Crystals For Love And Happiness

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Love ROCKS! Crystals for Love and Happiness

Crystals have gone mainstream.

These mystical products of nature are attracting people from all walks of life as they are much more than mere STONES!

From businessmen to top models alike all are embracing crystals for a variety of reasons. Thanks to their many benefits that have made them an indispensable part of the New Age fashion regime and healing therapies.

Crystals for healing mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, stones for gaining power and money, crystals for treating conditions like allergies are some of the many types that you can find in both physical and online stores in abundance.

Believe it or not, there are crystals for LOVE and HAPPINESS too!

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Why Crystals for Love?

We are born of love: love is our mother.


Love is an essential part of our lives be it for our own selves or others.

Whether you are looking to deepen your sense of self-love, mend a broken bond or improve relationships with your family or friends, crystals can help.

Stones of various colors and shapes are nature’s gifts that are packed with different frequencies.

While there is no scientific proof of the healing power of crystals, it is widely believed that they do have a placebo effect. That is why even those who did not believe in the supernatural side of these stones once are now inclined towards them.

Regardless, crystals are considered powerful products of nature and have been in use for thousands of years. Some used these stones in their magical formulas while others used them for healing and attracting love.

What about Crystals for Self-love?

Considering crystals for self-love and happiness isn’t a bad idea at all.

Well, when we act with love for ourselves only then can we be kind and loving to others. Self-love helps synchronize our actions, and thoughts, enabling us to love all those who are around us.

If I love myself, I love you, if I love you I love myself.


Love is the highest vibrational frequency on earth and in its presence anything is possible. Crystals give us a chance to tap into the energy of love.

Some stones can infuse love within ourselves and in our relationships. They will open our heart chakra, the primary chakra that relates to love, heal our heart, and allow us to experience the highest vibrations of love.

How Crystals for Love and Happiness Work?

When we are facing problems in relationships, it is mostly due to an imbalance of the heart chakra. Love crystals help to create balance in this chakra and help to remove restore its natural frequency.

The Heart Chakra is basically the center of your feelings, the place where love can awaken and bud. When this chakra is unbalanced, you tend to feel alienated from people around you. In fact, you even feel cold to yourself.

By restoring the energy of your heart chakra, crystals allow you to feel love and happiness again. They energize and balance this spiritual point within you and help you:

  • Radiate the energy of love
  • Empathize and love unconditionally
  • Feel love for yourself and others
  • Experience the universal energies of love
  • Strengthen your relationships

Now if you really want to enliven your heart and delve into its endless energies all you need to do is to grab a crystal!

There are all sorts of love crystals that you can find out there including:

  • Crystals for self-love
  • Crystals for attracting love
  • Crystals for healing a broken heart

Here I have picked some of the best crystals for love and happiness to help you make a well-informed decision.

4 Best Crystals for Love and Happiness

The best crystals for love and happiness are those that connect to your heart chakra. 

Some of them are:

  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Rhodochrosite
  3. Rhodonite
  4. Turquoise
  5. Kunzite

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystals for love and happiness
Rose Quartz crystals for love and happiness

Rose Quartz is a must-have crystal for anyone who wants to love himself or others. This pink stone helps you love and be beloved. By using it you can get over relationship issues and build better understanding with your family and friends.

(Even Victoria Beckham loves Rose Quartz:

If I told you my backstage rituals, and was honest you would think I was a little weird. I carry my crystals with me, which some people might think as odd, but it works for us.”)

Victoria Beckham

By helping you see the beauty within you, Rose quartz will provide you with inner peace without which no one can find happiness outside. This stunning stone will comfort and reassure you, helping you feel at peace with yourself and those who are around you.


Rhodochrosite crystals for love and happiness
Gorgeous Rhodochrosite crystals – just looking at them gives you love and happiness

This pink or orange stone is known as one of the best crystals for self-love. By establishing a connection with the heart chakra, it allows you to love yourself and find happiness within your own self.

Rhodochrosite works by helping you focus your energies on inner peace. It allows you to understand your own value and thus love yourself in the true sense. As we discussed earlier, self-love is at the core of your being. However, it often gets overcome by negative thoughts, self-judgments and negative thoughts. That is where this pretty stone can help to your help.

The soft energy of this rock allows you to reconnect with the center of your being. By helping you understand your worth and valuing yourself, it helps you love others conditionally as well. This crystal also helps you release past wounding and childhood traumas so it has more than a single advantage for you.


Very similar to Rhodochrosite but slightly harder, Rhodonite is recognized as a stone of self-love and unconditional love, this pink-red gift of nature must also find a place in your list of crystals for love and happiness. Many people call it an emotional balancer. It works on the heart chakra to stimulate and heal it.

You can use Rhodonite to bring back love and happiness into your life. It will nurture your heart chakra and heals any emotions that are disturbing it.

Once you find peace and love within your heart you will be able to share the same feeling with others. This stone will facilitate you in the process by providing you with essential energies to love and empathize with all.


Turquoise crystals for love and happiness
Turquoise crystals are so pretty

This stunning blue/green crystal can influence your thought pattern. We are what we think. Our spiritual and emotional state greatly depends on our mental state. Turquoise works on your thought process, removes negative energies and instills positive ones.

Turquoise is also recognized for boosting confidence and removing communication barriers. It can help you talk your heart out and thus eliminate communication barriers between you and your dear ones which often cause misunderstandings.


Kunzite image

Also known as the Stone of Emotion, Kunzite is also associated with the heart chakra and worth adding to your list. This pink sometimes lilac stone gives out a high vibrational energy which helps to stimulate the Heart Chakra. Embodying the spirit of love, this love crystal will support you to express your emotions.

Using Kunzite will also allow you to have an all new sense of love and belonging. You will also be able to improve your communication with yourself and your loved ones through its energy.

How to Use Crystals for Love and Happiness

Just like the healing crystals, stones for love can be used in a variety of ways.

Wear them

Wear crystal jewelry to add a burst of color to your attires. They will help you look stunning while allowing you to enjoy their intrinsic benefits.

Place them near you

You can also place them in your bedroom or anywhere in your home or office to get a healthy dose of their energies all the time.

Keep them in your pocket

Keeping crystals in your pocket or bag is another simple and beneficial way of using them. You can delight in their powers on the go if you wish.

Meditate with them

Another effective way of using these stones is to meditate with them. You can sit in a comfortable place and tune into your crystal’s energy. Simply hold it in your hand and focus on it along with focusing on your breath.

Choosing the Right Crystal for Love and Happiness

Before you make up your mind to pick a crystal it is important to establish your need.

Ask yourself why you need one. Do you want it for healing or for attracting love or for self-love?

Once you are clear about your requirements you can get a crystal from an online or a brick and mortar store without any worry.

Make sure you get one from a reliable outlet be it a physical store or one on the Internet so that you remain safe from buying any bogus ones!

So get a perfect crystal for love and experience the joy of loving yourself and all those who are around you like you never did before!

Love is the bridge between you and everything.