Aura – The Vibrant Energy Field Around Us

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Have you ever felt comfortable around a person or immediately sensed positivity when you met somebody? Well, it’s the aura or the energy field that is around every person.

In simple words, an aura is a vibrant energy field that flows around living things. It is basically the outward expression of what is inside us. You can also say it is the overall vibe of a person.

While the eye of an average human cannot see auras, some people, with training can see it. Most people think that seeing their own aura or the aura of others is the way to know them.

However, interestingly Sadhguru points in one of his lectures that the idea is not to see the aura which is the surface: “I would like you to look a little more at the core of the being rather than looking at the surface.”

So the objective is to be able to see your own core and the core of others which reflects through the aura. That helps you understand yourself and others in a better way.

Seeing auras will help you fine-tune your intuition. It will also help you gain more clarity as to why some people give you unpleasant vibes and why some feel very positive.

You must know that your aura protects you from other people’s negativity as well. This energy field also allows you to stay safe from the thoughts and projections of others around you.

Those who have strong positive auras attract people naturally. They are often more successful and are able to enjoy support from others.

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The Aura Has an Array of Colors

Ranging from pitch black to clear white, different people have different auric colors. Every color shows different aspects of a person.

Let us see what some of the basic shades of human aura stand for:

  • Gray. If you have a gray aura it shows uncertainty about others. People with auras of this shade often tend to be pessimistic.
  • Brown. Brown color in an auric field stands for a selfish personality.
  • White. A white aura shows a calm and well-balanced personality. However, white aura is very rare.
  • Black. Just like a brown aura color, a black aura denotes an unkind and pessimistic persona.
  • Red. Having a red aura shows a passionate person. People with red auras are driven by their emotions and wishes.
  • Green. Green auras means a love for nature. It also shows a well-grounded and hard-working personality.
  • Violet. Violet represents a spiritual awareness.
  • Orange. Orange color stands for creativity. Often artists have energy rays of this shade.
  • Blue. Having a blue aura hue means a sensitive and emotional person.
  • Indigo. If you have an indigo aura you are an old soul and a wise person. .
  • Yellow. Yellow aura denotes positivity, optimism and high energy.

Balanced and Imbalanced Aura

A balanced aura basically reflects your stable and healthy mental, emotional and spiritual state. When these states are in the right balance your aura will glow reflecting what is within you.

On the other hand, when your inner states are not in harmony, your aura will be unbalanced too. If you are struggling with people and events in your life, your energy field might be out of balance. In other words, your emotional, mental and spiritual state needs some balance.

What Weakens the Aura?

A number of internal and external factors may weaken or effect the balance of your aura such as:

  • Negative thoughts and emotions
  • Stressful environments
  • Lack of exercise
  • Overthinking
  • Smoking, drinking, drug use
  • Psychic attacks
  • Negative social interaction
  • Negative environments such as drug houses

How To Tell If Your Aura Is Out Of Balance

When your aura becomes weak you are prone to serious illnesses. You may feel stressed, irritated, lethargic or impatient too. People with an unbalanced aura also struggle with relationships and career opportunities.

So it is essential to pay attention to your energy field and if you notice any imbalance work to fix it.

How to Balance / Heal Your Aura

Fortunately, there are quite a few methods of balancing your aura.

You can follow these strategies in your daily or weekly routine and purge your aura, heal it and restore your energy field.


Using light is one of the traditional methods of balancing and clearing your aura. You may use imagined or real light for this purpose.

All you need to do is to sit down at a comfortable spot, breathe deeply for a few minutes and imagine you are filled with bright light which will help you expel the negative energies out of your being.


Crystals are powerful elements that can help heal your aura as well. Black tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and, Obsidian are some of the popular stones that are known for aura balancing.

To cleanse your aura you can place them in your room or hang them around your neck. Carrying crystals in your pocket or handbag can also help.

Another way of using crystals to balance your aura is to place them on your forehead between your eyebrows and lie down. You need to unwind in this position for a few minutes until the energy from the crystals works to heal your aura and create the right balance.

You should visualise that the crystal is absorbing all the negative energy within your body and your surroundings. Moving the stone across your energy field around your body is another way of utilizing the power of crystals for aura healing.

Wash the crystal once you are done to purge it from the negative energies it absorbed from your body.

