Soul Purpose

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Is It Soul Purpose or Sole Purpose?

Since ‘sole purpose‘ means the only purpose (sole meaning singular, or one and only) it shouldn’t be confused with the soul purpose. In the context of this article we’re talking about soul purpose. That is to say, the purpose that your soul wants to accomplish during your lifetime. Your soul may in fact have multiple purposes, so cannot be a sole purpose.

English is such a weird language at times isn’t it!

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What Does Soul Purpose Mean?

Some people say that your soul purpose is effectively your destiny. Other’s might say it is the meaning of life. It’s essentially what your soul chose to accomplish on this visit to earth. Everything on earth and in the universe has some purpose. We may not always be able to see it (wasps/yellow jackets, we’re looking at you!) and so it is with our soul purpose.

Your soul may have multiple purposes for your presence on earth. Usually it will have one primary purpose but like any good movie might also have a number of sub-plots running throughout the length of the experience as well.

Your soul purpose is very different to your biological purpose on earth which essentially is merely to eat, drink and create offspring in the fittest way possible. That is to say, to ensure the survival (and hardiness) of the human race. But your soul purpose may be to discover the next big secret of the universe, the cure for cancer or any other life limiting diseases to reduce suffering. Or it may be the hardest purpose of all, which is to heal from previous experiences or help others heal from previous experiences.

Does Everyone Have A Soul Purpose?

Yes, everyone has a soul purpose and everyone’s soul purpose is individual and unique to them. Everyone fits into the ‘grand plan’ in a different way. The grand plan (the subject of a whole other area of philosophy and spiritual debate) is interwoven between us all and so incredibly complex that us, as humans, couldn’t possibly begin to understand how it all links together.

Although everyone has a soul purpose, not everyone will fulfill theirs. This can be because they don’t even realize they have one or because other factors come into play to prevent it from happening.

As time moves through the grand plan, your soul purpose may be altered and updated as new experiences and situations occur and the purpose you chose before you were born has to be modified to accommodate.

How Do You Find Your Soul Purpose In Life?

This can be where things get tricky because your soul purpose is completely unique to you and the set of circumstances into which you were born and continue to operate. No-one else has your soul (except perhaps for twin flame souls – but even their soul purpose is unique albeit intertwined with their twin). No-one else, not even your twin flame has the same specific set of circumstances that you do. Which all means that finding your soul purpose in life is going to be a very individual exercise and experience.

To do this you’re going to have to look inside. You’re going to have to awaken spiritually and find ways to inquire of your soul’s purpose for yourself. For some people this will be divination via pendulums, tarot cards or other forms of self-divination. Others may find their purpose after years of meditation practice, fasting and even isolation from other humans for a while. For some instead of meditation the answer comes while they sleep through dream interpretation. And for a lucky few well, they just know. They wake up every morning with a certain burning passion to make a difference through their choice of career or other experiential pathway.

Some Tips To Help You

  • Meditate. Empty your mind. Allow visions to enter and follow them to see where you end up.
  • Stop seeking approval from others. Of course, we’re not saying don’t take advice on things. But stop feeling pressure to conform.
  • Follow your heart. The soul is not logical, your soul purpose may seem completely illogical but if your heart says it is so then it probably is.
  • Look for your passions.
  • Ask your soul. This could be through meditation or simply asking for the answer before you go to sleep.


We’re not going to get into spiritual meditation techniques in this post – though click the link if you would like more information. But meditation is an important tool to find your soul purpose because you need to get into a relaxed state where you have no particular thoughts about anything at all. No positive, no neutral. Empty your mind and enable the communication between your mind and your soul.

Stop Seeking Approval From Others

Nobody else has your circumstance, nobody else has your soul purpose. Many aren’t aware of their own soul purpose so they can’t advise you on yours. You wouldn’t let a car salesman operate on your brain and you wouldn’t expect to get solid advice on a new car from a brain surgeon. Stop seeking approval from unqualified people.

