Spiritual Meaning of Finding Money

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Finding money unexpectedly is likely to be a pleasant surprise for you – especially if you’re in need right now. But there may be more to it than simply good luck and the ability to buy a coffee. So, in this blog post I dive deeper into the spiritual meaning of finding money and look into the messages that your Spirit Guides might be sending to you.

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Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Interpreting the message of finding money if you believe it is from your Spirit Guides will take some personal insight as it will rely on what you’re going through right now, but some examples could be;

  • You are not alone in the universe and one of the spiritual meanings of finding money can simply be your Spirit Guides reminding you of this.
  • Your Spirit Guides are with you and can help you overcome your obstacles. Showing you money right now is a sign of their power to assist so don’t be afraid to ask them for help.
  • You are your own creator in the world and just need to ask for what you need. Your Guides can help orchestrate whatever opportunities you need to succeed and overcome.
  • You’re on the right track, keep following your Guides and your Intuition and good thinsg will come to you.

Learning to communicate with and trust your Spirit Guides takes practise and sometimes you’ll need many signs, like finding money, before you realize how much they can help you navigate the twists and turns of life. Take this opportunity to reflect on finding the money and thank them for the sign, as well as the extra cash.

The Universe Will Always Provide

It’s a cliche perhaps, and it’s worded differently in almost every religion. But every religion says something along the lines of “God will provide”. The Christian Bible talks about this in many places, such as Luke 12:24-26 where Jesus reminds followers that God feeds all the birds and animals.

This can be difficult to accept during times of hardship, but you will get through it and finding money on the ground is a way that your Spirit Guides (or God, or The Universe, whichever terminology you prefer to believe in) can remind you that they will provide for you.

But remember, you are a child of the universe – the very atoms that make you and everything around you were formed from stars of the universe and everything in it is from this same place. The universe will always provide because it’s the only thing that can!

old british coins to highlight how connected to each other we all are
Old British Coins, One Dating Back to 1997
Image by Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay

Everything Is Connected

Every person who has held that coin or note has imbued some of their energy into it and it has a story to tell about the past and all its connections. Sometimes, rather than being a sign that your Guides will provide for you, or a good luck charm, the spiritual meaning of finding money on the ground can simply be a reminder that we are all connected. We are all one, in one universe and made of the same stuff.

Literally, everything is connected. Money is connected to history as it’s passed from person to person. And so in a way, you’re connected to everybody who’s every held that coin or note. If you take the time to stop and think about that it can be slightly mind boggling. How long has that coin or note been in circulation? Some of the coins in Britain, such as the ones above in the photo, have been around for decades. The 2 pence piece there is dated 1997. At the time of writing that’s 26 years ago which means it’s likely to be connected to thousands of people.

So, sometimes finding money is just a reminder of how we’re all interconnected and how something from our life can have an impact on other people around us.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Money Can Be a Reminder You Are Valuable

Another meaning of finding money can simply be your Guides reminding you that you are valuable. Once again, the Christian Bible mentions this in many places with Luke 12:24-26 being just one place where the value of humans is highlighted. Other religions almost certainly have similar parables. And the reality is that everyone is valuable.

So if you’ve been feeling undervalued, down or disheartened lately then it could just be that finding this money at this time is just asking you to remember that you are valued simply for being you. After all, when you find money it’s not something you’ve had to work for – it’s just there. You don’t always have to work to show your value, you are valuable just by being alive.

Tuning fork to illustrate you being in tune with your vibration of abundance
Your vibration aligns with abundance.
Image by PixiMe01 from Pixabay

Your Vibration is One of Abundance

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Sometimes that energy gets considerably denser and forms matter, from which we are all made. But this matter and energy vibrates at specific frequencies and we believe everything has its own innate frequency. When we’re in tune with our spiritual self, our Spirit Guides and the Universe we vibrate at a higher frequency because they vibrate at a higher frequency. When the radio is in tune with the right frequency you can receive whatever is being sent on that channel – and the universe is no different.

So, sometimes the spiritual meaning of finding money can be to show you that you are in tune with the vibration of abundance. You’re receiving the messages of abundance that the universe is sending out because you’ve received the message that the money is there. How many people who were not in tune with the universe have walked past that money today? Perhaps they didn’t see it because they’re not in tune.

