Twin Flame

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What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is literally the ‘other half of you’ because a twin flame is created when your soul decided to be born into two separate bodies. However, it should be noted that although it’s the ‘other half of you’ – you are still your own full person in your own right too. It’s almost as if 0.5 + 0.5 = 2. Because in this case, it does.

A person that is your twin flame will present you with significant challenges, but also healing opportunities. Sometimes those healing opportunities will begin as challenges and you won’t see them for what they are. It might come years later that you discover those challenges were necessary to grow.

Your twin flame will reveal your deepest insecurities and fears. It’s important to note though that although people consider a twin flame to be ‘your other half’, this is only partly the truth. As with physical twins, a twin flame is a full person in their own right. One twin does not ‘complete’ the other, but instead helps the person to become more complete by revealing the flaws and fears and helping you overcome those.

A twin flame is one soul who has decided to be born into two separate bodies in order to experience and grow through situations that may not be able to have achieved with other, non-twin souls.

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together?

Yes, but not in the way that you think necessarily. Twin flames do not necessarily become your romantic partner. A twin flame instead is a life partner. They are meant to be together in some capacity because the soul created the contract with itself before you were born. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them, be romantically involved with them or even like them.

The sole (soul?) purpose of a twin flame is to help your soul grow through experience. If your soul needs to better learn how to resolve conflict and decided the best way to achieve that was by becoming a twin flame for this lifetime, then you may find your twin flame very, very irritating or overbearing or otherwise disagreeable for example.

The key is that yes, you will interact with your twin flame throughout your life, but probably not romantically – unless that was the purpose of the twinning in the first place, which is unlikely.

How Do You Know Someone Is Your Twin Flame?

Instant Recognition

Have you ever met someone physically for the first time yet felt deep inside that you’ve known them before. With a twin flame that’s likely to be an instant recognition. A jolt of intense recognition which you cannot explain.

The person will feel immediately familiar, like you’ve known them forever and there’ll be an instant attraction. The other person will feel this too about you.


You will have a similar outlook on life to your twin flame. You’ll find that you have lots in common, similar likes and dislikes. Similar experiences in the past – or if not similar experiences you’ll at least have similar reactions to similar experiences.

You won’t share everything though. Some things you’ll be almost polar opposites.

Twin Flames Complement

For those things that you don’t share, you’ll likely find you’re the complete opposite of each other. These are the areas that you both need to heal and address in order to move on. If you’ve already met your twin flame you’ll be aware of the areas in which they complement you, and the areas in which you’re similar.

These complementary areas will significantly increase your insecurities and doubts as they make you, perhaps unwittingly, face your fears and learn to overcome them. This might not always be a pleasant experience and you’ll begin to doubt whether this person is indeed your twin flame at all.


The relationship between you and your twin flame will be exciting, feel dangerous and above all intense. The familiarity you’ll feel will empower you to raise issues without the need for diplomacy. When you feel happy with each other you’ll be euphoric. And when you argue you may well feel like your world is collapsing.

And quite often your world may collapse as you decide to separate when one or both of you can’t take the reflections you’re being shown and submit to fear or anger. However, even if you part ways and think that you’ll never return – very often your soul has an alternative plan and you end up meeting again, months or even years later, if the work has not yet been completed.

A Deep Connection

Twin flames will have a deep psychic connection. You’ll often know what the other is thinking or feeling even if they’re not telling you. This can be similar with physical twins of course, many stories abound of twins who know that their twin sibling is in trouble, or pain etc.

Often you’ll finish each other’s sentences. Or even start each other’s sentences. You’ll find yourselves saying only a couple of words and immediately knowing what the other is on about even though the people around you look on puzzled.

Twin Flames Push You To Be Better

A twin flame will always push us to be or do better. They know exactly what you need to be better – although not consciously necessarily. And in doing so they may elevate us or infuriate us. But they’re always pushing us towards personal growth. A twin flame is the same soul inhabiting two bodies and this helps us to learn more through experiences of each other and the world around us. Of course you’ll also be pushing your twin flame to be better and learn more about yourselves together.

Can Twin Flames Fall In Love?

When answering this question, we’re looking at the context of human romantic love, with all its associated events such as courting, engagement, marriage and babies and so on. This is not, primarily, what the twin flame relationship is about – but sometimes, rarely, twin flames will enter this human ‘romantic love’ relationship as well.