Follow Your Heart

This is not always easy because we mostly assume that our soul purpose is the same question as which career should I study for and perform for 40 years of my working life. But the question is not the same. Your soul purpose may have nothing to do with your career. If you can make a career out of your soul purpose then you are truly blessed because you’ll fulfill your soul and earthly purpose at the same time.

But your soul purpose might well be to do something that you can’t make a living from. But follow your heart and figure out how you can make those experiences happen even while you work.

Ask Your Soul

Finally and most importantly, you must reconnect with your soul and simply ask it what your soul purpose is. Your soul knows. Your soul can tell you if you ask it. There’s multiple ways you might find to ask your soul. Actually, asking your soul isn’t the hard part. Hearing the answer is the hard part. But it can be done.

You will need to quieten your mind. Your mind is like an antenna connected to your soul. The information from your soul will come across the airwaves to your mind. The problem is that there is so much noise in our mind from the modern world that most of the time we cannot (or choose not) to hear our soul speaking to us.

You can achieve this quietening of the mind to hear the soul’s answers to your questions for what your soul purpose is in a number of ways. You can deliberately quieten your mind through spiritual meditation or you can rely on choosing times when your mind is quiet anyway, such as when you’re asleep. The difficulty with this latter choice is that it can be harder to remember the answers you’ve been given.

Another way of calming your mind that can be encouragingly easy and often very effective is simply to step out of the day to day life, and go somewhere natural. Getting back into nature can be anywhere outdoors as long as it’s away hustle of day-to-day life. The beach or the woods would be many people’s favorite spaces for this. A quiet walk along the beach or woods can lead to some significant spiritual soul answers entering your head when you least expect it.

How Do You Follow Your Soul Purpose?

The first part of following your soul purpose is of course to find out what it is. This can be an exciting and exhilarating process in itself and can, for many people, be almost as important as the purpose itself. This is because for many people, the spiritual awakening process that one goes through when one wants to find their soul purpose is an important area of growth in itself.

Following your soul purpose means following your heart or finding your inner calling because ultimately, your passions and ‘heart’ choices will be what leads you to your soul purpose. This is an interesting statement because you may find that in your earlier stages of your life things that you think will not interest you at all actually end up becoming your passion.

I have a friend who, aged 18, boldly asserted that being a paramedic would be the worst job in the world and they couldn’t think of anything more awful. They wanted to be a spiritual healer. In their forties, they went to university and studied to become a paramedic with more passion and determination than many of the younger entrants. They regularly tell me now that becoming a paramedic was one of their best ever decisions and helped them grow more than anything else they’ve ever done.

So don’t be afraid to follow your heart – and don’t be afraid if your heart’s desires change as you get older. You may find that you’re simply not quite ready right now to follow your soul purpose but when the time is right your heart will (perhaps miraculously) be changed and your soul purpose will align with your heart’s desires.

One thing is for certain though, that your soul purpose will align in some way with improving the lives of others. There’s countless ways that can be achieved and it doesn’t have to mean becoming a paramedic or a rocket scientist. It could be overcoming depression and using that experience to help others through those dark times too. It could be resolving old hurts with others.

And remember, everyone can be a teacher and a student at the same time. What have you learned in your time on earth. Sharing this knowledge and experience could be your soul purpose.


Your soul purpose is likely to line up with your passions and your heart’s desires. And these may change as you go through life and learn and experience more. Your soul purpose will involve enriching other’s lives in some way. But that enrichment of other’s lives might not be immediately obvious to you.

Some people’s soul purpose will be career based, others won’t. Only you can know that.

It’s important to resist seeking approval from others regarding your soul purpose. Only you can know what it is and others will always disapprove. Many parents disapprove of children wanting to enter the entertainment business for example. The world would be far less rich if Elvis Presley, John Lennon or Ed Sheeran had decided not to make music on this basis!

Your soul purpose is as unique to you as the circumstances that led you to where you are today. No-one else can tell you what it is, you will need to find out for yourself. Fortunately – all you have to do is ask.

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