All You Need To Know About Synchronicity

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You are constantly bombarded with the same numbers, colors, phrases, or pictures. What’s going on? Are you losing your mind? The answer is, fortunately, no. You’re not crazy! You’re witnessing a phenomenon known as synchronicity. Synchronicity is a concept invented by psychologist Carl Jung to describe profoundly symbolic coincidences that arise in your life inexplicably.

When you have synchronicity, you will have interactions that seem far too important to be mere chance encounters on a daily basis. Some people call these supernatural incidents of Soul communication “freak experiences,” “miracles,” “signs from the stars,” or “guidance from one’s own spirit guides.”  Synchronicity can take on a wide range of meanings. Many that have synchronized activities, for example, often see or hear meaningful names, figures, words, or symbols.

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What is Synchronicity’s Purpose?

We may agree with all those who feel that synchronicity is a strong ‘wink’ from the Universe, indicating that we are on the right track. As you progress through your spiritual awakening, synchronicity is often thought to be a kind of encouragement from the Higher Self or Soul, telling you what to do and where to go next in your life.

Those who want to walk the inner road of self-transformation, as well as enlightenment, tend to experience synchronicity the most often. For those on the spiritual path, coming across a kind of synchronicity may be a powerful affirmation, a sign of guidance, or perhaps a ray of hope.

6 Theories About Synchronicity

What is the concept of synchronicity? Let’s take a look at some common worldviews:

Hindu Belief: Synchronicity, according to Hindus, is a manifestation of Brahman, or the essential relation between all living things in the Universe.

Behavioral Economists: Confirmation bias is a term used by behavioral economists to describe synchronicity. If you’re told to look for yellow cars, for example, you’ll start seeing a lot more of them than you would have thought existed initially.

Quantum Physicists: The “non-local” subconscious, according to quantum physicists, is responsible for synchronicity (or universal consciousness)

Skeptic Belief: Synchronicity is regarded as Apophenia by the skeptics. Apophenia, or seeing patterns and connections in arbitrary and/or insignificant data, is a psychological condition.

Spirituals: People who are spiritual on a daily basis believe that synchronicity is a message from their Higher Self or Soul.

Psychologists: According to psychologists (especially those who pursue Jungian theories), synchronicity comes from the collective unconscious as well as the unconscious mind.

Whatever the origin, synchronicity is much too popular and fascinating an occurrence to ignore or dismiss. However, it is critical to understand that you are the only one that can comprehend why and what a synchronous experience entails.

What Creates Synchronicity?

So, what causes synchronicity in the first place? The following are key explanations for the roots of synchronicity

The Unconscious Mind: Why can’t we get warning signals in our waking lives as we do in our dreams? Our unconscious mind has a strong effect on our actions and can even interact with us. The unconscious mind uses spiritual signals and omens (or events of synchronicity) to guide us.

Energy in Equilibrium: Since everything is made up of many small vibrating atoms (aka energy), synchronicity may be a reflection of global/environmental equilibrium, in which the vibrations and frequencies of the moment are in complete harmony (or Unity), resulting in strange experiences.

Law of Attraction: According to this theory, your emotions and feelings are what cause positive and bad things to happen in your life. As a result, “like attracts like,” this may explain why synchronicity happens.

Psychic Strengths: Synchronicity is often considered to be a type of psychic abilities, in which we predict that someone will call us or that a momentous moment will occur, and it does.

Examples of Synchronicity

So here are a few synchronicity examples:

  • Overhearing a pair of strangers discuss something that has a major impact on your life.
  • You are watching episodes of your favorite Television programs with the same underlying plot or emphasis.
  • Having the exact message you need at the exact moment, you need it (for example, whether you’re going through a depression, divorce, deception, or big life change).
  • Having the exact right conversation with the exact right person just at the exact right time (a friend, partner, teacher, etc.)
  • Observing the same symbols or pictures over and over (e.g., in newspapers, on advertisements, on buildings, on magazines)
  • For several days, staring at the clock at the very same time of day (like seeing 11:11, 14:14, 23:23, 2:22, etc.)
  • Recurring signals that seem to point you in the right direction (e.g., your ideal job, a dream home, a relationship.)
  • In rare cases, hearing the same song played several times.
  • Strange births date that coincidence among mates, partners, coworkers, etc.

