Spirit Guides and Music

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For people who are beginning on their spiritual awakening journey, it can be very difficult to contact our spirit guides. Even for seasoned spiritual people who’ve heard from their guides for years, things can get in the way and block our channels.

Spirit guides and music go hand in hand to help unblock the channels, reduce the “mind-chatter” we all suffer from and help us hear what our guides want to help us with. Of course, there’s times where we will use music to help us communicate with our guides and there’s times where we might use lucid dreaming, sleeping, meditation or simply talking to them.

In this post we’re talking about spirit guides who are discarnate intelligent entities, often humans who’ve lived before. Some people believe their spiritual guides are aliens from another dimension or realm and haven’t existed on earth before. We can’t say. We’re not talking about animal spiritual guides though. That’s, to us at least, a different area altogether.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to see how music can help us with our spiritual guides.

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Is Listening To Music Spiritual?

Listening to music is a key component of almost all spiritual teachings, whatever their slant. As is singing along. Listening to music gives us a sense of one with the universe around us and helps us feel at one with each other, particularly when the listening to music is a shared experience.

This feeling of Oneness is central to all spiritual doctrines, although it is interpreted differently by many. But feeling connected to the universe, or something bigger than ourselves is a huge part of spirituality and listening to music can help us achieve that naturally. Darin McFadyen over at Quartz has written an extensive article outlining the benefits of listening to music and citing sources that show the effect on the brain is very similar to meditation. Darin notes he’s both a musician and a meditator, so he speaks with some authority on the matter.

How Does Music Help Us Reach Our Spirit Guides?

In our earlier post, Introduction to Spirit Guides, we outline what guides are and how to contact them. In that post we note that one of the key parts of contacting your spiritual guides is to relax and quieten the mind. Using music to reach your spiritual guides seems to be the opposite of quietening the mind.

But when we talk about quietening the mind, we mean from all the self chatter and overthinking that we all do on a daily, hourly and minutely basis. We focus on things from our past, worry about things that might or might not happen in the future. This mind-noise reduces our vibrational frequency and creates static interference which inhibits our ability to hear our spirit guides.

But listening to music seems to bypass all that. The right music can calm our mind-chatter, giving us something to focus on without actually needing any effort at all. The music washes over us, giving us peace and tranquility, distracting us naturally from our stresses and calming us down.

Listening to music can, in some instances, with the right music, cause us to enter a state similar to that of hypnosis. Outside distractions are minimised and we feel light and relaxed.

Channelling Our Spiritual Guides Through Music

It’s during listening to music that many of us can hear our guides best. You probably won’t hear them as voices, though some people do. You probably won’t see them as images either, though some do. For most people though, we just get a ‘feeling’ of what the guides are trying to tell us. We instinctively just know what they’re trying to communicate.

But we do need to be ultra-relaxed – especially when we’re new to the experience of listening to our guides. Music can get us to this relaxed state without needing to be taught how to do it. We don’t need the other rituals of spiritual meditation to reach this state when we’re listening to the right music. With the right music the relaxation just happens.

During this time we can make a choice as to how we want the information to be presented to us. For many people who are trying to channel their spiritual guides, journalling can be one of the best ways to achieve it. This can be done online by typing into a specific website designed for journalling or it can be done using a physical notepad or journal book and a pen.

How To Channel Your Guides Using Journalling and Music

Give it a try, listen to some music and sit at the keyboard or a table with a pen and notebook. Let the music carry you away, just relax into it. Don’t feel like you have to write anything down, don’t force it. If you force it then it’s coming from you not your guides.

Hold the pen in readiness, or position your hands near to the keyboard if you’re using an online or computer based journalling approach. But don’t type until you feel that what you want to type is just flowing.

Don’t try to interpret what you’re typing as you type it. Don’t think about what you’re trying to type or write as you do it. Just let it flow. Let it wander where it wants to go. Later, when you’ve finished your music and journal session you might read it back and it’ll be complete nonsense. Or it might make sense to you but no-one else. Or it might make complete sense.

If what you’ve written is complete nonsense do not despair and definitely do not throw it away. Perhaps the time for that message is not yet right. In a few days, weeks, months or even years that writing may suddenly become crystal clear. Even the most bizarre of writings today can make sense later. If you throw it away you’ll never quite know.

Listening to the right kind of music and channelling our guides is an extremely powerful way of learning about ourselves and helping us to understand things we didn’t think possible.

In the next section we’ll look at the best music to help us hear our spiritual guides.

The Best Music To Help Hear Our Spiritual Guides

Rhythmic music is showing great promise in helping us deal with mental health issues like depression and even Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If it can calm the minds of someone who is struggling with these mental illnesses, it can certainly calm our minds when we want it to. Slow music tends to help us relax more, whereas upbeat music can lift our mood, give us energy and make our writing more intense.

Finding the best music to hear our spiritual guides is a very personal thing. Many people find classical music (the likes of Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart etc.) to be extremely powerful music for channeling. This is probably because it’s generally quite rhythmic, has no lyrics to distract us and is usually played by a full orchestra. Classical music can help us drift away into relaxation without us even realising it’s happening. There’s a reason movies use classical style orchestral music throughout to convey emotions and impressions to us. It helps immerse us into the movie. And similarly it will help immerse into our conversation with our guides.

Some great Classical Music compilations can be found on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTCq4BAfUVQ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRov7jBIQgM for example.

But of course, what works for one person may not work for another, and so it’s good to recognise that music that works for you doesn’t work for everyone. Some might need binaural recordings for example as opposed to standard stereo. This leads us into whether you should use headphones or other types of speaker. Again, it’s a personal choice.

As with so much in spiritualism, choose what works for you. The rules are not set in stone.

Can Our Guides Communicate Through Music?

This concept is slightly different to us sitting and relaxing and hearing our guides. This is more in line with listening and looking for synchronicities in our lives. Synchronicities are often set up by our guides to help us move in the right direction in life. By being aware of synchronicities and learning when to trust them we can glean far more information about how to proceed with certain things than if we are blind (or deaf) to them.

And so it is that our guides can communicate with us through music. If you listen to the radio they may, through whatever means, enable us to hear a particular song at a particular time. If you have your own playlist on a streaming music service it’s probably even easier for them to manipulate what you hear and when. Pressing shuffle on your music device and hearing a specific song can be as strong a divination message as picking certain cards from the Tarot pack, or casting the runes in a specific way.

Certain songs carry different meanings for each of us. They’ll often remind us of someone or some place from our past – and in doing so they can prompt us to do something in the future. If you’re searching for answers and signs, your guides using music to communicate those signs is surprisingly common.


We can communicate with our guides in a variety of ways – either using music to help us achieve the right vibrations and mindset to allow us to pick up the signals that our guides are putting forward or by the guides manipulating the music playback to get messages across to us.

Listening to our guides can help make life easier for us, as they can see the big picture. Many people ask their guides for inspiration or help – and some people can even ask their guides to do specific tasks for them in the spiritual realm. Music can really help facilitate that ability to hear and communicate with them.

A mind full of worry inhibits our ability to get help from the spiritual realm by blocking the signals. A calm mind opens us up to receive. And music can calm us quicker than almost anything else in the universe – including medications (which serve to dull our senses as well as calm us).

So next time you’re needing advice or help from your guides, or wanting to just channel something creative – turn on the stereo or stick on your headphones, crank the volume and relax into the music. You’ll soon find your favourite music to listen to when you want to find answers or channel your guides.

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