Go Outdoors

Nature has the power to heal your aura. When we were close to Mother Nature and spent time outdoors our energy field was nurtured by the positive energies from the Earth. However, modern man does not have any bond with nature now as most of the time is spent with machines and on indoor activities.

It’s essential to spend time outdoors to heal your aura and receive the positive energy from nature which it has in abundance.

Walking along a beach or wooded area is a simple yet powerful way of balancing your aura. Greenery and fresh breeze are highly effective in healing your aura.

Spend time outdoors close to a river or in a forest and enjoy the blessings of nature to rejuvenate your aura.

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is another powerful tool to balance your aura. It is pretty simple and works on the same principle as tuning in a TV frequency.

Each chakra has a particular color and wavelength which governs a specific area of the body. Working with the corresponding colour you can strengthen the weakened chakra.

The vibrations of colour work positively on our aura and heal it.

A chromatologist can help you in this process. However if you are aware of which colours produce which vibration, then you can use this therapy on your own.

How to See Your Aura

While most people cannot see their own aura or energy field of another person, training your mind can help you see this invisible field of energy. It’s also all about trusting your intuition.

Here are few techniques that can help you see the aura:

  1. Look in the mirror for a minute in front of a white background and focus in the middle of your forehead. Don’t move your eyes and try to see the outer edge of your head and shoulders. Over time you will be able to see a color surrounding your body. That is your energy field.
  2. Stare at your hands for about a minute. You may see the glow radiating from the outside lining of your hands and fingers. That is the color of your aura. However, remember that it is a matter of practice. So try repeatedly until you see your aura.

How to See Someone’s Aura

Just as you can see your own aura it is also possible to see other’s energy fields as well. Here is what you need to do if you want to see someone’s aura:

  1. Stand about 10 feet away from the person whose aura you want to see. You need to ensure that their background is either all black or all white. In addition, make sure that the lighting of the room is balanced and is neither too dull nor too bright.
  2. Focus on the nose of the person but don’t focus too hard. You need to pay attention to it but in a relaxed way, focusing on the exterior view as well.
  3. You will start seeing a shadowy outline around the person’s body. It will be very subtle.
  4. Start observing the outline that’s formed around the person and the aura will become more apparent.
  5. To have a better view of the aura, move your gaze up from the nose to the forehead but very gently.

Initially you may just see only one color of the aura but as you gain more experience and expertise, you will begin seeing different colours.

One interesting thing is that even if you cannot see the aura you can surely feel it. Like you often say you didn’t get a good vibe from someone or you felt very comfortable around a person.

That’s aura reading and every person has the ability to feel the energy field of another to some extent.

Aura and Relationships

Auras have a strong impact on our relationships.

People having the same energy fields tend to attract one and another compared to those having a different energy frequency. It is based on law of attraction like attracts like.

As in color theory, which studies how colors harmonize or clash, we can see how the colors in a person’s aura complement other colors.

Knowing the color of your aura or that of others will help you have an idea if you will get along with that person or not.

When two people meet, they connect by looking at each other and their auras form a connection. As soon as we come in contact with a person we get close to his or her energy field and on a subconscious plane we know if we would like to meet again or not.

When you see it all with regard to auric color, the colors in one’s energy body match to another’s they come close together and form relationships.

However, energy or vibrations are always changing since our thoughts, emotions and feeling are in a state of flux. That is why many times we see problems in relationships happen when the frequency of energies change over time.


Auras reveal important things about yourself and others.

They help you know what is inside yourself or others so it is important to be aware of this energy field.

However, the objective of the study of aura is not to SEE the aura itself (the outer reality of a person). Rather seeing your aura or other’s auras is a means to an end. The main goal is to see INSIDE using auras as a tool.

By seeing your aura or others’ energy fields you can be more aware of yourself and others. It will also help you know if your emotional, mental and spiritual state is in order or not and work on them to heal or improve these states likewise.

Since we pick energies from those we meet and our environment, we can sometimes end up feeling exhausted or anxious. That’s when our aura needs cleansing. Cleansing or balancing your aura from time to time will help you lead a healthy, peaceful and successful life.

Remember to stay away from people with negative energies as they will affect your aura and destroy your peaceful state. Think positive, be around positive people and environments as it will nourish your life force that reflects through your aura.

Understanding your aura will also strengthen relationships, make better personal and professional decisions, and enjoy better health.