Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Baby Cry

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You hear a baby crying and you feel compelled to find out where the sound is coming from. You look around, but there is no baby in sight. The cry continues and it seems to be coming from all around you.

At first, you may think that you are just hearing things. But the more you listen, the more convinced you become that there is a baby nearby who needs your help.

So, what does it mean when you hear a baby cry when there is no baby around?

There are a few possible explanations for this phenomenon. One possibility is that the crying is actually coming from another realm – perhaps the spirit world. It’s possible that someone has recently passed away and their spirit is trying to reach out to us. Or, maybe there’s a new soul who hasn’t yet crossed over into the physical world and they’re trying to get our attention.

Another explanation could be that the crying represents something else entirely – like our own inner child who needs some attention or our subconscious mind trying to tell us something important. Paying attention to what we’re hearing could give us some much-needed insight into ourselves or our lives.

Phantom baby crying is also a medically recognised phenomenon with a very good physical explanation – so be sure to consider this first before ascribing a spiritual meaning to it. This phenomenon is particularly common when you’ve just recently had a baby and, according to Megan Gray MD, Ob-Gyn with Orlando Health Physician Associates, it’s perfectly normal. She goes on to state that the most likely reason for this is due to the overstimulated maternal brain as it tries to get itself cued to the new baby’s cries (Willets, 2020). This can be similar to the experience of new Paramedics, or Doctors (or indeed anyone who’s on-call) hearing their pager tones go off while they’re not on duty – even though the pager isn’t even with them.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Baby Cry That’s Not There

Firstly, we must realise that hearing a baby cry that isn’t there isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re desperate for a baby – although it might be. There are many spiritual reasons for hearing a baby cry, some of which are listed below;

You’re Expecting a Child – or One is Coming

If you’re expecting a child then it could be quite likely that you might hear a baby cry even though there’s not one physically present in the room. Mothers are attached to their babies – quite literally – in many different ways. Physically of course the mother and baby share a specific bond that no-one else will share with each other ever. As a result of this closeness, the mum and baby may be likely to share an unexplainable emotional bond too. So, if you’re expecting and you hear your baby cry, it’s possible that something is making them uncomfortable. Perhaps try to reposition yourself to help make baby more comfortable, or if you’re smoking, drinking alcohol or doing something else that could potentially be harmful to baby, consider stopping those things for their sake.

If you’re not pregnant, hearing the baby cry that isn’t there can be a sign that one is on its way. If you’re more advanced in years, or male, and conceiving a baby is highly unlikely physically – perhaps a grand-child or nephew/neice is on the way and you’re being alerted to this from spirit. If you’ve been recently hearing a baby cry regularly, take a note of the date and times and see if you’re being given signs that can be corroborated later.

You’re About to See a New Beginning

Of course, babies being born is a very specific new beginning for that baby, and the parents will likely find that it’s a new beginning for them too, even if they already have children. Babies create a level of turmoil and change that is hard to replicate through any other life-event.

So hearing a baby cry that isn’t there and none is likely, can be a sign of a new beginning coming your way. This could mean significant upheaval for you, so if you think you might know what that new beginning involves, now might be a good time to put some plans in motion to help you cope. Of course, some new beginnings come from out of nowhere and no amount of planning can make you ready for them. But if you’re hearing babies cry that don’t exist and a new beginning is thrust upon you, don’t forget to call on your spirit guides for strength and wisdom to help you navigate this new time, as it was probably them who gave you the baby crying signal in the first place.

You’re Experiencing Significant and Intense Emotions of Your Own

Having a baby around in your life – or giving birth to a baby can be an extremely emotional time for someone. Being a baby is even more emotional, so hearing a baby cry that isn’t there could be a sign from your spirit guides or your own subconscious that you’ve been putting excess pressure on your emotions lately. It can be a sign that your inner child is crying in despair for some reason.

If this is a potential reason for the spiritual meaning of hearing a baby cry for you, then you need to take some time out for yourself. Have a meditation or some form of introspection about why you’re experiencing these intense emotions and see if there’s some kind of self help you can get involved in that will help you relax. A meditation itself can be enough, or perhaps a spa day with friends. If you can’t afford the extravagance of a spa day, you can get back to nature for free and this is a great way of spiritually relaxing.

If you’re not sure where these emotions are coming from you may not have protected yourself spiritually properly when you were last out and about in a crowd of people and may have picked up someone else’s energy. You can learn how to protect yourself spiritually in this post.

Someone Needs Help

A baby crying indicates that for some reason the baby needs something that it can’t get for itself. The only way a baby can get anything at all is by crying. It cries when it needs a diaper change. It cries when it’s cold. It cries when it’s hungry. Crying is therefore a fundamental human activity for someone who needs help.

So it could be that you’re hearing a baby cry when none is there because you’re receiving subconscious messages that someone needs help. Have a look around, see if you can see who it might be. Or if you’re alone have a mini-meditation to see if anyone springs to mind. Sometimes all you’ll need to do once you realise who it might be is to ask them if everything is OK. If they’re a close friend they’ll hopefully tell you if they’re not.

If the person you’re thinking of is in desperate need and is really down, you may need to get them some professional help – you don’t need to take on their problems as your own as this will potentially burden you considerably as well. Professional help is available for people who are suffering with depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts so do use it.

Your Love Life is Becoming Stressed

Babies are often the result of a solid love life and good family life. If you’re feeling that your love life is presently under stress, or becoming so, then it’s possible that you’ll hear a baby crying when there isn’t one around. This could be considered as a warning to you to watch out for things going wrong in your love life and perhaps to focus on that for a while.

