Can You Type Manifestations?

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Yes you can type your manifestation desires instead of writing them by hand. The crucial part of the manifestation process is actually engaging your imagination to drive your subconscious. The method by which you do that is largely irrelevant – although there are some things to bear in mind which we’ll look at more deeply shortly.

Here’s some ways you can practice manifestation;

  • Writing by hand in a normal notepad / notebook
  • Writing a hand-written journal
  • Typing in an online journal (such as, or
  • Creating a document in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or any other word processing software
  • Using your phone to keep manifestation notes
  • Using dictation software to keep manifestation notes on a computer
  • Just saying your manifestation words out loud

Whichever method you choose, make sure that you’re seeing the items you’re wanting to manifest in your minds eye or imagination. For this reason, choose the writing method that you feel most at ease with because it’s very important that you don’t have to concentrate on the writing itself, but instead imagining the manifestation desire is yours already.

If you would rather listen to this post (or listen as you read) we have created a video transcription for you.

Can You Use Your Phone For Manifestation

Yes, you can – as we’ve seen above you can use your phone for manifestation purposes. But make sure you’re able to type on your phone without having to think about it.

For me personally, typing on a computer keyboard is almost second nature. My fingers do the work almost automatically without me having to think about it. Which means my mind is freed up to think about the reason I am manifesting instead of the typing. But I’ve been typing for nearly 40 years now, so it ought to be second nature really.

But typing on a phone, for me, is frustrating and confusing. Auto-correct invariably chooses the wrong words and annoys me. I hate using the phone. For me, using my phone for manifesting would be the wrong tool. But for you, it might not be.

To be clear, it’s not the writing or recording of the manifestation desire that is doing the work here. It is the imagination feeding images to your subconscious. So if you’re having to concentrate on using the tool instead of imaging the item itself – then you’ve chosen the wrong tool

Things To Bear In Mind When Manifesting Using Phone or Computer

There is one other thing to bear in mind when trying to manifest using a computer or smart-phone. Remember all the studies that indicate that the blue light from your phone/laptop screen interrupts your sleep cycle? It’s well documented and studied that this is true. And sleep, imagination, relaxation and even dreams play a huge role in your manifestation success.

So although your manifestation will still work if you use a phone or laptop for it, if the tool you choose starts interfering with your sleep then try to do your manifestation practice much earlier in the evening to avoid interrupting your sleep cycle.

You can use the ‘night shift’ or ‘red shift’ feature of your phone or laptop to help reduce the disruption to your sleep patterns – but I’d recommend actually doing both options. Turn on the night-shift / red-shift setting on your laptop or phone in the very early evening. Unless you’re doing graphic design you’re probably not going to need to see the whites as pure white – a red tinge with less blue will not inhibit your creativity. And do your manifestation practice in the very early evening with the night-shift / red-shift filters in place. This should help improve your sleep later and gives you much more energy for your manifestations.

Do Manifestations Have to Be Written?

No, manifestations can be spoken either internally in your head or out loud and can be as effective as written manifestations.

However, most people find it rather more difficult to ‘stick to the script’ if they just speak the manifestations aloud rather than writing them. This can lead to bad habits forming such as using future tense words which will likely lead to your manifestation not working, or a lack of specificity or wandering of the thoughts leading to your manifestation efforts not being clear enough.

If you’re a beginner at manifesting I would highly recommend writing your manifestations down, and even following some guidance around the manifestation process such as the 3-6-9 Manifestation Method to help you focus and achieve your desires more quickly.

Written Manifestation Examples

  • I really enjoying the feeling of X in my hands when I use it and I appreciate that
  • I love how X looks when I wear it and am so blessed to have it
  • I’m really thankful and grateful to the universe that I have Y
  • Z is superb at helping me deal with B and I am grateful for that

Notice how every single one of these examples invokes emotions rather than just plain phrases that are sterile feeling. Notice how they all have some form of feeling grateful, thankful or blessed associated with them. And finally, notice that not one of these examples uses the words ‘I will’ or ‘I want’ or any future tense words.

As you’re writing those manifestations, visualise yourself as you are using the words. For the first example you must visualise yourself feeling X in your hands. Literally, feel how it would feel. Imagine it in your hands as you write the manifestation. It is the visualisation, not the writing that does the work.


Yes, we can type our manifestations. We can also hand-write them onto paper or into a notebook / journal if we choose. Or we can say them out loud or in our head. The key part is that whichever method we choose we must make sure we use the right words, with the right feelings and never ever use the future tense or future intention in our manifestation practice.

It is not the tool we choose that does the work – so choose the tool that is the most comfortable for you. For me that could be either using a manifestation journal or a laptop computer. Remember not to use the computer or phone too close to bedtime as that will just disrupt your sleep. There is no reason not to use a computer or phone to manifest throughout the day and then use a paper hand-written journal in the evening just before bed. Remember, it’s just a tool to help you visualise.

I hope this post has been helpful to you. If it has please feel free to share it with your friends using the buttons below. If you’d like to ask any questions, or give us any feedback on your experiences with manifestation, please do leave us a comment below.

Thanks for reading – now go get whatever it is you’re trying to manifest!

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