Spiritual Effects Of Soul Ties

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Lately there’s been a lot of interest in the subject of spiritual soul ties. But what does this actually mean? And how can we know whether we are tied to another soul. Is there any danger to it? Do we have to agree to a spiritual soul tie and what are the spiritual effects of soul ties?

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What Is a Spiritual Soul Tie?

A soul tie is a simple way of saying that two souls are somehow linked together, or have some form of connection. It can be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on how the tie came about and how it manifests in your day to day life.

Most people believe a soul tie comes about when two people have been physically intimate (usually sexually, but it can be formed after a close spiritual or emotional relationship without any sexual behaviour).

A soul tie is quite different from a twin flame, or a soul mate.

Other people believe that a soul tie is actually nothing more than an over-attachment to a person after a particularly intense set of events. This could be because the hormone Oxytocin is now known to cause a feeling of bonding, usually between mother and baby, but also between people as adults, especially during sex. These people believe that the notion of soul tie is simply a form of spiritual bypassing, where a spiritual meaning is assigned to a normal (if overactive) human reaction to events.

Soul ties may have been created in the life you are currently living or they could have been formed in previous lives. Sometimes, they are created in previous lives whereby the two souls agree to meet up again in a new lifetime and create further experiences together.

Soul Tie Versus Soul Mate or Twin Flame

It can sometimes be difficult to discern whether you’re experiencing a soul tie or whether you’ve met your soul mate or twin flame. There’s a few ways to tell though, of course it’s not always fool-proof and you’ll have to use your intuition to some extent. However, here’s some guidance to work out whether the relationship you have with another person is a soul tie or a soul mate or twin flame.

Soul Ties Take Time To Form

With the possible exception of soul ties that are from previous lives, almost all soul ties will occur within this lifetime. The actual tying process takes time to complete and will need quite a deep level of intimacy with the partner of the tie over months or even years.

Even with soul ties from previous lives, these tend to take a while to ‘re-form’ as the recognition isn’t always instant.

By contrast, that feeling of recognition, that you have a deep connection, often comes immediately or almost immediately with a soul mate. This can be as simple as the touch of a hand with a soul mate. A soul tie will not share that level of recognition so early in the process.

Soul Ties Can Be One Sided. Soul Mates Aren’t

A soul tie can be one sided. That is to say, you may feel as though the person is your soul mate but they do not reciprocate the feeling. This could be because they don’t recognise you yet or aren’t as spiritually aware as you are but more likely it is because you’re forming or have formed a one sided soul tie.

Soul mates will usually recognise each other quickly. A previous life soul tie may not. A one sided soul tie can be devastating, so it’s important to recognise it as such and break it when you do. One sided soul ties are almost always unhealthy.

Soul Mates Feel Different

In some cases, with a soul tie you may feel like the other person completes you. You feel incomplete when they are not around. You end up depending on the other person for your happiness and you may feel anxious or emotionally unstable when they’re not there.

With a soul tie you may say or think things like ‘your other half’. Without this ‘other half’ you cannot function.

But with a soul mate you will realise that a half plus a half is not the relationship you are in, but in fact you are in a one plus one relationship. The soul mate doesn’t complete you – you are already complete in yourself. The soul mate enhances you. You need no completion from another person. You have no need for anxiety, jealousy or emotional instability with a soul mate.

Soul Tie Symptoms

You Have a Deep Connection With Someone

If you’ve ever met someone and felt immediately at ease with them, you may have a soul tie from a previous lifetime. Of course, we’re all connected at a fundamental level because we all originate from the one source – but for some people, the connection seems to be deeper than that we have everyone else. If the connection feels like that immediately, the person may in fact be your soul mate. However, if the connection takes longer to mature it’s more likely to be a soul tie.

Losing That Connection Can Feel Devastating

Of course we all grieve when we lose someone, whether it be through separation or death. But losing a soul tie can feel like we’ve lost half of ourselves. This would be a similar feeling to losing a soulmate or a twin-flame physically – but this can be because of the over-attachment we’ve given this relationship. This is particularly true if the soul tie is one sided and the other person has simply moved on.

Soul Ties Can Cause Strong Reactions In You

A soul tie, because of their closeness and the agreement you’ve (perhaps unwittingly) entered into, can create strong feelings of emotion. Sometimes the other person will elicit extreme happiness in you, whereas for other soul ties the person will irritate you, or even anger you considerably.

You Think About The Person a Lot

When a soul tie is established you will find yourself thinking about that person a lot. You become dependent on them for your happiness. Or you believe you do. When a soul tie is formed you may spend more time worrying about what they’re doing (and how it can affect you and your relationship) than what you’re doing. This is unhealthy.

