The Hidden Meanings of Finding a Ring

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Whether it’s a shiny diamond engagement ring, a simple band or an antique piece with a story to tell when you stumble upon a ring it can signify a special meaning in our lives. The spiritual meaning of finding a ring can be similar depending on whether you’re out shopping for a ring or whether you discover one that may have been lost by someone. In this blog post I’ll explore some of the possible explanations for the spiritual meaning of finding a ring, as well as look at the spiritual symbolism of rings in general. Although the spiritual meanings can be similar whether you’re buying a ring versus having found one, I’m going to concentrate more on the spiritual messages your guides might be trying to tell you by pointing out a ring that has been lost by someone.

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Finding a Ring as a Message from your Spirit Guides

We look at this spiritual significance, as always, through the lens of some kind of message your spirit guides may be trying to send you. Remember though that not everything that happens is a message from your guides, because if everything in your daily life was a message you’d need hundreds or thousands of guides or they’d be very busy indeed!

So, you need to take into account the context of any recent interactions with your guides as well as any questions you may have asked them recently or signs you’ve asked them to show you.

Of course, if you’ve found a ring and asking for the spiritual meaning of why you found it, then the best people to ask are in fact your guides. We can give you some pointers, but don’t be afraid to sit in a quiet space, meditate and ask your guides for the reason. You could well be surprised at the answer.

What do Rings Symbolize


Rings are more than just pretty pieces of jewelry, although of course they are that too, but more importantly, they symbolize eternity. Rings represent the endless circle of life, love, and relationships. Rings have no beginning and no end, so when you slip a ring onto your finger, it’s a reminder that some things are meant to last forever. This might be an eternity ring which is often exchanged between people who don’t wish to be married but do wish to devote their lives to each other. It might be a wedding ring of course, or it may just be a ring that reminds us of something else that we want to last forever.

Commitment and Unity

One of the most common symbols associated with rings is commitment and unity. Whether it’s in the form of an engagement ring or a wedding band, rings are a visible sign of love and devotion. They serve as a constant reminder of the promises we make to one another, and help to show others those promises too – helping perhaps to ward off unwanted attention from potential suitors when one is already committed to a life partner.

In the US, UK, Australia and some (though not all) countries in the western world, a wedding ring – which as we’ve seen is intended to symbolize eternal commitment – is worn on the 4th finger on the left hand. This finger is also known as the ring finger and was believed by the ancient Romans to contain a vein which ran straight back to the heart. To be fair, we now know that the ring finger is in fact no different to any other part of the body and all veins of course eventually lead back to the heart. But that’s where the idea came from originally and it has remained a tradition and symbol of everlasting love throughout the centuries. Incidentally, the vein which the Romans believed in was given a name which they called the Vena Amoris, or Love Vein[1].

ring as a symbol of power and authority
Rings as a Symbol of Power and Authority
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Power and Authority

Rings can also symbolize power and authority. Think about those big blingy rings that were worn by kings and queens throughout history and/or rich people today. These could be adorned with precious gemstones or delicate and intricate designs which were meant to show off the status and influence of their wearer. As a result rings have often been a way to display one’s position in society.

In many science fiction and fantasy books or movies, rings are used to highlight or channel someone’s power and authority. In the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson, the main character wears a ring made of white gold which he, and the characters of the fantasy world which he visits, believes the white gold ring gives him extraordinary powers. Similar stories are found throughout literature with one of the most famous of course being “The Lord of the Rings” by J R R Tolkien.

Success and Achievement

When it comes to success and achievement, rings have their own special meaning. They are often given as gifts to commemorate milestones or accomplishments. Think about those championship rings worn by sports teams – they represent hard work, dedication, and victory. Successful business people will often wear blingy rings to show off the success they’ve achieved through their hard work and connections. Sometimes, for those in business, these rings might be an investment mechanism too as the price of gold and silver tends to increase over time.

Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

Rings can hold religious or spiritual significance for many people. They can represent faith, belief, and devotion to a higher power. From wedding rings exchanged during religious ceremonies to sacred rings worn as a symbol of one’s faith, these pieces carry deep meaning and provide comfort.

One of the most famous rings which depicts religious or spiritual beliefs – as well as encompassing the spiritual meaning of power and authority, is the ring which is worn by the Pope. The Pope is of course the head of the Catholic Church and the ring in question is the Piscatory Ring which is worn on the Pope’s right hand. Kissing the ring of the Pope is considered to be a sign of respect and obedience and recognition of his authority over the Catholic Church.

Protection and Defense

In some cultures rings are seen as spiritual symbols of protection and defense. They are believed to ward off negative energy or spirits and bring good luck. Whether it’s a traditional amulet ring or a mystical gemstone the idea is to wear a ring that acts as a shield against harm. This has some overlap with the spiritual belief of rings as instruments of power and authority as well, since if you have power and authority then defence and protection should come naturally.

Spiritual meaning of finding gold rings
Finding Gold Rings
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Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Gold Ring

Gold rings tend to symbolize things in a slightly different way to silver rings and so when you’re wondering what the meaning of finding a gold ring is, do bear in mind that although the meanings might be similar, there is some nuance. Gold symbolises a masculine energy, projecting power and protection as well as symbolizing provision and abundance. The Sun is closely aligned with the gold energy you might invoke if you find a Gold ring.

  1. Gold rings symbolize commitment: Finding a gold ring may be a sign from your spirit guides indicating the importance of commitment in your life. This could indicate that you have trouble with comittment and need to work on that aspect of your life to improve your situation. Or it could be a message that is questioning your commitment – whether to a person or a situation. Perhaps you just haven’t been clear with yourself or the other person about the level of your committment and you need to change that.
  2. Gold represents abundance: Finding a gold ring could alternatively be a message about abundance, suggesting that you are on the path to attracting wealth and prosperity. If no-one claims the ring you find then this could be the first step of that abundance growing. But do be honest, the universe and your guides aren’t here to encourage you to take things that aren’t yours or intended for you. Meditate on their intention, do the right thing and attempt to trace the owner.
  3. Gold rings can indicate connection: Discovering a gold ring might symbolize a deeper connection with your spiritual guides, signifying their presence and guidance in your life. Perhaps you’ve been lax in your communication with them recently and they’re using this as a way of reminding you that they’re there and want to be part of your life.
  4. Finding a Gold Ring as a Sign of Protection: The gold ring may serve as a symbol of protection, reminding you that your spirit guides are watching over you and keeping you safe. Since the gold ring also signifies power and authority
  5. Gold Rings to Represent Transformation: Finding a gold ring can also be interpreted as a sign of personal transformation and growth, suggesting that you are evolving spiritually. It can be an indication from your spirit guides that you either, or can become, very powerful spiritually especially if you put your mind to it.
  6. Gold Rings Symbolize Love and Relationships: It could be a message about love and relationships, signaling the potential for a significant romantic connection or an improvement in existing partnerships.
  7. Sign of Divine Blessings: Discovering a gold ring may be seen as a sign of divine blessings, indicating that positive energies and opportunities are coming your way.

Overall summary: The finding of a gold ring holds various spiritual meanings. It can represent commitment, abundance, connection, protection, transformation, love, and divine blessings. This occurrence may serve as a sign from your spirit guides helping them to deliver messages about different aspects of your life.

Spiritual meaning of finding silver rings
Finding Silver Rings
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Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Silver Ring

Silver, in contrast to gold, carries a feminine energy. This is one of shelter, nurturing and balance. Silver carries a softer tone in its messaging, although no less powerful in its own way. So bear in mind that although the spiritual meaing of finding a silver ring can be similar to that of the gold ring, the energies associated are subtly different and this may alter the message you’re meant to interpret from it.

