Why Your Manifestations Aren’t Working

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There can be many reasons why your manifestations aren’t working. Many people believe that manifestation itself doesn’t work at all. I can personally attest to the fact that manifestation does actually work – but not always in the way you expect or the timescale. Many times in my life I have desired something specific and have set about creating it through manifestation. And invariably whatever I’ve truly desired I have always successfully, eventually, manifested.

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Why Does Manifestation Not Work

Obtaining things in life through manifestation is a skill like any other – and requires practice and guidance. Listed below are some of the reasons why manifestation might not work for you;

  • You’re not being clear about what it is you desire
  • You’re using words, and therefore intentions, that are in the future – such as “I will” or “I am going to have”
  • You’re using “I want” in your manifestation
  • Your manifestation IS working but you’re being too impatient
  • Your manifestation IS working but you’re expecting it to drop in your lap and missing the synchronicities the universe is generating for you
  • The item you desire is actually not going to be good for you – and your soul knows it
  • Your manifestation request infringes on someone else’s free will. This cannot happen and will not happen. Find a new manifestation!

Manifestation Not Working Because You’re Not Being Clear Enough

When practising manifestation you must be clear about what you’re trying to manifest. The universe is very literal and will often give you exactly what you’ve asked for. You need, therefore, to make sure that you’re not being ambiguous about your desire.

A good way to do this can be to find literature such as articles, posters or pictures of the item you desire. Pin them up on your fridge or noticeboard or somewhere else you regularly see them. This helps you to maintain a clear image of them in your imagination while you’re manifesting them.

Manifestation Isn’t Coming Because You’re Using Words In The Future

We deal with this situation in great detail in our post about Using The Word Will In Manifestation. Long story short though is that we must practice manifestation by imagining we already have the object of our desire and being thankful for it.

We also deal with the next item in the reasons your manifestation isn’t working in the list in that same post. If you’re using “I want” in your manifestation practise it’s the same, although somewhat worse even, than using the word will in manifestation.

Manifestation Isn’t Working Because You’re Being Impatient

This is amazingly common. People assume that because they’re becoming involved in manifestation that they should get everything they desire almost immediately. It doesn’t work like this. Many ardent spiritualists don’t believe manifestation should be a part of a spiritual journey at all. We disagree however, but, part of any spiritual journey is to try to let go of attachments and physical things.

This seems to run counter to the notion that you can manifest anything you want. But if you’re being impatient about the manifestation then you’re too attached to it. You need to let go of the attachment for the object and remember who you really are. If the object you’re trying to manifest is meant to be yours (see the section on the manifestation item not being aligned with your true path below) then you will receive it – often when you least expect it.

Impatience also signals to the universe a lack of trust in the process. If you don’t trust, you won’t get. Trusting the process helps loosen the flow of energy through you and into the universe where it can be converted into action.

Manifestations Don’t Drop In Our Laps – Work Is Often Required

On the note of action from the universe, many manifestations will require effort on your behalf. You can’t, in most cases, expect that object of your desire will simply drop from the sky into your lap one day. This is just as well too since some manifestations will need preparation before they arrive, and effort after they’ve arrived to keep them in tip top condition. Sometimes, the effort required is a sign of the trust in the process we mentioned above, and signals to your soul and universe that you desire this item strong enough that it is worth the universe’s investment of energy to bring it to you.

The universe will begin to provide synchronicities that when recognised and acted upon will help bring your manifestation item closer and closer to fruition. You’ll need to recognise these synchronicities and act upon them.

Your Manifestation Object Is Not Right For You

Sometimes, like children, we want things that don’t serve us well. Sometimes those things might be actively harmful for us in the bigger picture. In most cases we don’t even know that they’re not going to be good for us. If your manifestation isn’t coming and you’re not sure why, consider asking your higher self if the item you’re trying to achieve is actually what’s best for you.

Remember, manifestations should be practiced within the wider realm of your spiritual growth. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a nice car, nice home and a spiritual lifestyle – but it’s what you do with that which counts. So sometimes your manifestation may not be working because it doesn’t fit with your overall spiritual path and your soul knows it.

Manifestation Not Working Because To Do So Would Infringe Someone Else’s Free Will

This is one of the most important reasons to consider when you’re wondering why your manifestation is not working. Your manifestation can not infringe on someone else’s free will. In our post about destiny versus free will we investigate this subject in much more depth.