You cannot, and should not try to, control anyone else’s thoughts or actions, but in a soul tie situation you may feel like you have to. If you’re experiencing this sort of behaviour it’s time to break that tie.

Of course, on the flip side, thinking about a person a lot is not unhealthy if you are not depending on them to fulfil your life. If you like them in your life but don’t need them in your life then this can be healthy.

Longing For Someone You Don’t Even Like

This is a symptom of a soul tie that is very unhealthy and happens alarmingly regularly. This is where an unhealthy soul tie is formed and is a form of dependence similar to that listed above. But in this situation you have a soul tie that doesn’t even look right. You don’t feel like this person completes you, and you don’t even like being around that person.

Yet you long to be around them anyway.

This usually occurs after a deeply intimate act of sexual intercourse and often comes around because someone uses your need for intimacy to their advantage. This leads to resentment and yet also a tie.

The Dangers Of Soul Ties

Soul ties can be completely healthy when both sides are receiving from the relationship. However, when the relationship is unbalanced, or even one sided, things can become unhealthy.

The biggest danger of a soul tie is that you may become too attached to the other person and end up being dependent on that person for your happiness. It’s a sad truth that everyone will let you down at some point. Often unintentionally, but you cannot live your life attached to someone else for your happiness.

If you feel like the person completes you, you may be in a dangerous soul tie situation. If you feel like the other person enhances you (rather than completes you) then you’re probably not.

Ask yourself whether a half plus a half equals your relationship. Or if one plus one does. If you have the half and half, this could be attachment. One plus one equals two and if you recognise that the other person is distinctly unique but helps you be a better you through addition rather than completion then you probably don’t have a dangerous soul tie.

If you’re addicted to someone (because there’s really no better way to word it) who is abusive to you or who doesn’t treat you as you should be treated, you may be in a dangerous soul tie situation. If you feel like you’re losing your individuality within a relationship, or you cannot be yourself, then you may be in a soul tie situation.

At some point you’re going to need to find the strength to break the soul tie.

Breaking A Soul Tie

The first step of breaking a soul tie is to recognise that it is unhealthy for you and that you have become dependent on the person with whom you are tied. The second step is to admit that to yourself and realise it’s time to do something about it.

Then, you may well have to seek some help to overcome the withdrawal feelings you will inevitably face. This may be from trusted, close friends. It may be from family members or it may require professional mental health or relationship counsellors.

To begin the breaking of a soul tie you can perform a quick, small ritual which will help you to release the ties that you’ve had inflicted or inflicted on yourself.

  • Begin a meditation
  • Ask for your spirit guides to be with you at this time
  • Tell the other person’s soul (or ask your guides to relay the message if you prefer) that you wish them all the best for the future but that you no longer wish to be in a relationship. The person won’t physically hear this but their soul will, and will understand.

In doing this you release both yourself and the other person from any soul tie. You may need to repeat the ritual a few times. Part of this process is to forgive yourself, and perhaps them, for any feelings you’ve misinterpreted or brought into the tie.

If you have physical items from the person, or about the person, or that remind you of the person for some reason, you may find that you have to remove these items from your day to day life. You may need to give them back to the person in question if they belong to them. Or, if they’re keepsakes such as photos or ornaments, you may need to give them away to a charity shop or someone else. Or you may, in certain circumstances feel that it is better to destroy the items altogether. Doing this is a powerful way of releasing any soul ties that are binding you.

Are Soul Ties Mutual?

Not always, no. Healthy soul ties will almost always be mutual, but the unhealthy ones will likely be one sided. That is, the person who is tied to the soul of another who does not reciprocate will feel unworthy and incomplete without the other person to fulfil them.

Mutual soul ties can be healthy with a strong and stable relationship. They can enhance each other in this situation and each side of the relationship will benefit from different aspects of the relationship.

But one-sided soul ties are almost always toxic and should be considered more like an addiction than a relationship. Help should be sought to overcome these as they’re not healthy and will likely end up damaging the tied person’s self esteem further.

Mutual soul ties can lead to loving relationships that enrich both parties, bringing peace, love and harmony into each others lives.


We’ve seen that there can be different spiritual effects of soul ties depending on whether they are mutual or one sided. Mutual soul ties can have positive spiritual effects whereas one-sided soul ties will almost always result in negative spiritual effects.

These spiritual effects of negative soul ties can lead to undesirable attachments and sometimes even addiction for another person leading to phrases and thoughts such as ‘they complete me’. This type of thinking is unhealthy because you are surrendering the power over your own life to another person – even if they don’t even realise you’ve given it to them. This type of thinking can lead to a paralysis in spiritual growth and physical health detriments such as depression and anxiety.

If you have feelings in a relationship that they complete you, or you can’t function if they’re not there, you may be in an unhealthy soul tie and professional help may be required to help you navigate your way out of it.

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