Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Yellow Butterfly

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Seeing a yellow butterfly has different spiritual meanings depending on where you see them, how you see them, when you see them and also whatever is going on in your life at the time. So unpicking the spiritual meaning of seeing a yellow butterfly is a process that requires taking into account all these pieces of information. In this post we’ll give some general guidance on what we think the spiritual meaning of seeing a yellow butterfly is – but you may need to consider reaching out to a spiritualist practitioner for further advice specific to you.

Firstly, seeing a butterfly or butterflies signifies a hope and incoming transformation. As we’ve mentioned in various places throughout this website – the butterfly symbolises inner struggle resulting in difficult metamorphosis from one creature into another, yet staying the same. Seeing butterflies can be the universe reminding you that the struggles you’re encountering will turn you into that butterfly and spiritually you will soon be metamorphing into something beautiful.

But the colour of the butterfly you see adds additional spiritual meaning. And so, without further ado let’s look at what it means spiritually to see a yellow butterfly specifically.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Yellow Butterfly While Awake

The spiritual significance of seeing a yellow butterfly will differ depending on whether you see one when you’re awake versus when you’re dreaming – although there can of course be overlap. But for example, seeing yellow butterflies while you’re visiting a butterfly sanctuary, or a park with flowers which attract butterflies, is unlikely to have any spiritual significance at all. It might be expected that you’d find yellow butterflies where there are many butterflies collecting together. Of course, this also depends on how common yellow butterflies are where you’re seeing them.

So for the purposes of the rest of this section, we’re looking at the significance of seeing yellow butterflies in a place where you would not expect to see them.

The colour yellow is associated with the third chakra and is found just above the navel. It’s known as the Solar Plexus chakra, with the associated element of fire. It’s psychological function relates to the ego, anger and frustration. So, seeing a yellow butterfly can signal that you have some work to do on your ego and perhaps deal with some anger and frustration in order to help your metamorphosis. It could signal that you need to spend some time balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra which should help you maintain a healthy balance of passion (i.e. turning that anger or frustration into positive action) with a cool head to get things done the right way without causing destruction.

If we look at the Aura colours, yellow is said to represent intellectual development. Developing our intellect can also help balance the effects of our anger and frustrations by rationalising them away somewhat. However, we don’t want to rationalise everything we get angry or frustrated about, so again it’s a balance.

Yellow itself also symbolises creativity and happiness, along with the power of persuasion. Perhaps seeing the yellow butterflies is showing you how you can combine your creativity and persuasion to balance your intellect and maintain a healthy balance of passion from anger or frustration into action that will result in the metamorphosis of your spiritual life.

Seeing a yellow butterfly while you’re awake therefore is an exciting signal from the universe that you’re on the right path and that with a bit of control you will soon find yourself growing as a person spiritually and becoming happier, more positive and a highly creative influence on those around you.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Yellow Butterfly in a Dream

A painting of someone dreaming of yellow butterflies
Painting of someone dreaming of yellow butterflies

Seeing a yellow butterfly in a dream has a stronger spiritual meaning than seeing one in the physical realm. This is because seeing the yellow butterfly in the physical could simply be a coincidence, whereas seeing it in a dream has to be something conjured either by your subconscious or the spirit realm.

You do still need to take into account other aspects of the dream context as well as that within your physical life to make sense of the spiritual meaning of seeing a yellow butterfly in a dream though.

Yellow is a colour of positivity, creativeness and the power of persuasion. As we saw above it’s also the colour of the third chakra (the Solar Plexus) and this leads us to consider the ego, frustration and anger as part of the meaning too.

Seeing yellow butterflies in a dream can be a sign from spirit or our subconscious that we need to work on our ego. This is often significant information for someone who might be considering starting a spiritual awakening – so if you’re seeing yellow butterflies it could very well be a sign that your spirit guides know you are ready to open up to them now.

Often, particularly during the earlier stages of a spiritual awakening, our ego feels threatened and turns on the anger and frustration taps in a bid to make it harder for the awakening to lose the need for the ego. Seeing a yellow butterfly in a dream can be a strong signal from spirit that you’re on the right path and your spiritual awakening is happening. You can use this as a signal to balance your solar plexus chakra, or that you need to begin meditating more often to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Seeing a yellow butterfly in a dream though is a really good sign that things are going to change for the better in your spiritual life very soon. Like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly it is going to take some hard work on your part – but the rewards are there and within your grasp. You can do it.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Yellow Butterfly in a Meditation

Seeing a yellow butterfly in a meditation means almost the same thing as seeing it in a dream. But it’s often an even more powerful signal when you see it in a meditation. This is because during meditation you’re more aware of what’s happening and more able to interpret the meaning. Spirit is aware of this and show you things you need to deal with, or things they want to highlight or warn you about.