When you’re in tune with your abundance energy you’re willing to receive the gifts your Guides can point out to you and the Universe can create for you. And you can use this vibration of abundance if you’re trying to use the law of attraction or manifestation any particular outcome because manifestation is all about being in the right frame of mind.

Remember to Be Grateful

Graciousness and gratefulness are the most important aspects of this vibration of abundance I talked about in the previous section. It’s vital to remember not to take the Universe and your Spirit Guides for granted. Although I’ve said that the Universe can grant you everything you need and provide lots that you want it doesn’t have to.

Read that again. The Universe and your Guides can grant you everything – but they do not have to.

So when they do it’s important to be genuinely grateful. Nobody likes watching a spoilt brat taking things for granted because “they’re entitled” to them. And the Universe and your Guides are similar. Remaining humble and grateful for the things you are given is essential to ensure you keep receiving.

Whenever you’re given gifts freely from the Universe, such as finding money, always remember to say thank you. You can say it in your head or out loud if you prefer. But it’s the genuine feeling of gratitude for the things you’ve been given that’s important.

A New Start in Life

Most projects in life require money to start, at some level. Not much starts without money, and so finding money on the ground can have a spiritual significance indicating that you may be ready to embark on a new phase of your life. This might be beginning a new project, taking on a new career choice or romantic partnership.

You may need to have a think about whether there’s anything in your life that you’ve outgrown now – is there anything you think you’ve completed and need to start afresh with something new?

If you’re embroiled in something that’s somewhat negative, maybe this is a sign that it’s time to let it go and move on – start afresh. Depending on how much money you’ve found you may be able to use that to help. But the symbolism of finding the money is far more important than the actual amount.

Also consider whether you’re being distracted by ‘shiny things’ in your daily life. Are you struggling to settle into any projects that you know you have to complete – if you’ve found money in a public place with all those distractions going on around you then this can be a sign to look at those other things in your life and realise that you can put the distractions to the side to complete your mission.

Person with an umbrella on a rainy day
Rainy days can still happen – don’t forget to save for them.
Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

Remember to Save for A Rainy Day

Finding money is usually symbolic of something in your life, a message from your guides if you like. Have you been living paycheck to paycheck recently and haven’t put any money aside for a ‘rainy day’. Finding money like this can be a reminder that the universe will provide for you, and that it’s still a good idea to put something aside for a rainy day. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have left at the end of the month, remembering to put something aside, no matter how small, gives signs to the universe and your Guides such as;

  • You trust them to provide for you, even if you don’t feel like you have enough right now you’re still trusting enough to put some away for the future.
  • You’re grateful for everything you have already. Rather than feeling sorry for how little you presently have, you’re grateful and able to put something aside for the future.
  • You might not feel in a place of abundance right now, but by putting some aside for a rainy day you’re signalling to your Guides and the Universe that you are in abundance.
  • You’re showing you can be trusted with money. If you want more from your Guides and the Universe you need to be trusted with what you’re already being given. Saving something (even if it’s only a dollar) from your wages shows that you are a good carer for your money.

Saving for a rainy day also helps you to weather any storms that might come your way financially. Spending $100 that you’ve saved for that rainy day instead of having to get a payday loan to have your washing machine repaired costs a lot less. Saving will give you interest, whereas borrowing will cost you interest. You don’t have to save much each time, it will soon add up.

As my Nan used to say, save up some pennies, and the pounds will soon look after themselves.

Remember to Give as You Have Received

This is one of the most important spiritual lessons anyone can give you. No matter how poor you feel, it’s important to show gratitude to the universe by passing on some of your good fortune. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to immediately give away the money you’ve found – quite the reverse, it may be that you can invest that money in something that can then go on to enable you to give your time to others instead.

Time, in many ways, is more precious than money. More money is always available but more time is never. So, if you’re struggling financially and find money, remember to ‘pay it forward’ by offering someone something they need too. That might be money, or it might be your time. It may be something you’ve already bought years ago and no longer need. The opportunities to give as you receive are endless.

And the irony is, the more you give, you more you will receive – remember to be grateful too.

Warning About How You Make Money

Perhaps counterintuitively, sometimes finding money can be a warning about how you make money. Is the way you make money in your life actually in line with your values and who you really are? It’s worth having a look at this from time to time, but especially if you find money because finding money out of the blue could be your Guides way of pointing out that there are other ways to make money.

