Does Everyone Have a Soulmate?

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In this post we investigate whether everyone has a soulmate. Perhaps some people do not. There could be some very strong reasons to support this and we’ll unpick those reasons. There are many people, particularly of a scientific or engineering education who simply don’t believe soulmates exist.

But that’s largely due to them not believing that souls exist in the first place. For some people, empirical evidence is required before they will believe anything. Of course, prior to April 2010, the chemical element Tennessine had no proof of existence either. Until 1971 there was no proof that black holes existed – until there was. But here we are.

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Does Everyone Have A Soulmate?

Yes, everyone has a soulmate, or even soulmates. But they may not be quite as you think they are. At least not every time, for every person.

The question of whether everyone has a soulmate is an interesting one because the answer, to a large extent, depends on the intent behind the question. In most cases, people asking this question do so in the context of romantic love in the 3D world. But souls don’t operate on this level except when they’re encased in the fleshy world in which you’re reading this.

This, somewhat incorrect meaning of the term soul-mate may have been derived from the Greek philosopher, Plato who in turn quoted Aristophanes the poet who believed that all humans were once united with their “other half” but Zeus cleaved them apart out of fear and jealousy[1]. But this would seem to be a more appropriate belief system for twin flames rather than soul mates. Nevertheless, it seems to have also led to the notion of romantic soulmates.

But souls are part of a family of souls. We reincarnate with each other, time and again, to interact differently with each other in various lifetimes. In some lifetimes you will be of male biological persuasion. In other lifetimes you will be female. In some lifetimes your romantic partner will be of opposite biological sex and you will meet and form a romantic relationship. In some lifetimes they will be the same biological sex and you may still form a romantic relationship. In other lifetimes they’ll be the opposite biological sex or the same sex and you’ll just form a very close unbreakable friendship.

Within this soul family though there’s likely to be one particular soul with whom you connect more closely than the others. But some lifetimes you’ll incarnate as their grandmother, other lifetimes you’ll be their brother, or friend, or daughter. And in still others, you’ll connect as life partners with a relationship that “just works”. Of course this latter incarnation is the type of situation that most people think about when they think of soul-mate.

We should point out that we believe a soulmate is quite different from a twin flame, and very different to a soul tie, though possibly soul mate connections in future lifetimes could start with a soul tie created in this lifetime perhaps.

How Rare Is It To Find A Soulmate?

It’s extremely common to find a soulmate. Reincarnation is set up that way. It would be harder not to find your soulmate. But it is a lot rarer to find a romantic relationship with the member of the soul family with whom you most closely relate.

So when asking how rare it is to find a soulmate we must take into account the intent of the question and realise that most people are talking about their romantic soulmate. This is a rarer occurrence and not everyone will find their romantic partner turning out to be their soulmate. Of course when it does happen, it’s hard to ignore.

How To Know When You’ve Met Your Soulmate

And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand

Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud, 2014

Sometimes that’s literally all it takes to know when you’ve met your soulmate. It’s a recognition that something more powerful than ourselves is at play here. A recognition that you know the other person even though you’ve only just met them. Often the situation of the meeting will also be such that you instinctively know.

For some people they’ll form a romantic relationship with each other and they’ll live, laugh, get married and have kids, grandkids and even great-grandkids with little to no effort needed to keep the relationship alive. This is rare though, all relationships – even with soulmates – still require effort to see each other’s side of issues and to keep the spark alive.

For other people the situation may be such that we can’t form a romantic relationship with our soulmate. Maybe the timing just isn’t right, yet. One or both of you may not be mature enough to deal with life or relationships yet. Or the timing is such that you live on opposite sides of the country when you first meet. Or one of you is already married.

In these cases, soulmates might often drift apart again in order to have the space they need to sort themselves out. To grow themselves before embarking on the greatest relationship of their lives. If you’ve found your soulmate but you know it isn’t going to work at this time, do not despair.

Sometimes we might not be quite so sure if the person we had that instant connection with is actually a soulmate. Or we might not even believe in soulmates at the time of first meeting. Don’t worry – the universe will show you. Throughout your life you might find strange and bizarre coincidences crop up. Synchronicities end up coming at you from all directions and eventually you re-connect with that person after many years and it’s like you know them all over again. Only this time hopefully you are ready and perhaps more compatible in a 3D way than you were when you first met.

When your soulmate shows up at the right time you’ll almost certainly discover you have far more patience than you thought possible. Yes, a soulmate can still annoy you. But somehow you’ll be able to forgive them for their annoyances far more easily than you could someone else. You won’t necessarily even know why.

And most importantly of all, the biggest sign you have met your soulmate is that not only can you be 100% yourself around them, they will actually expect it and will not be surprised by what they see. And this is because you’ve both seen it all before of course.

How Many Soulmates Do We Have?

So if the answer to the question of does everyone have a soulmate is yes, is it possible that we have more than one? How many soulmates do we have then?

We have multiple members of our soul family, but probably only one with whom we connect most intimately. That’s not to say we won’t necessarily connect intimately or romantically with other members of our soul family through various different lifetimes. But those connections don’t feel as deep and natural as we have with that one soul with whom we have the special connection.

