The Spiritual Role of Dogs and Their Impact on Our Spiritual and Emotional Energies

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Dogs are more than just companions. Over the ages the bond between dogs and humans has evolved to become stronger and deeper. It entails (no pun intended) a deep sense of companionship but also for many people their dogs are an essential part of their spiritual journey. People’s dogs provide emotional support to them in times of crisis, as well as providing guidance and a deeper connection to nature.

In this post we will look at various aspects of the spiritual role of dogs in our lives. We’ll investigate their connection to our emotional energies and the importance of finding the right furry canine companion for personal growth and spiritual development.

dogs gift for spirit guide

Spirit Guides and Our Dogs

Here at MysticalSpiritualPathfinder, we have a firm belief in the existence of spirit guides and have many posts on how they can be contacted and how they can help you. But have you ever considered that your dog may have been organised to appear in your life just as you needed them by your spirit guides? Have you ever wondered that your dog might actually be your spirit guide incarnate?

We believe that spirit guides are entities that offer guidance, protection and assistance to you throughout your entire life – although you may not even realize it much of the time. They may of course work in mysterious ways, arranging events or ‘coincidences’ (we prefer the term synchronicity) and delivering messages to help you on your spiritual path. We also believe that spirit guides may send dogs into your life as a means of support and guidance. Because it’s true that over the course of my lifetime, my dogs have brought considerable support when I’ve needed it, and even bizarrely been able to provide guidance almost subconsciously at time.

The bond between you and your canine friend becomes even stronger when you realize the possibility that they came to you as a result of your spirit guides. Dogs act as a reminder, or a personification, of the love and support your spirit guides give you. At times they also remind you of the spiritual lessons you’re meant to learn. When you foster this connection and become receptive to the guidance your dog provides, you can deepen your spiritual journey considerably and achieve personal growth.

How many times have you looked in your dogs eyes for example, and had the feeling that you can see the whole universe in there? It’s quite possible that you can if you believe your dog either is, or was sent to you, by your spirit guides.

If you believe that your spirit guide sent you your dog then it’s crucial to trust your intuition and individual spiritual experiences. It’s possible that your spirit guide saw the needs you have in life and sent your dog to you as a source of support. The bond you share with your dog is quite probably a vital piece of the puzzle of your spiritual journey and personal growth.

Dogs as Spirit Guide Messengers

We believe implicitly that spirit guides offer us guidance, protection and various forms of assistance during our lifetime. I believe they’ve certainly helped me overcome some interesting obstacles throughout my life so far, even simple things like giving me answers to questions I didn’t think I knew at the time.

But in order to do that, we need to be open to our spirit guides and actively listening out for their words (or thoughts) of wisdom. What if you’re not able to visualize them in that way or make contact with them without some form of ‘gateway’.

This is where your dog might well come in. Talking to your dog, as your spiritual messenger, can create a distraction for your conscious mind and allow the subconscious to be more receptive to the messages your spirit guides want to send you. You’re probably far more accepting of the idea that your dog can ‘talk’ to you through the power of your mind than you are of something you can’t see. Your dog allows your skeptical mind to get out of the way, and allows your spirit guides to be heard.

Sometimes of course your dog will literally bring you messages – not through talking or telepathy perhaps, but in their behavior. Changes in behavior can give you some really good clues about what your spirit guides are trying to help you with and even keep you out of trouble if need be. Keeping an eye on how your dog behaves in situations can give you some really good clues about how you should proceed.

Emotional Support Dogs and Spiritual Growth

One of the most important aspects of the human-dog bond is the emotional support that dogs can and usually do provide. Most dogs are very intuitive and can pick up on your emotional state and the thoughts you’re having. You’ve probably already noticed how your dog offers comfort and companionship during difficult times when you’re feeling lonely or scared, usually without you even asking them.

This connection you have with your dog allows them to be in sync with your emotions and lets them provide you with some much needed comfort and healing during times when you’re stressed or suffering from anxiety or sadness. Unlike most human interaction, the emotional support from your dog is unwavering and dependable and can be essential for your emotional well-being and your spiritual growth. Of course, another factor that really helps your dog provide this support for you is that they’re always there and they don’t judge you at all – unlike many humans. Finally, your dog just listens and doesn’t try to fix anything for you, which can also be important.

It’s a bit like your spirit guides really – except you quite likely don’t believe that about them yet. But you do believe that your dog will always be there and won’t judge you. In this way, your dog can help you to learn to trust that there are people and entities out there that will always be there for you and won’t judge you too.

So, your dog can often seem like they are your spiritual guardians helping to guide you towards greater self-awareness, provide you with inner resilience and help you with any emotional healing. Your dog’s presence can help to serve as a constant reminder of the love and support available to you in your spiritual journey.

A Deeper Connection with Nature

Dogs are, as we know, descendants of wolves and as such they inherently possess a strong connection to the natural world. This fact allows your dog to serve as a bridge between humans and the environment and helps you to immerse yourself in the natural world. Your dog almost demands that you spend time in nature by walking them regularly. They give you a really good excuse (and sometimes pester you relentlessly) to get outside and smell the air. Spending time in nature with your dog is just as good for you as it is for them!

By spending time in nature with your dog you can cultivate a sense of balance, peace and harmony within yourself. Spending time in nature can often help the stresses of the day melt away as you forget for those brief moments all the worries that you might have and enjoy being in the moment. Slowing down your mind and turning off the mental noise helps your spirit grow and provides time where your higher self can make contact again.

Practicing spiritual mindfulness with your dog whilst in nature allows you to develop a deeper awareness of the present moment and helps you to appreciate the world around you. You may even begin to see things more clearly or colors more brightly. It also puts you at one with the universe and everything around you – including your dog.

Nature is a grounding force which reminds you that all living things are connected as one and all belong to the same universal energy. As you explore the natural world with your canine companion you’ll deepen your spiritual grounding techniques and develop a much more profound appreciation for the world around you.

Not Every Dog Is Right for You

Having said all of that above, do bear in mind that not every dog is right for everyone. The energy and personality of your dog will need to match your own needs and lifestyle choices. You need to carefully consider the traits and temperament of a dog before bringing them into your home and life.

For example, some people will want a quiet and lazy dog (like mine) to help them relax and cuddle up to when times are tough or they’re seeking new answers. But other people will want a dog that is interactive and will chase a ball for hours while they stroll through the park. If you’re looking for a dog as a spiritual companion it’s important that you choose wisely. For this, you might want to start by consulting your spiritual guides, even if you don’t yet think you can.

Only a dog that aligns with your nature and temperament can bring you the joy and enlightenment that you need because dogs that don’t align with this may in fact cause you more drama and stress – which is definitely not what you want.


As we’ve seen, having a dog in your life can play a significant role in your spiritual journey and your personal growth. This is because they’ll often act as spirit guide messengers and can provide strong emotional support for you when you need it.

By being open to the idea that your spirit guides may send dogs into your life you can create a stronger connection with them (both your dog and your guides) and become more receptive to their guidance. Choosing the right dog is important and shows that you’re listening to your guides because very often you’ll find that the dog actually chooses you. This can show your guides that you’re ready to accept their guidance and wisdom.

Dogs not only offer comfort and healing during difficult times but can also help you to connect with nature which as we’ve discussed can help you to ground your spirit and improve your appreciation for the world around you. It also provides a natural way to increase your exercise regime which leads to a healthier body as well as a healthier mind.

Now, go find your dog and see the universe in their eyes!