Spiritual Meaning of Itching Ears – 5 Spiritual Reasons Your Ears Are Itching

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Key Points – Spiritual Meaning of Itching Ears

  • Itching ears can have spiritual meanings such as someone talking about you or trying to send you a message. But physical reasons should be ruled out first. Consult a doctor for persistent itching to rule out medical conditions before assuming there’s a spiritual reason.
  • Itching ears can signify spiritual healing, especially related to communication and listening.
  • The itching could be spirit guides trying to get a message through to you. Quiet your mind to try and receive it.
  • Deep itching inside the ears suggests you may be out of balance in life. Maintain balance through chakra care.
  • Annoying ear itches that can’t be scratched could mean you need to start listening to people who tell you the truth.
  • Right ear itching traditionally means someone is speaking well of you. Left ear itching means you may soon receive wisdom or intuition.
  • Itching in both ears means spirit wants your attention and for you to listen to messages from the divine. Pay attention and tune in.


There are many superstitions and beliefs about the meaning of things on your body that develop an itch. Of course the most obvious is that something is physically irritating the area. You should always consult a medical professional for physical ailments such as persistent ear itching to rule out medical problems before deciding the reason is a spiritual one. But if there’s no medical reason, let’s consider the spiritual meaning of itching ears.

Itching ears can have various spiritual meanings and superstitions – the most common one would be the notion that someone is talking about you behind your back. This is a common itching ear meaning that is ascribed to the feeling. It can be uncannily accurate at times – usually when you meet the person and they tell you they were only just talking about you.

But there are more meanings to itching ears than that – let’s look at them now.

spiritual meaning of itching ears

Physical Meaning of Itching Ears

Firstly of course, as with many things in the spirit realm that we look for answers for, we must rule out physical reasons for our ears itching. There can be a whole slew of reasons why our ears itch – and it also depends on where on your ear the itching is felt.

So some common physical, non-spiritual reasons for ears itching would be;

  • They just are. Like other parts of our bodies things just get a bit of an itch now and then. Scratch it if you can.
  • Your ears might need cleaning. You may have a build up of earwax near the entrance of the ear canal that’s causing an itch. My doctor suggests that you should never try to put anything smaller than an elbow into your ear canal though, so attempting to clean them should be done cautiously.
  • You may be brewing up an infection. Viruses such as the common cold, or the flu can cause inflammation in and around the ear and this can manifest as itching ears[1].
  • Healing sunburn. If it’s the tips of your ears that are itching they may be wind or sun burnt and are now healing. Moisturise them if that’s the case – maybe with some Aloe Vera.

Itching Ears Can Mean Healing

As we mentioned above in the physical rather than spiritual reasons for itching ears, itching does often signify some form of healing is going on. If you have no physical reasons for this healing itch, then it could be that you have some spiritual healing that is taking place within you.

Since it’s your ears that are itching, the healing that is happening is likely something to do with communications. Specifically, more likely something that you are now listening to as opposed to merely hearing previously. A lesson perhaps is becoming accepted? Something that you’ve been stubbornly trying not to hear is now perhaps being taken on board.

This is particularly possible if you’re just beginning your spiritual journey as there’s probably a lot of healing that needs to happen, particularly in our willingness to listen. We’ve all been there – and we’ll go back again for certain situations.

Similarly, although perhaps not healing as such, itching ears can be a sign that you’re throwing out old beliefs and accepting new explanations for things in your life.

Ears Can Be For Hearing Spiritual Messages

Of course, primarily our ears are designed to hear physical noises around us, including messages. But when it comes to the spiritual meaning of itching ears, it is a fairly strong sign that something is trying to get a message through to us.

This could be one of your spirit guides who’s trying to get you to listen to something they want to say to you or it could be an entity that’s in the vicinity of where you are presently. It could even be your own soul trying to get something across to you.

In order to hear the message they’re trying to get you to listen to, you’re going to need to find a quiet space, without disturbance and listen for it. You can do this by finding somewhere comfortable and a reasonable temperature and where you won’t be disturbed. Calm and empty your mind and try some spiritual meditation and see if the message comes to you.