As with many of the spiritual reasons for anything, the best way to determine what the message truly means is to have a spiritual meditation session. Soothing, relaxing music, concentrating on your breathing and relaxing and emptying your mind will help the message come through clearer. If there’s issues with your love life and the baby crying is an alarm sounding, heed the message from your meditation or dreams and you may find you can correct the problem before it gets any worse.

A Spirit Wants to Contact You

Spirit contacts us in a variety of different ways. If there’s a spirit near you that wants to communicate with you but you’ve been ignoring the signs then it’s possible that the spirit will begin to use baby crying sounds to raise your attention.

Almost nobody can ignore the sound of a baby crying for very long – and as such spirit that’s being ignored may resort to this.

If you think this might be the reason then the easiest way to find out is to ask. If there’s spirit nearby, ask them what it is they want. What are they trying to tell you? What do they want you to do. Again, the best way to hear the answer to this is to have a quiet meditation where you may be surprised at the answers.

You’re Not Nurturing Yourself Properly

Finally, if you’re hearing a baby cry and there’s not one around, it’s possible a cry for help from your own self. Spirit can create baby crying sounds when they want to communicate, someone else could cause you to hear a baby crying sound if they’re experiencing stress or need help in some way. Similarly it is so that your own mind may create the sound to try to wake you up and realise you’re not looking after yourself properly.

The fix for this will be very personal but you need to take some time for yourself and nurture yourself properly. You can’t be of any assistance to other people if you’re broken yourself, so spend some time relaxing, nurturing and growing yourself. The best way to begin is to meditate and try to ascertain what it is that you need to nurture more in yourself. Your mind will tell you what it wants, listen to it and you’ll soon find there’s a lot less baby crying that isn’t there happening.

Hearing Your Baby Cry When In Reality They’re Not

In the previous section of this post we’ve concentrated on the spiritual meaning of a baby crying when there’s no baby nearby. In many of those explanations you don’t even have a baby of your own, which can be quite unsettling if you hear one crying.

In this section though we’ll look at people who do have a baby in the house or nearby and who hear it crying when in fact it isn’t.

You Feel Inadequate, or Worried

One of the most common reasons for hearing a baby cry when it isn’t, is that you yourself feel inadequate or worried. As we mentioned previously, a baby has no way to tell us what it wants except by crying. And for many of us, when the baby cries we feel like we should have realised that something was wrong long before they cried.

This is putting undue expectations on yourself. You can’t know that the baby needs a diaper change every time it happens. Sometimes you won’t notice until it cries. Similarly it is so when baby becomes hungry – it’s not your fault, particularly if they’re hungry earlier than they would be usually for example.

When those feelings of inadequacy return at some point in the future, it can trigger a baby crying sound from our subconscious as this exacerbates the feeling. It becomes a positive feedback loop, where we feel inadequate and hear a baby crying as if to reinforce how poorly we have performed. And the baby crying sound makes us feel even more inadequate.

But are you really inadequate? It’s unlikely that you are. And if you are then you’ve recognised it now and can therefore do something about it. Which means you were never inadequate in the first place. Take solace in that, learn what you need to learn and you will hopefully find the feelings go away and so do the baby crying sounds.

It Could Be a Divine Call To Destiny

When a baby is born it has a destiny to achieve something. This is usually something that your soul has agreed to before it was born and the baby and young child can sometimes remember this. Hearing a baby crying when it’s not can be a divine call to fulfill your destiny because it’s reminding you that you remembered having a destiny when you were a baby even though you can no longer remember.

There are many anecdotal stories of kids who’ve remembered being reincarnated and decided to carry on fulfilling the destiny they had from their previous life.

You Feel Ignored

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, a baby’s only way of communicating is to cry. Sometimes they’ll cry just because they’re being ignored and they feel lonely and insecure. If you’re feeling lonely and insecure for whatever reason, it’s possible that your subconscious will conjure up the sound of your baby crying even when they’re not as a sign to you that you need to address this feeling of loneliness and being ignored.

Is Hearing a Baby Crying a Warning Sign?

As we’ve shown in the earlier parts of this post, hearing a baby crying when there’s not one around, or they’re not actually crying can be a warning sign. It might not be a warning, but it could be. The best way to discover what it is, whether a warning or not, is to meditate on it. Ask the question of the universe in a quiet and controlled manner during a meditation and you should get the answer.

You may need to meditate two or three times before the answer becomes clear for you. This may be because your subconscious gives you the answer in a way you don’t understand. If you get an answer but you don’t understand it, don’t despair – finish the meditation for now and then try again later.

How to Stop Hearing Phantom Crying

Once you work out why you’re hearing the phantom crying you can do something about it. What you need to do about it to stop hearing the phantom crying will depend almost entirely on why you’re hearing it in the first place. In most cases though, just addressing the issue that’s causing you to hear the crying will be enough.

As we’ve seen from the many reasons for hearing phantom crying, it’s usually a stress reaction to something that’s bothering your mind, or spirit wanting to get in touch with you for some reason. The best way to stop hearing phantom crying is therefore to relax. Once again, meditation is your friend as this will give you the relaxation you need to hear whatever message needs to be heard (if any) and from that you can act upon it.


Whatever the reason may be, hearing a baby cry when there isn’t one physically present can be a powerful experience. It’s an opportunity to connect with something greater than ourselves and tap into our intuition or spirituality. If we’re open to it, we might just learn something valuable about ourselves or life in general.

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Image by Richard Reid from Pixabay