Spirit Guides CAN Be A Twin Flame

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We look in more detail at twin flames in our post here, but this post is to answer the question of whether one can have a spirit guide who is a twin flame.

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Can A Spirit Guide Be Your Twin Flame?

Yes they can. We have a number of spirit guides, some people have 1, 2 or even up to 7. Most of the time these spirit guides are people (possibly ancestors) who have lived before and are now in spirit. But sometimes, if your soul deems necessary, it can fragment into two entities – i.e., a twin flame arrangement. In most twin flame cases, both twins will come to earth and inhabit bodies, but occasionally one may remain discarnate and instead will communicate with you as a spiritual guide.

It’s extremely likely that anyone this happens to is going to be quite an old soul already, since the role of spiritual guides is to help us with spiritual aspects more so than day to day life. If one has twin flame spiritual guide then they would need to already have sufficient wisdom and clarity to serve as a guide. So the likelihood of a spirit guide who is a twin flame is even more remote than twin flames themselves, which is already a relatively slim likelihood.

Twin Flames Share a Higher Self

Since twin flames, by definition share a higher self, there are times when both twin flames reincarnate onto earth but act as one, or each others, spiritual guides at the same time. This begins to get a bit complicated to conceptualise because we can only think clearly in the 3D world space we currently inhabit.

It’s crucial to realise though that although you may be one of each other’s spiritual guides at a spiritual level, the human part of the twin flame relationship should not necessarily be relied on as a spiritual guide. This is not why they are here in human form. The human part of the twin flame relationship is here to test you, to challenge you, to clear up past karma without incurring additional debt. The relationship is often tumultuous and sometimes, from a human perspective, quite unhealthy.

But at the higher level in which the spiritual guides operate they can see beyond the human 3D realm and can still provide solid assistance even though the 3D incarnation is not as helpful.

Twin Flame Spirit Guide Across Time

As humans we like to think of everything in life as a nice straight line. Sometimes there’s some curves that come along and we take a longer path along the route of time than we might like, but we still see it, and understand it, as a linear progression. This is natural for us in our 3D space because we are born, we learn things as we grow up and grow older and then we die.

But time is not like this in reality. Time is not linear. This can lead to some interesting effects when it comes to a spiritual guide who is a twin flame because they may actually just simply be you from a different time and/or realm. This type of spiritual guide connection can be extremely powerful because the guide, being you, offers significantly greater power both because they know you intimately and because they’re also inhabiting a different realm and time whilst still being able to interact with you as a spiritual guide.

Of course, not everyone has a spiritual guide who is you from a different time, and similarly not everyone even has a twin flame who is a spiritual guide neither. I am quite convinced I do not, for example.

Twin Flames May Share Spiritual Guides

Given that twin flames are one of the same person at a higher self level, it’s quite likely that they share spiritual guides. But this doesn’t mean they have to, nor does it mean they always will. Some spiritual guides tend to stay with us throughout this particular incarnation, whilst others may come and go again.

The spirit guides who stay with us are more likely to be shared with a twin flame versus those that come and go. And indeed, those that do come and go will be shared with multiple people at different times throughout their life.

But the spirit guides who stay with us for the duration of our lifetime (and possibly multiple lifetimes) are not generally shared with anyone, except for a twin flame. And they are only shared with a twin flame because a twin flame is, of course, just us in another body at the same time.


Having a twin flame who is a spirit guide is possible but would be extremely rare, especially given that the likelihood of having a twin flame in the first place is relatively rare. However, there may be soul circumstances where having a twin flame as a spiritual guide is beneficial and necessary.

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