The relationship will still be intense and tumultuous regardless of whether the twin flames are in romantic love or not though. Twin flames don’t have to be in romantic love though to obtain the growth that one provides.

It should also be noted that twin flames in romantic love may have a higher chance of becoming a toxic twin flame relationship. This can be because the emotion of romantic love can cloud other aspects of our being and take priority. If you begin to define your own self worth through the relationship then this is unhealthy. If you have a difficult time of actually functioning without your twin flame then you’re not in an equal ‘balanced’ relationship. This will mean that the twin flame aspect is not being properly fulfilled. All of this is more likely if you’re in romantic love with your twin flame.

Twin flame relationships have a higher tendency for at least one partner to give ‘unconditional love’. This can result in one partner allowing unhealthy boundaries to be crossed, or downright abuse to take place. This is not the purpose of the twin flame relationship and is ultimately damaging to both parties of it.

It’s important then, if you are in love with your twin flame that you realise that the relationship is still two sided, must be balanced and should not be abusive – even if it gets a bit rough at times due to the mirroring effect.

A platonic relationship with your twin flame is also of course possible – and these can work better due to the ability (and need) to separate even if it’s uncomfortable. Every person will require their own space at times, and this becomes easier to achieve in a platonic twin flame relationship.

Is Your Twin Flame Your True Love?

No. A Twin Flame, at it’s basis, is the same soul inhabiting two bodies. Of course, if you love yourself that is not a bad thing and that’s essentially what’s happening when you love your twin flame. As above though, it’s important to set adequate boundaries to the way you are treated by your twin flame – or your true love.

Of course, it’s also worth considering the question ‘What Is True Love?’ when you would like an answer to this question. If you’re asking this question about twin flames you’re probably thinking too much in the physical, societal world rather than the soul realm.

It’s important to remember that your twin flame relationship is fundamentally not actually about love at all, but growth. Your soul has split into two bodies to better experience and grow since experience can only be gained through interaction.

The term twin flame has lately been hi-jacked and is often confused with the term of soulmate and the love aspect confused with the romantic love humans feel.

Is A Twin Flame The Same As A Soulmate?

No, twin flames are different to a soulmate due to one important reason. A twin flame is one soul incorporating two bodies, whereas a soulmate is two souls, each with their own body. Twin flames are a way for the soul to experience situations and grow without any detriment (or indeed benefit) to other souls. Whereas any experiences obtained with a soulmate will obviously affect the other soul.

Soulmates can be considered as ‘from the same mould’ as yourself perhaps, or cut from the same cloth. But soulmates are individual souls with their own experiences, goals and aspirations from a relationship.

Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

No, twin flames are actually rare and only occur when a soul needs to experience or grow in certain ways and does not wish to involve another soul in the process. This can be because the twin-flame soul needs to experience something that would be damaging to another soul and the twin-flame soul does not wish to expose others to this.

It’s something of a selfless act on the part of the soul in some ways, although it does mean that the twin-flame soul gets to experience both sides of the issue at the same time so it has its benefits too.

The downside is that there’s no other soul’s perspective in the situations that need to be experienced, worked through or resolved to grow – and sometimes that external perspective on a growth area is vital. Having said that, the twins can of course still interact with other souls, but there’s (hopefully) no lasting impact on those souls that would need to be worked through in (yet) another lifetime.


Twin flames are a complicated area for 3D humans to come to grips with. Many other soul relationships, such as soulmate, mimic twin flame relationships in some ways and can be misconstrued as twin flames. But twin flame relationships are quite rare and it’s more likely to be one of the many other relationships that souls undergo.

Although twin flames can fall in love (because humans only see the 3D aspect) the twin flame relationship at a soul level is not about love in the traditionally understood sense. Although it is about the souls deep love for itself that it creates the twin flame relationship. But a twin flame love relationship should be more like the deep love everyone should have for each other rather than the romantic (and sometimes superficial) love that comes as a result of attraction.

Twin flames are a way for a soul to grow without affecting another soul with baggage that needs to be cleared up in another lifetime. A twin flame relationship is about growth of the soul, not sex and love and attraction and lust and all those 3D earthly things that it often gets misconstrued with.

Remember, when thinking about any question regarding a twin flame, they are you. At a soul level, it is merely you.