Some people believe that special connection is a twin-flame relationship – but we don’t believe so. Twin flame relationships can be extremely toxic because they have things to teach you about yourself that perhaps no-one else can. Soul mates are not like this. They face the world and the lessons needed to be learned together. Soul mates do learn from each other, but it’s more by osmosis than by necessity. A twin flame relationship is where one soul became two to incarnate two separate bodies. Soulmates by contrast are two separate souls who come together and behave more like one.

Do All Soulmates End Up Together?

No, definitely not in a romantic way at least. Sometimes your soulmate will not reincarnate at the same time as you, or within the same lifetime. There’s no rule that says you must all reincarnate together every lifetime. Time is different in the spiritual realm. The 80 or so years that you are here on earth may be the blinking of an eye to the soul realm. Indeed, time is not linear in the soul realm in any case.

So sometimes, for whatever reason, your soulmate will decide not to come back down to earth with you for this incarnation. Other members of your soul family may already be here, or will come to earth later in your life. Indeed, even your soulmate may do this, such that romantic relationship is out of the question.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t find fulfilling romantic love in this lifetime though. But some people won’t necessarily find it with the one who they feel is their soulmate.

What If I Don’t Have A Soulmate?

We addressed this to a large extent in the section above. Although you do have a soulmate, everyone does, they may not be incarnate with you in this lifetime, or they be incarnate as a different relationship for this 3D lifetime.

There is no need to be sad though. You can still have fulfilling romantic relationships without meeting your soulmate in this lifetime. There is no knowing why the pair of you, between you, have chosen to go your separate ways during this 3D incarnation, although you may be able to find help via a Love Psychic who may be able to answer the questions for you.

If you think you don’t have a soulmate, but in fact you actually do, you may be missing the signs or you’re not yet ready. It’s also possible that you’re ready but your soulmate isn’t yet. In any case, a Psychic Love Reading might be able to give you some assistance on how to spot the specific signs within your life that can help you find your soulmate.

Can Your Soulmate Already Be Married?

Yes. Especially if your soulmate is impatient or perhaps even immature when you first meet. This can happen if the time is not yet right and then you lose touch. The other person may not realise until after the fact that you were the soulmate they were meant to be with! And then they go off and get married, sometimes multiple times, looking for what they had when they had found you… I speak from experience.

Of course it’s entirely possible that you will meet your soulmate later in life, after they have already married someone else. This is surprisingly common too. Not everyone meets their soulmate before they reach 16 years of age. Many won’t meet their soulmate physically before they’re 36 years of age. There’s no time limit on when you will meet your soulmate – although many do meet early in life.

What To Do If Your Soulmate Is (Or You Are) Already Married

There is no suitable answer to this question that can cover everyone’s experiences and situation. Sorry, this is something you’re going to have to work out for yourself and between yourself and your soulmate.

Firstly though, it’s important to caution yourself. Is this person definitely your soulmate or do you just think they are. Even thinking of ending a marriage is a big undertaking.

Secondly, is a romantic relationship between you and your soulmate even right? We’ve shown above that there’s many examples of non-romantic love between soulmates. Perhaps this lifetime is meant to be one of those occasions?

This is going to need some significant soul-searching, perhaps consultation with your spiritual guides (you can use music to help you contact your spiritual guides if you’ve never done it before) and excruciating honesty in interpreting the replies you get from them. Professional marriage counsellors might be useful if you are the married one, or Love Psychics can perhaps help determine if the other person is truly your soulmate before you embark on this potentially hazardous pursuit.

I’m not trying to put you off here, sometimes you’ll just know. But you must consider carefully the consequences of the answers to this question. Particularly if children are involved.

But again, only you and your potential soulmate can decide if that’s what’s really happening and what you’re going to do about it.


In this post we’ve looked at the question “Does everyone have a soulmate?” and come to the conclusion that yes, everyone has a soulmate. But that statement does require a bit of unpacking.

We’ve outlined that everyone has a family of soulmates. Those soulmates reincarnate at different times into different positions within our 3D existence. It’s very likely that within that family of other souls there is someone with whom you identify more closely than the rest and this soul is likely to be the one with whom you have the strongest bond whilst on earth. In some lifetimes that’s a romantic bond. In others it’s not.

A soulmate is usually instantly recognisable when you meet them. The touch of a hand is often all it takes to know. The feeling of electricity between you is cliched, but sometimes true. But that person doesn’t always need to be a romantic partner potential. They may, in this lifetime be a friend, family member or some other relationship.

You’ll likely have far more patience with this person than you do with others. You’ll see them for who they really are and love them anyway, flaws and all. They’ll still annoy you, and you’ll have days where you really don’t like them at all. But somehow you can still forgive them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if you have, please feel free to share it with your friends using the buttons below. If you have any comments, questions or feedback then please leave a comment using the form below.

And if you’re wondering whether the author has met their soulmate – yes, they have. Many years ago – and messed it all up initially. But we worked it out eventually and here we are, writing posts about it!


1: Onishi B. (2019). What’s Behind the Belief in a Soulmate? Institute for Family Studies (May 23, 2019). Fetched from on Monday 7th Feb 2022.