  1. Symbol of Protection: A silver ring may represent spiritual protection, acting as a shield against negative energies or entities.
  2. Inner Wisdom: Discovering a silver ring could suggest that you are tapping into your innate wisdom and intuition.
  3. Harmony and Balance: The presence of a silver ring may indicate that you are in alignment with the natural flow of life, experiencing harmony and balance.
  4. Connection with Divine Feminine: Silver is often associated with the lunar energy and the divine feminine, suggesting a deeper connection with your feminine qualities and intuition.
  5. Transformation and Growth: Finding a silver ring can symbolize personal transformation and growth, signifying that you are undergoing a positive change in your spiritual journey.
  6. Manifestation and Abundance: The silver ring may serve as a reminder of your ability to manifest your desires and attract abundance into your life.
  7. Sign from Spirit Guides: The appearance of a silver ring could be a sign from your spirit guides, indicating their presence and guidance in your life.

In summary, finding a silver ring holds various spiritual meanings including protection, inner wisdom, harmony, connection with the divine feminine, transformation, manifestation and as a sign from your spirit guides. Embrace the symbolism and trust in the messages it may hold for you.

Historical Symbolism of Rings Through Different Cultures

In almost all cultures around the world both nowadays and historically, rings have played a part. Rings of course don’t always have to be worn on fingers, and some cultures today still wear rings on different parts of their body – from ears, noses and in some cases even on their necks. Some of the more common cultures that we know wore rings are;

Ancient Egyptians who wore rings as symbols of power and protective talismans. The ancient Egyptians believed these rings had the power to ward off evil spirits. Of course as symbols of power and abundance, the rich, and particularly the Pharoahs were buried with the jewelry in order to ensure they took the items with them to the afterlife.

Europeans throughout history have worn rings in various shapes and sizes. Signet rings are an example of this, which are large rings with unique crests or other designs carved into them to show the person’s identity and the family to which they belonged. The head of the ring, which was usually quite large, would be pushed into molten or soft wax which had been used as a seal for a letter. The mark the signet ring made in the soft wax was used to prove that the letter or package had been sent authentically.

Chinese culture places high significance on the use of rings as symbols of harmony and unity. The Chinese make wedding rings of jade or gold and represent the unbreakable bond between couples in much the same way as other cultures do.

In some of the Celtic traditions rings consist of knots or weavings that are intricately portrayed around the outside of the ring to symbolize how life is all connected to everything else and the infinite cyclical march of nature.

From this we can see that rings have played, and continue to play a significant role in societies and cultures around the world, far and above the simple value of the material the ring itself is made from.

Finding rings with Gemstones.
Symbolism of Rings with Gemstones
Image by sara graves from Pixabay

Meaning of Rings With Gemstones

As we’ve seen earlier in the post, there are multiple meanings of rings and these meanings can be further enhanced by the use of gemstones. Of course, when the meaning is to show off ones abundance, authority or power, the bigger the gemstone that may be embedded into the ring the more power and authority the wearer will be portraying.

But some people and cultures will use gemstones specificially for spiritual type of work. If you find a ring with a type of gemstone in it, it may be that your spirit guides intend this type of work for you, at least for now.

If, for example, you need some work on your energy field – to help balance and cleanse it, then your spirit guides may see fit to put a ring with an Amethyst or Clear Quartz in front of you. Gemstones such as these can be used in this way to help align your energies and cleanse your aura for example. On the other hand, if you find a ring with fluorite, turquoise or black tourmaline for example, then you can use this ring to help protect against negative energhies or ward of spiritual attacks.


From this post we can see there are many different meanings of finding a ring and much of that depends on what is going on in yiour life right now, how you found the ring, what material the ring was made from and whether it contained any stones.

Just as each spirit guide is unique to you as an individual, so are the messages they will send to you, and and interpreting the spiritual meaning of finding a ring is no different. You will need to communicate with your spirit guides through meditation to truly find the answer – although hopefully this post has helped to give you some ideas about what it might mean.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful and if you’ve enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your mystical or spiritual friends using the buttons below. If you have any comments, questions or other feedback please let us know using the comment form below.

Thanks for reading!


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