This is especially poignant if you’ve been making your money recently by taking advantage of others or being dishonest. There’s no need to be dishonest or take advantage of others in a selfish way. The universe has abundance aplenty and all you need to do is ask.

Should You Pick It Up Or Leave It There?

In almost all cases there is no reason not to pick up the money. Some situations might require it be left where it is (a crime scene, or the proceeds of crime perhaps), or if it’s obviously someone else’s. You can’t expect to be able to just pick up money from a different table in a restaurant for example, because that’s probably been left for the restaurant staff as a tip.

But if the money is found in a place where it’s obvious it hasn’t been left for someone else, then you absolutely can pick it up. Indeed, there are many superstitions around the world about finding money – especially coins – being good luck. For example, The Scots had a saying “See a penny, pick it up, And all the day you’ll have good luck” (sourced from ScottishCountryDanceOfTheDay.com). They believed that the penny had been left there by the gods for them.

Should you use the money or save it?
Use the money, or save it for later?
Image by JesseDotExpert from Pixabay

Use the Money or Save It?

I’ve covered this a little earlier in the post – but really this is going to be a personal choice. You might decide that someone else needs it more than you and so you give it away almost as soon as you find it. Or you might decide that you’ll prefer to convert it into something nice for lunch today instead. Or you might have something you’re saving for.

Obviously, if it’s a substantial amount of money then you should try to locate the original owner – perhaps through the Police. Rules vary by country as to what will happen to the money if the owner can’t be found, but in many cases if that happens the Police will eventually conclude that you’re now the beneficiary. But someone may be missing that money and have a need for it, so do the right thing and try to find out who, if it’s more than a few dollars.

Some Meanings of Dreams of Finding Money

The spiritual meaning of finding money is slightly different if you find it in a dream rather than in reality. This is because although your Guides can use dreams to send messages to you, your own subconscious can affect your dreams too. So is the dream reflecting something your Guides want to tell you or is it your subconscious? Of course, the context of the dream and your own waking life is going to be the biggest clue as to what this dream means.

And of course you can’t spend or save money you find in a dream…

Nevertheless, although the meaning of finding money in a dream is very personal to each person here’s some suggestions to help you think about what it might mean for you.

Finding Money in a Dream Can Be a Good Omen

It could be that the dream is showing you that you’re about to receive a gift from the Universe or through your Guides. Although you’re possibly about to receive a gift, you may not receive money as the gift. It may be someone else’s help (i.e. their time) instead, or answers that you’ve been seeking recently may come to you. Your Guides may have chosen to use money in the dream because that’s the object or symbol you’re most likely to recognise.

Similarly to the symbolism of finding money in reality, it’s still important to remember to be grateful for everything you have – and many of the other symbols of finding money can well apply to dream interpretations as well. So, finding money in a dream might be a sign of a new beginning such as a change of career or an end of a particularly difficult era in your life.

You Could Be Worrying About Money Too Much

Finding money in a dream can be a sign that you’re worrying about money too much. This dream could be trying to tell you that, like finding it in reality, you can rely on the Universe and your Guides to provide for you. You might not realise how much provision is being made for you, or you might feel that the provision is different to what you’ve asked for – but nonetheless it is happening. It’s important when you realise this to remember to be grateful for everything you’ve been given as this makes it more likely that you’ll be given even more.

Final Thoughts

There are many different aspects of the spiritual meaning of finding money with different meanings being derived from the situation surrounding the find and what’s presently going on in your life. In this post I’ve given some pointers as to what the meaning might be – but this post isn’t exhaustive and there’s plenty of other reasons you might find money. You’ll need to introspect deeply to find the answer why you specifically have been given the money.

But a common theme throughout is to always remember to be grateful – no matter how large or small the find is. Gratitude goes a very long way in the Universe and your Guides will trust you with even more if you’re grateful for that which they give you. The other theme which comes through all of the meanings is to do your best to pay it forward – this shows your gratitude in action as well as words. That doesn’t have to be giving the money away, but could be giving of your time instead.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful and if you’ve enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your mystical or spiritual friends using the buttons below. If you have any comments, questions or other feedback please let us know using the comment form below.

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