The Law Of Attraction For Money

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Can We Use The Law Of Attraction For Money?

Everybody wants to have enough money. Money makes the world go around. But can we use the law of attraction for money? The simple answer is yes we can. But of course, it’s not actually quite as simple as it sounds. If it was, then everyone would have more money than they know what to do with.

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How We Can Use The Law Of Attraction For Money

Like every aspect of the law of attraction, money can be manifested by getting our thoughts in order. Your thoughts lead to your actions and with a little help from the Creativity instilled in the Universe, you can manifest money through the law of attraction. In this article we’ll go over what we need to do to use the law of attraction for money. We’ll also look at what not to do, which can sometimes be more important than what to do.

But it’s not just wishful thinking. Indeed, it’s specifically not wishful thinking. Let’s read on to find out more.

What Not To Do When Trying To Manifest Money

There is more to the process than simply thinking “I would like to be rich”. The universe responds to clear and precise messages. If you think “I would like to be rich” then the universe gives you exactly that. The liking of being rich.

You must be clear about your thoughts. You must define precisely what is that you want. And you must concentrate on that.

You will also need to stop being negative. Many of us wander around believing that we don’t deserve money or happiness. The world teaches us this from a very early age and we end up believing it. It’s one of the biggest self fulfilling prophecies known to humankind.

Cleanse your spirit of negativity and doubt. Everyone in the world deserves to have money and there is plenty of it to go around. Stop believing that good things only happen to other people and start believing they can happen to you too.

In the article about The Law Of Attraction for Love I discussed a technique I use to rid my mind of these negative thoughts. It’s based on NLP and has served me well whenever I’ve needed to get an attitude adjustment.

Speaking of attitude adjustment, did you know that a plane flies as a result of its attitude and power. The attitude of an aeroplane determines how fast it gets to where it’s going and its power determines how high it flies to get there. You can read about it (if you like) at – bear in mind that the author of that article uses the word pitch, but many pilots will use the word attitude interchangeably.

The physics of an aeroplane gives you the perfect example of how attitude controls how fast you get to your destination 🙂 Use this knowledge to help you control your attitude to what it is you want.

Have you noticed that some days you have a more positive attitude than others? Have you also noticed (I have!) that when you attitude is more positive you also have more power to achieve.

Stop focusing on ‘how’ you will pay the bills but instead focus your thoughts on having enough to pay them. Stop focusing on how you can’t afford to have certain things. Instead, for the time being, focus on the things you do have. Stop thinking about the things you can’t afford because this sends a message to the universe that you will always be wanting. Focus on what you have and that it is enough. When you start being thankful that you have enough, the universe has a way of giving you more.

You cannot think that money is evil. You’re not an evil person, therefore, if you believe that money is evil then you’ll put barriers in place to make sure you don’t get enough. How you get your money can be through good or evil, but there are plenty of good ways to get money.

Stop believing that you will have to do something you don’t like in order to get money. This has never been more true than it is today. There are literally thousands of different legitimate ways to earn money. If what you think you would like to do requires an education there are a number of ways you can be educated before you have money.

Love what you do and be thankful and grateful and the money will follow.

These are things that you simply must stop doing if you want to use the Law Of Attraction for money. Remember, the law of attraction means that universe provides the things you think about the most. If you’re thinking about having no money then that’s what the universe will give you. We need to turn that around!

What You Should Do

To attract wealth and allow for wealth creation you must open your mind to receiving money. You must be grateful for what you already have and know that you have enough.

You will need to set goals and be specific with them. The universe will give you ‘I would like enough money’ if that’s what you ask for. The feeling of liking to have enough money is an easy ask for the universe. So get specific.

Thinking ‘I earn $5000/month’ is a more specific thought that the universe can work with. Don’t concern yourself with the how. This will come.

It also helps if your thoughts are somewhat sensible. Not everyone can win millions on the lottery. The universe knows you are not ready for that anyway and won’t give it to you. Unless you’re very specific in your thoughts.

When it comes to specific goals relating to your money, it often helps to create a vision board. This is where you create perhaps a cork pin board and you place pictures (or words, but pictures are better) of the things you want in your life.

You see, in reality, money is ephemeral. It only lasts for a short time. The things you want to do with that money are what counts. It’s also very hard to visualise money in any quantity. What does $10,000 look like anyway?

But the new car, the boat, the holiday to Australia. Those are all things you can visualise and can tell the universe exactly what you want.

In the early stages of this process, you may find that your vision board does help you manifest extra money into your life, but that money ends up being spent on bills or debts.

Be Patient

These things don’t come straight away. But realise that by paying off debt and bills you are still moving closer to your dreams. The money is manifesting but at this moment in time the universe is expecting you to show it that you can be responsible.

There is no point having a flash car, house or boat if you’re loaded up with debt to make it happen. This is not the object of the exercise. Debt financed luxury isn’t luxury it’s stress. If there is a debt associated with an item then that item is not yours and can be taken away from you.

Use the first stages of this process to pay down debt.

Ironically, if you have no debt everything suddenly becomes cheaper. And that makes it easier to obtain! I’ll give an example;

You like the look of a nice shiny car and decide you want it today. The car costs $10,000 (by the way, using the Law Of Attraction for money can get you a lot more than this). So you decide to take out a loan over 5 years for this car. The interest rate for this car is a very reasonable 7% per year.

