Using The Word Will In Manifestation

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We often hear, in various literature, that words have power. However, it’s not the words themselves that have power but the intention behind them. And the intention is what matters in manifestation practice. You shouldn’t use the word “will” in manifestation, nor “I am going to” because the intention behind those words is wrong. Other future tense words should also be avoided. Let’s look at why.

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Can You Use The Word Will In Manifestation?

The universe is timeless. Time in the universe is not linear in the way we think it is. Our spirit operates outside of time – since it is part of the One Universe. Our soul is energy, and according to the laws of physics energy cannot be created or destroyed – only moved. Time, therefore, has no meaning to our soul or the universe.

Our subconscious is inexorably linked to our soul through communication channels we are yet to understand. But it too has no concept of time. Only our conscious mind constructs the concept of time for our stay in the 3D realm.

When we are manifesting, whether we’re using the 3 6 9 manifestation method or something different, we must remember that the subconscious and the universe therefore work only in literals. In order to visualise how this part of the universe works, consider many of the ‘Genie’ jokes you may have heard. The ‘Genie’ in this case is your subconscious dealing with literals.

A man is walking on a beach when he finds a magic lamp. Upon rubbing it, a Genie pops out.

The Genie says, “Thank you for releasing me. I will grant you one wish”.

The man says, “I want to be world famous! I want my name in lights in every theatre around the world”

“It is done”, says the Genie, “Your name is now EXIT”.

Unknown origin

Whilst that’s a semi-funny joke, you can begin to see how one might have to think very carefully about how they ask for their wishes. And so it is with manifesting because the universe will take those wishes quite literally.

When you practice manifestation using the words “I will”, or “I am going to” the universe responds with yes, you will. Or yes you are. But there’s no power to make it actually happen. You’re manifesting that you have the will to make it happen or the desire to make it happen. You already have the desire – that part does not need manifesting.

So we should practice manifestation by talking, imagining and expressing as if we already have the item. We must use words that signify we already have the item. We must be grateful for having the item. (By the way, I use the word item here, but it means whatever it is that you’re manifesting, object or situation). While manifesting we must imagine and feel as though we already have the item.

Can You Manifest Using Future Tense?

As you can see from the above section, we really cannot manifest using future tense. We must practice manifestation as if we already have the item in the present. Imagine it existing and in your possession right now. Use words that signify your acceptance of the thing right now. Words like ‘Thank you for…’ or ‘I am so grateful to have received…’

Remember that in this universe, what you think about is what gets created – to some extent. Some people argue that this is victim blaming when manifestations don’t work. Perhaps it is, but the reality is that anyone who jumps from a high structure will undoubtedly fall to the ground as a result of the law of gravity. There’s no victim blaming involved, it’s just a plain fact that jumping from a height will lead to a fall. It is this way with manifestation. What you think about and concentrate on will be sent to you.

The key though is to control our thoughts and be clear about what we’re doing. If we think about what will happen in the future then that which we are thinking about will always remain in the future. Future tense manifesting ensures that whatever you want remains in the future.

What Other Words Should I Avoid When Manifesting?

Even worse than using the words “I will” and other future tense words when practicing manifestation are the words “I want”. If you use the words “want” during a manifestation session you’re signalling to the universe to manifest the desire. Not the thing itself, but the desire of the thing. Well, you already have that – and so the subconscious and the universe – like the Genie, will conclude that their work here is done because you already have the desire for the thing. You won’t ever receive the ‘thing’ because you’re asking only to have the desire for the thing.

It’s also vitally important to avoid spending time overthinking things that you don’t want in your life. Many many people do this naturally – it’s part of trying to work around problems before they occur. And in a small way it’s vital to our survival and coping mechanisms. But overthinking them is very problematic because when you overly concentrate on something it’s almost as powerful as practicing manifestation. The problem with this is that universe doesn’t know the difference between what you want and what you don’t want. It just tries to fulfil whatever you spend time thinking about.

Language To Use When Manifesting

When using manifestation to achieve our desires we should use language that indicates that we already have the item of our desire. We should use language that causes us to imagine the item in our possession already. Phrases like, for example;

“I can feel the bumps and roughness of this tennis ball in my hand. It is yellow, slightly fluffy, and a bit springy when I try to squash it”.

Followed by;

“I am so grateful to have received this tennis ball. I am going to use it to play tennis / throw for the dog / relieve stress”

Use words that get the imagination moving. Words that paint a picture in your mind of you using the item right now. And do so with a sense of gratitude that the universe found a way to make it happen for you.

Remember that the practice of manifestation is not a guarantee that you will be given the object you wish for. But it does guarantee that the universe will put in place the means by which you can get that desired result. You are likely to still need to work for it – it is extremely unlikely to simply drop in your lap from the sky.


We must be very literal in our choice of words when manifesting. And we must use words which conjure images in our imagination that show us using or enjoying the item we’re trying to manifest. This means our manifestation word choices must be quite specific, in the present tense and should be about things we want to manifest and not things we don’t.

And we must be prepared for the fact that the universe more often than not, will not manifest the actual item, but will manifest the means by which we may achieve it. We therefore need to be awake and alert to the synchronicities that may become present in order to help make our manifestation happen.

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