When you’re listening for the message that your guides or the other entity is trying to communicate with you, remember that not everyone hears messages. Some people simply get a specific feeling about something, and others will see pictures like on a movie screen. It all depends on how you receive messages.

Itching Ears Can Mean You’re Out of Balance

scales of libra to signify itching ears meaning you're out of balance

Our ears are also heavily involved with the regulation of our balance system and with balancing the pressure from the outside world with that inside our head. This is achieved, physically, through the Eustachian tubes, but it can also be taken figuratively and can be converted almost literally into a spiritual equivalent of balance.

It’s important – particularly during a spiritual awakening – that we maintain our balance in life. Everything in life is a balance – too much of some things can be just as bad for us as not enough. Water and oxygen are two examples where too much becomes poisonous to us and yet not enough is a significant problem too.

If the itching in your ears feels very deep within the ears themselves, then this can signify that you’re being warned to check your balance in life. The balance system in our ears is deep inside (compared to our ear lobes for example) and so itching inside the ear helps guide us towards a balance issue rather than a communication issue.

Balancing our energies through regular maintenance of our chakras (our energy centres) is important for good spiritual health.

Itching Ears Are Annoying – And a Sign to Start Listening

Itches, particularly those that are hard to get at and scratch, are highly annoying. If your ears are itching and you can’t get to them, it could be your bodies, or subconscious way of telling you that you need to be listening to people who will tell you the truth rather than those who will tell you what you (think you) want to hear. This is because the itch is wanting to be scratched – you’re wanting to hear something but you’re not getting it from the people you’re currently listening to.

Spiritual Meaning Of Right Ear Itching Vs. Left Ear Itching

Oftentimes we don’t get an itch in both ears at once. In many cultures the spiritual meaning of things can be interpreted differently depending on which side of the body is affected.

The left side of the body is often associated with the female energy while the right side of the body being associated with the male energy. This gets extended into the left side of the body being considered as the receptive side of the body and the right side as the giving side. It’s likely that this is where the idea that if your left palm of your hand itches you will receive money versus when the right palm itches you will give it away.

Spiritual Meaning of Right Ear Itching

So, if the right side of the body is associated with giving and the masculine energies associated with strength, then this can lead to the notion that an itch in the right ear can be a good omen of someone speaking well of you. Perhaps they’re recommending you for a job or as praise for something you’ve achieved.

Some people have considered that this comes from biblical references such as Jesus being at the right hand of God, or being on the ‘right side’ of God. However, the belief that your right ear itching meaning someone is talking about you is not restricted to just the Christian culture. It’s widespread across multiple cultures and has been around for centuries.

Spiritual Meaning of Left Ear Itching

Similarly, if the left side of the body is the side which receives, then an itching left ear can be a sign that you will receive wisdom or intuition shortly. Many cultures believe that the left ear itching means that someone is talking bad of you.

Other interpretations of the left ear itching suggest that it can mean that bad news is going to be received soon. It’s unknown though why the left ear appears to be a negative indication whereas the right ear is a more positive association.

Both Ears Itching Meaning

If both of your ears are itching then it is a sign, similar to that which we spoke about earlier, that the spiritual realm is trying to get your attention and draw you closer to the divine. You’re being asked to listen to your intuition more closely and pay attention to the divine messages that you are being offered. It could be a sign that you need to be more open to the spiritual influences that are impacting your life and that you need to be more attuned to the subtle messages the universe is sending you.

It could also be a sign that you are being called to deepen your spiritual practice or pay attention to the divine guidance that is being offered to you – something we often ignore and end up with itching ears to bring our attention back.

As we can see, both ears itching means that something from spirit is trying to communicate with us or get us to start listening or awakening and we’re not paying attention properly. The itching will likely stop once we ask ourselves and our guides what it is they’re trying to convey.


There’s a few spiritual meanings to itching ears. Either someone wanting to get a message to you, or spirit alerting you to a lack of balance in your life. Which ear is itching can give you a clue as to the spiritual meaning of itching ears too, with left ears indicating you’ll receive wisdom or intuition and right ears indicating someone speaking good of you.

Ears are a messenger to our minds, subconscious and spirit. Pay attention when they itch and see what the message is that you’re being asked to receive. You may be surprised!

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May your future be filled with good messages from those itching ears!


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