The total amount you will pay for this car will be just shy of $11820. So your car has cost you an extra $1820 because you didn’t want to be patient and wait for the law of attraction to work for you. You made the job harder for the universe!

On the other hand, if you manifest that money over 4 years, putting $167 aside each month ( $2004 / yr ), at the end of 5 years you will have put in $10020 into your car, but at an annual interest rate you’ll actually have $10675 in your car fund. The car is effectively $2495 cheaper.

Patience. The universe will manifest everything you desire – but you must be patient and thankful for what you already have.

The Power Of Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmations help you to adjust your attitude. Remember that attitude determines how fast you get somewhere and power determines how far you get? Positive affirmations give you both the attitude and the power for the universe to work with.

Everything with the law of attraction revolves around your thoughts and beliefs. If you belief you can’t, you won’t. If you believe you can, you will.

If you want to achieve the goals on your vision board, affirm for yourself that you can achieve.

“I will have that car / boat / house”.
Not, “I want that car / boat / house” because that’s where you already are. Wanting it.

Affirm that you have it already. Be in no doubt at all that the item on your vision board is yours. Because it will be.

Did you notice that we didn’t affirm that we will have enough money for that purchase? We’ve taken money out of the equation because money is just a means for obtaining objects or experiences we do want. Nobody actually wants money. Well, few people do. People want items, experiences. So affirm those experiences or items – not money. The universe will do the rest.

Understand that once those goals are reached and you have enough money that you can give more to charity than you currently do. You are always a money magnet – there is plenty more where that came from. In this way you can prove to yourself that money is not evil and that you deserve the things on your vision board.

If you do wish to think about money itself, make sure you are affirming that you deserve every penny you earn or receive. Affirm that wealth is increased when we share it. Use your money to enrich others and you will return even more in the process. Affirm that there is an abundance of money in the world (there is) and that you deserve your share of it. Affirm that you are thankful for everything you do have.

Use these affirmations regularly, multiple times per day. You can place your vision board on or near the fridge so that you see it regularly to help focus your thoughts and affirmations.

If you like you can put a timescale on your goals. You can say that you have $10000 by the end of the year for example. Affirm that you shall have that by then. You may not meet that timescale, but you will have more than you would have if you had not affirmed at all. This will help give you some faith in the process – and helps to speed up the process for the future.


The power of your vision board is to help you visualise your goals. This is so that you visualise actually having the items or experiences you desire.

If the item you desire is a car, visualise yourself actually driving that car. Visualise every detail of it. Feel yourself holding the keyfob. Feel yourself starting the engine. Feel yourself holding the steering wheel, including the heat of the wheel as the sun beams through the windscreen. Visualise every single detail.

If your desire is a trip somewhere exotic, visualise yourself where-ever that is. Visualise the weather, the feeling of the air around you where-ever you are. Visualise talking to locals, feeling the ground (or water!) beneath your feet. Put pictures of the place on your vision board and put the vision board somewhere you will see it regularly.

Be Open To Different Ways Of Working To Achieve Your Goals

This is the part where people get all technical and say that the law of attraction doesn’t work. They’re wrong. It does work, it just doesn’t work in the way they want it to.

The objects you desire are not likely to just drop in your lap. You will get some good fortune from the universe to help you achieve your goals – but you must be open to seeing it. This reminds me of a joke I heard years ago;

A devout Law Of Attraction believer is caught in a flood. As the water rises, he visualises them receding. But they don’t, they keep on rising. Before long the believer has to migrate to the upstairs of his house. He begins visualising that the universe will save him. But he’s non-specific in this, just saying ‘Save me universe’.

From outside of his window, he sees a blow up dinghy passing by with a couple of people on board. The people wave to him and ask him if he would like to join them. He declines, believing the universe will save him.

The rain keeps coming and the flood waters keep rising. Soon the believer must once again migrate. This time to the rooftop. The water is lapping around the eaves. In the distance, he hears a helicopter. But he visualises the Universe saving him. He hunkers down for the night, trying not to draw attention to himself since the universe will do what it needs to in order to save him.

While he sleeps the flood waters rise over the rooftop and sweep him away to his death. In his afterlife he asks the Universe;

“Why? Why did you not save me? I visualised! I had positive affirmations and a positive attitude!”

A voice from the universe said, “Well, I sent a boat past your window and a helicopter – what more could I do?!”


Be open to the fact that the universe may not provide things in exactly the way you think it should.

Sometimes the manifestation of your desires comes through the ability to achieve a particular skill that you may not otherwise have come across. Having the positive attitude will help you achieve that skill which can then lead to the manifestation of the item you desire.

Be Thankful

Finally, it’s important to be thankful for everything you have. Be respectful of the things you have achieved already and when you achieve those new things, be thankful and respectful to the universe for providing – howsoever it does it.

Show your appreciation to the universe by helping others. Helping others can be financially or by showing them how to use your new skill you may have gained in the process of manifesting your desires. Give back when you receive. In doing so you will receive even more.

Further Reading

This has been quite a short article and has only touched on the complicated subject of the law of attraction for money. There are literally thousands upon thousands of additional resources you can use to find out more. Some are listed below;

The Secret – the most famous version of the Law Of Attraction.

Think And Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill. This was written in 1937 and is still just as valid today. Whilst it’s not specifically ‘law of attraction’ since that term hadn’t been coined then, it does contain a lot of similar ideas. – learn how you can amplify your manifestation / Law Of Attraction attempts with this video presentation.