In the case of seeing a yellow butterfly in a meditation, the message from spirit is that you’re on the right path in your awakening and you’re making positive progress toward dealing with your ego and its emotions of anger and frustration. You may have even noticed that you’re calmer and more rational these days too. If you’re not finding this then the yellow butterfly may be a sign from spirit that it’s time to concentrate on these emotions and aspects of your life. Fortunately for you, meditation is one of the best ways to begin this process.

Yellow in the aura speaks of intellectual development and as you further your spiritual awakening you’re intellectually coming to terms with the idea that there’s more in the world than we can see.

Yellow is the colour of positivity, creativity and an optomistic outlook for the future. All of these qualities will be necessary to overcome your ego as you continue your journey of enlightenment. The good news is, you can do it.

Meaning of Yellow Butterfly Inside the House

yellow butterfly in the house by a window
Yellow Butterfly In The House

As with all things spiritual, context is key when trying to decide if there’s a spiritual meaning of a yellow butterfly inside your house. For example, if there’s often lots of yellow butterflies outside your house then it’s relatively likely that at some point one of those may come inside. There’s probably not an overt amount of spiritual meaning to be attached to that event. However, if you almost never see a yellow butterfly but today there’s one in your house, then there might be some significance to it.

Just last week in fact, I had a gorgeous tortoiseshell butterfly inside my house. It’s winter here where I am and they should have been asleep. But there they were – sitting on the window looking out. I opened the window for them and they stayed put. It’s likely far too cold out there and they decided the warmth of my house is better. This encounter could have a spiritual meaning, because until then I had never ever seen a butterfly inside my house, and certainly wouldn’t expect to see one in the middle of winter. I digress.

So, when we think of the spiritual meaning of a yellow butterfly inside the house we can combine the two spiritual signs that we’ve been given into one. Firstly, the spiritual sign of a butterfly in the house signifies spiritual renewal or transformation. It can give us hope for the future despite the struggles we’ve been through, because the butterfly came to you in your house after all the struggles its been through to get there. If the butterfly can make it, so can you. As we discuss in the spiritual meaning of the monarch butterfly, the butterfly often means death and rebirth and in this context it’s a sign of change (not literal death) in your spiritual life. So, the butterfly means hope of a spiritual renewal or recovery after a struggle.

The color yellow adds an extra dimension to this as we combine the two signs together. Yellow is a warm, positive color – filled with confidence and optimism. Yellow is also highly visible and attracts attention, so it’s possible that you’ve not been seeing the other signs the universe has been giving you lately and it has stepped up the messaging. “Look at this butterfly” the universe is saying.

So, it’s in your house – meaning the message is undoubtedly for you or your family. The message is loud. It’s positive all the way, although it might not feel like it at the time. It’s showing you that you should move forward with confidence and have joy in the steps that you’re taking even though the steps might feel like something is being passed over (or dying) – because the butterfly itself signifies growth, new beginnings and spiritual awakenings.

Do Yellow Butterflies Symbolize Pregnancy

Yellow butterflies do symbolize new beginnings, or new life as well as joy and positivity. So in that sense they can be a strong indicator of an imminent pregnancy somewhere in your close circle – possibly you yourself. But you have to take into context everything else going on in your life and in particular whether you’ve been asking any questions of the universe lately.

Of course, for many people a pregnancy does bring joy and positivity into their lives. And for them, seeing a yellow butterfly could be a spiritual sign that a pregnancy is imminent, particularly if they’re currently trying to conceive. However, for other people a pregnancy would cause significant hardship and problems and take away someone’s joy. For those people, seeing the yellow butterfly is unlikely to be a sign that a pregnancy is imminent because the symbolism just doesn’t match. This helps to illustrate how every spiritual meaning has to be taken with a wider context in mind and is very personal to each individual.


The spiritual meaning of seeing a yellow butterfly signifies positivity and creativity particularly in relation to overcoming frustration and anger while you embark or continue on your spiritual awakening. The yellow butterfly shows that you need to remember to balance your yellow chakra and keep your ego in check to make sure that your energies are used purposefully and efficiently to drive your spiritual growth forward.

Seeing the yellow butterflies spiritually should give you optomism for the future and uplift you with the brightness that comes with understanding your future is on the right path.

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