Can you tell that how many of these different situations do you recognize?

How to Interpret Synchronicity?

Maybe you’ve noticed an uptick in synchronicity recently, and you may ask, “What does it mean, and how do I properly understand it?”  You’ll be able to tell when you’re on the right track, making the best decisions, and living in alignment with your deepest beliefs and morals if you learn how to properly interpret the indications and signs that emerge in your life.

During the spiritual enlightenment process, synchronicity is a valuable guide yet again. Synchronicity may also signal the opening of new doors (or prospects) in your life. Certain times, synchronicity is actually attempting to teach you a lesson, such as to abandon the relationship/job you’ve had your heart set on because it won’t work out.

The most reliable ways to interpret synchronicity are as follows:

Meditate and Focus on Yourself

“What does this synchronicity mean?” you may wonder. Allow yourself to be filled with pictures, feelings, or words. If you’re still not convinced, try the same exercise three times to see what you get.

Pay Attention to the Body

Your body is a storehouse of knowledge, and no matter whatever your mind tries to convince you of, it will show you the truth. Tune into your body when you think you understand what synchronicity entails. Do you get goose bumps, shivers, or a sense of expansion as though a light bulb has gone off inside you? If this is really the case, you’ve already figured out what’s going on. If, on the other hand, no noticeable changes occur in your body, you haven’t found the right response. Don’t give up and keep persisting.

Make Use of a Pendulum

Dowsing with a pendulum is a powerful way to get a clear response from your subconscious mind. Simply get a pendulum (or improvise one) and ask it a question that requires a “yes” or “no” answer. For instance, you may question, “Does this synchronicity imply that this relationship is perfect for me?” Isn’t it simple?

Look for Patterns

Seeing trends in your actions is a simple way to interpret synchronicity in your life. What problems or questions have often been resurfacing in your life recently? What has been the most significant cause of anxiety or anger for you? Synchronicity always occurs while we are looking for answers or solutions. Discover the patterns and link them to your synchronicity.

Look for Hidden Meanings

Synchronicity is often symbolic in nature (for example, the black puppy you keep seeing in the dreams or waking life that represents negativity/bad decisions, or the repeated number “1” that represents “being number one”). Is there something symbolic about your synchronicity? If that’s the case, what does it indicate to you? Yes, you can start by looking up the meanings of symbols in a symbol dictionary or on the internet. The most significant meaning, however, is the one you build and believe in.

Use Tarot and Oracle Cards

“For more than thirty years, I have been interested in this oracle technique, or method of accessing the unconscious, for it has seemed to me of uncommon significance,” said renowned psychologist Carl Jung, giving his views on the Chinese divination method of I Ching. Jung’s theory of synchronicity, which he coined, was developed thanks to the I Ching.

Using an oracle or tarot deck to describe synchronicity is one of the simplest ways to do so. You can read instinctively by paying attention to your own feelings. It’s always a good idea to ground and organize yourself before pulling cards, preferably by meditation. Then shuffle the cards and come to a halt when you feel the need to.

Remove the top card from the deck and flip it over. Pay attention to how the picture makes you feel – is it nice and inviting, or unsympathetic and pessimistic? Your response will be determined by the type of card you get. You can use tarot and oracle cards for a lot more than just “yes/no” answers; they can also help you discover what the true meaning of synchronicity is.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Dreams, after all, are the expression of the unconscious mind, and they speak volumes about the synchronicity of your life. You can either try to interpret your dreams passively or actively to “incubate” (or start creating) dreams that will help you answer your query. You may practice dream incubation, considering the synchronicity that has already been happening in your life recently about half an hour before going to bed.

Under your pillow, note down your concern or draw an image that represents your synchronicity. This exercise will help to prime your subconscious mind and train it to respond to you in your dreams. Keep a journal of your dreams when you first wake up in the morning. Try it for a week and see what trends you can find.


Amazing coincidences occur often, but are they merely the product of chance, or do they have a deeper meaning? If you believe in synchronicity, the response might be different. Synchronicities are the enigmatic and beautiful events that arise in life without warning. They will direct you and open up your eyes to endless opportunities you weren’t aware of.