Nevertheless, consider the scenario where you are trying to manifest someone to fall in love with you. Whilst this is possible under the right circumstances, it’s not at all guaranteed. The universe may be able to manifest the synchronicities for you to meet, but it cannot force the other person to fall in love with you. This is because doing so would violate their free will.

So, if your manifestation involves somebody else in any way and isn’t working, consider whether the thing or situation you’re trying to manifest has any involvement with their free will. If it does, it is unlikely to be manifested for you.

Why Can’t I Manifest a Specific Person?

You can’t manifest a specific person unless that person agrees with it. This might sound a little strange, but as we pointed out above, your manifestation cannot overrule someone else’s free will. So, the universe might be able to manifest the two of you to meet, but it’s going to be up to you to be the right person for that other person. They will literally have to choose to be with you, based on how you behave around them and whether they believe you’re a good match for them.

If you have a strong desire to be with a certain person and your manifestations aren’t working to attract that person then you’re going to need to flip the whole process on its head. Instead of concentrating on manifesting that person to fall in love with you you’ll need to think about how you can manifest in yourself the qualities that person will find attractive.

This can get awkward – because manifestation works best when you’re specific. But you may not easily be able to be specific unless you already know the person well. But there are some generic tips that might just help you appear more attractive to that person;

  1. Don’t be needy. Neediness, despite what you might think, is likely a massive turn-off. You need to manifest and develop inner-strength and resilience of your own so that you can trust in yourself and deal with whatever life throws at you on your own before involving anyone else.
  2. Manifest a good sense of humor. Humor works to attract people. It won’t keep them around if you’re not also giving them support, love and all that good stuff, but it will help the process of getting to know them easier.
  3. Stop concentrating on manifesting a specific person. Instead concentrating on manifesting the right person for you. Despite what you may think, the person you think is right for you, may actually not be. See step 1 above. By achieving step 1 you may come to realise the person you thought was the one, actually isn’t. We see it happen all the time.
  4. Practise manifesting other things first. Smaller things, things that are a lot easier to believe in.

What You Should Not Do During Manifestation

When manifesting you should always be sure you’re not;

  • Using future tense words to describe what you want
  • Being vague about your desire
  • Being half-hearted about your desire. Do you really really want it?
  • Expecting the manifested item to just appear in your life somehow without working for it
  • Afraid to ask for help – a problem shared is a problem halved so they say

We’ve looked at all these things to not do in the section above, with the exception of asking for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance when manifesting your desires into your life. You can ask your spiritual guides or your higher self for the help, or you can ask a manifestation expert in the real world.

What To Do If Your Manifestation Isn’t Working

Given that we’ve discussed the reasons why our manifestation isn’t working in the sections above, it becomes clear that if our manifestation isn’t working we need to change something about either what we’re doing or how we’re doing it.

In terms of how we’re trying to manifest, we must be extremely clear about what it is that we wish to manifest. Imagination boards containing pictures and descriptions of the item you desire can help focus the mind and provide us with a clear picture to concentrate on. A manifestation journal can help guide us in what to say or write and how often and when to say it for maximum benefits.

We must also learn to seek the wisdom of our higher selves to ensure what we’re desiring to manifest is in alignment with our overall life pattern. We can do this through meditation and quietened times where we can speak and hear from our higher self.

Remember to always be patient and trust the process. If the manifestation item is right for you, it will come at the right time. It won’t come early, and it won’t come late. It’ll be exactly at the designated and correct time. Becoming impatient and/or not trusting the process shows the universe we are not ready to handle the power that manifestation can bring and as such, we won’t be given it – both the power or the item.

Then, once we are sure that we are in the right headspace, doing the manifestation for the right reasons and in alignment with our souls goals for our lives we need to ensure we are performing the manifestation in the right way by choosing our words carefully and ensuring we’re manifesting in the present tense.

Help With Manifestation

One of the best ways to keep on top of your manifestation is to use a manifestation journal. We have designed a few of these for use with the 369 manifestation method – though they could just as easily work with any manifestation technique you choose. The advantage of using a manifestation journal is that it helps to keep you on track and make sure you’re not using words that are in the future tense, and can help you focus explicitly on your manifestation desire.

You can read more about the 3-6-9 Manifestation Method here.

You can check out our Manifestation Journals here.

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