to reduce the sensitivity to the lights and sounds. This is part of the spiritual awakening process and you’ll mostly really enjoy it. It helps you to see the world around you in brighter colours – almost as if you feel the world around rather than see it. You’re becoming one with it and all those in it.

And you’ve striven to do that – you’ve been practising noticing all these things, sometimes called Mindfulness, to embed yourself in the oneness of the universe.

But sometimes it becomes overwhelming and you need a break from it all. How do you protect yourself from the energies of others while you’re out? How do you turn down the slider on your senses again temporarily?

One of the best ways to do this is to remember that although this is a physical symptom of spiritual awakening, it is controllable by your mind. You can imagine that all this energy that’s being emitted by others around you is like rain. Rain that falls not only downwards, but also across you. And if you were out in the rain you’d use some kind of protective coat.

Putting On Your Spiritual Protection Before You Go Out

So, just before you go out into an environment you know is going to be painful because of your heightened sensitivity, take some time to put on your protective coat.

Take two or three minutes to sit quietly before you go out. Find somewhere peaceful where you won’t be disturbed and sit down comfortably. No need to lay down, this isn’t going to take long. Close your eyes and see the darkness. You’ll probably see little flashing lights of colour here and there, or white. Imagine it getting darker as all the energy in your head-space leaves and you feel calm and quiet. Breathe slowly, in through your mouth and out through your nose. Relax.

You may only need to do this for a few seconds – it’s not a full spiritual meditation here, it’s just an exercise.

Once the noise and light in your own head is quieted, picture yourself with a large white umbrella above your head. You can picture yourself in the first person (i.e. you look up and see the umbrella above your head) or the third person (i.e. you look at yourself as another person would see you).

Imagine it is raining energy from above, but see how the umbrella deflects all that energy away from you, keeping you nice and dry. Now, you need to image sides on the umbrella that extend from the umbrella itself all the way to the floor. This is to protect you from that sideways rain we spoke about earlier. See this as a kind of net curtain hanging from the umbrella all around you. You can still see out through the net curtain, but the energies can’t come in.

In most cases you won’t need to bring the curtain under your feet because you’ll be standing on the ground, and ground is the best place for excessive energies to be dissipated anyway. This is in fact where the term ‘keeping yourself grounded’ comes from.

This process is quite lengthy to explain in a post like this, but quick to perform. The hardest part will be actually visualising or imaging yourself in this. But with practise you’ll get there – and as you open up more to the energies, so long as you start practising this early, you’ll get better at protecting yourself even as you open up more and more.

Heightened Emotions As You Awaken Spiritually

This is another common physical symptom of spiritual awakening because you become acutely aware of other’s feelings, often as if they’re your own. This coincides with your own battle with your past to release yourself from any negativity that has happened to you as you were reaching this point – sometimes across multiple lifetimes. You’re learning to forgive yourself and others as well as trying to reconcile what happened in previous lifetimes that you might need to learn from and you’re much more sensitive to those around you as we mentioned in the previous section.

What a huge array of emotional issues to deal with – and they sometimes come all at once. Is it any wonder that your emotions are heightened as you begin the spiritual awakening process?

How To Deal With These Emotions

Firstly, you’ll need to separate those emotions that are actually yours from those that have been generated by your increased sensitivity to other people’s energies. For those that are from other people around you, you can protect yourself by using the technique shown earlier, or of course you can use a method that works for you.

If they are your emotions from working through previous traumas and trying to let go and/or learn from them then it can be useful to seek the assistance of a spiritual counsellor. Oftentimes we need someone else’s perspective on things – and someone to remind us that perhaps it wasn’t even our fault. Sometimes a spiritual regression can help, which is usually done through a form of hypnosis with a specialised counsellor. Other times the traumas you’ve experienced are from your childhood and you might need more traditional types of counselling to help go over them.

Some people might tell you that your soul chose these experiences – and that can be true. But it often doesn’t make it any easier at all to deal with. Indeed, it can make it harder. We’ve addressed this thorny issue in the linked post.

In any case, remember that you’re not alone, thousands if not millions of people have gone through it before, and reaching out to someone qualified can help.

Intense Dreams Is One Of The Physical Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

This one is almost obvious. Dreams are one of the most common ways the universe tries to communicate with us. There is still very little proper understanding of the dreaming process – and it’s our guess that different people dream different things at different times for different reasons. Because we’re all different!

Sometimes you dream to process what you’ve seen and dealt with throughout the day. Sometimes you dream to sort the memories that come up into the right boxes inside the mind. Other times you dream just because ‘reasons’, whatever they are. And sometimes you’ll dream because the universe has a message for you.

And so it is as you begin your spiritual awakening journey. But because you’re now more open to the messages from the universe your dreams are likely to seem more intense. They’re probably not – you’re just expecting them to occur and remembering them when they do. Dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves – and this post isn’t about interpreting our dreams. If you want some answers to the things you’re dreaming out you can see if we’ve answered it in our Dreams Category.

If you’re having more vivid dreams recently and aren’t sure what to make of them, we recommend a Dream Journal to write them down in. Dream journals can help you piece together individual dreams by helping you to see patterns in them. Patterns that might arise because of what you went to bed thinking about, or patterns that arise with no physical explanation but that then points you to a message the universe is trying to send.

Dream journals coupled with Spiritual Awakening Journals can be very helpful in charting your entire process and can help you look back on areas you’ve struggled with and can help you provide your own answers to questions you perhaps didn’t even know you had. Our memories are notoriously poor in most people. A journal is a good memory jogger to help us work things out.

Sudden Physical Bodily Changes

These are less likely to be a physical symptom of spiritual awakening and more likely to be a medical condition, so do make sure that you consider this first. In particular, things like sudden hair loss, or a marked change in body weight can indicate hormonal imbalances going on that definitely need to be ruled out first.

That’s not to say that physical changes don’t happen with a spiritual awakening because they do. These would usually be down to a lifestyle change such as your diet because your food tastes have changed as we mentioned above. Or because you’re now doing more exercise such as walking in nature to help overcome the fatigue we talked about at the beginning of the post. These changes in daily habits could certainly cause changes in body weight for example.

If you’re experiencing physical bodily changes we would still strongly advise you to get a medical checkup by a doctor or other qualified health professional to rule out any medical issues.


There are a number of physical symptoms of a spiritual awakening which can happen, ranging from physical exhaustion, more intense dreams, heightened emotions and sudden increase in sensitivity to lights and sounds. Ruling out medical reasons is important, but in this post we’ve learned why these things might happen to us.

In every case, there’s spiritual things you can do to help reduce the impact of these symptoms and we highlighted those alongside the symptoms themselves.

A spiritual awakening starts at any time in your life but can last a lifetime – which means these symptoms may come and go at differing points in your lifetime as your awakening changes. Spiritually awakening is a wonderful, exciting and ongoing process which opens you up to a whole universe of new experiences (and challenges).

We hope you found this post helpful. If you did, please feel free to share it with your like-minded friends. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please leave us a message using the form below.

Thanks for reading and we wish you all the best for your spiritual awakening.

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