Introduction to Crystals

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are stones or stone-like objects formed over thousands if not millions of years from the minerals found within the earth’s crust. They’re formed when the minerals are subject to intense pressure and heat from within the earth and then, as they cool, chemical processes often cause them to take on specific shapes and colours.

You can see the process in action, to some extent, by performing an experiment in your kitchen. Mix up some table salt into warm water, keep adding salt until no more will dissolve into the water. Then, tip the warm water with the salt dissolved in it, into a mug or glass – leaving behind the salt that wouldn’t dissolve. Then, suspend a paper clip or something that won’t float on some string close to the bottom of the glass. Leave the glass on the side to cool and evaporate. As the water evaporates off, crystals of salt will form on the paperclip. You’ve now grown your own salt crystals!

Crystal Energies

Crystals are said to contain energies due to their chemical structure and make up. Many people believe that certain crystals are better at holding certain emotional energies than others and that these crystal energies can be used for healing both physically and emotionally.

The energies can also be used for divination purposes, to help the crystal questioner get answers to specific things and again different crystals are used for specific answers.

How To Clean Crystals

The art of crystal healing, or crystal divination is far beyond the scope of this introduction as the different uses vary and the subject matter is enormous. However, before embarking on the use of any crystal it is important to clean away any negative previous energies and make the crystal your own.

To do this, most people recommend submerging them in salt water (preferably sea water, but if none is available you can use rock-salt or sea-salt). Don’t make the salt solution too strong as you’ll end up growing salt crystals on the outside of your crystal that you’re trying to clean. The crystal should be left in the salt solution for a couple of days, preferably with some kind of lid to prevent the water evaporating. After a couple of days remove the crystal and rinse it under clean water.

Other people recommend burying the crystal in the garden for a days (marking where you buried it of course!) so that the earth will remove the negative energies and return it to purity. Some others believe the crystal should be left outside, in water and under the moonlight.

Once your crystal is cleansed you can hold it in your hands and think of the intention for which you wish to use it. Choose the crystal that is most specific for your desired outcome, for example Rose Quartz if your intention is to do with love. Amethyst can be used for example to clean negative energies from a room or surroundings. Focus your attention and energy on the crystal and it will become imbued with the desire and energy you’re focusing on.

Crystal Healing

Because each individual crystal type is made from specific minerals, the energies they can hold vary which gives them quite different properties. These different properties can be used to change our emotional and physical well-being. Sometimes it is enough to simply hold the right crystal at the right time in order to feel a change in our health.

Some crystal healers, who have trained for such things, will use small electrodes to pass a minute current through the crystals while holding it on the body of the person or over an afflicted area. Again, the individual characteristics of these crystals provide different relief for ailments.

The specifics of each crystal however requires training from specialist crystal healers to achieve the best results.

Crystals To Open Your Third Eye

The third eye or the sixth chakra (Ajna) is a mystical concept that suggests that we have an eye that is non-physical which can see (with practice) into other realms. It’s a popular concept in many Eastern spiritual beliefs such as Buddhism and Taoism. It’s often believed to be the gateway between our own 3D realm and that of the spirits. More information on the

The third eye is also believed to be what is known as your ‘Sixth Sense’. Or intuition. It’s associated with the colour Indigo.

There are specific crystals associated with the third eye and it is believed that they are useful in assisting with the development of psychic abilities. Specifically, clairvoyance (the ability to see spirits) and clairaudience (the ability to hear spirits).

Of the various crystals related to your third eye, Lapis Lazuli is the one which will do the most to help open it.

We will look deeper at these crystals with the specific purpose of opening your third eye in a separate article, which we link to from here.

Other Uses For Crystals

One of the best uses for crystals is purely decorative. Whether you believe that they have special powers or not, many crystals look absolutely beautiful, particularly when mounted as a piece of jewellery.

For example, there is a whole industry based around the Opal crystal (which isn’t actually a crystal really). Other crystals such as Amethyst are lovely to look at, and often used as jewellery too. In some cases crystals, particularly Amethyst are used to make lovely home decorations.

This article is just a brief overview of crystals. As the site grows we will add more and more information about all the different things crystals are used for and how people use them. Please feel free to check back at any point. You can also sign up for receiving browser notifications from us when prompted 🙂

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