Telepathy: Fact or Fiction

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Telepathy is a subject that comes up regularly in conversation as well as movies and TV shows and has been a subject of much speculation and interest for centuries. It would be quite convenient if mental telepathy were actually a phenomenon on which we could rely – because it would certainly save money on mobile phone bills for a start.

But is there any scientific evidence to support the concept of telepathy or is it all just the realm of mentalism – getting people to choose answers that match their intrinsic instincts without any actual transportation of thoughts across the ether? Is telepathy real?

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What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others through thoughts, without the use of spoken words or other physical means of communication. The word itself comes from the combination of two Greek words, tele – meaning ‘at a distance’ and pathy which means ‘feeling’ or ‘perception’.

There are various different types of telepathy, including:

  • Emotional telepathy: the ability to sense another person’s emotions without any physical cues or verbal communication.
  • Intuitive telepathy: the ability to receive information about another person’s thoughts or intentions.
  • Mental telepathy: the ability to communicate with others through thoughts alone.

It’s interesting (at least, I think) to note that in all three of the definitions above, there’s no mention of language at all. That’s not to say we can’t hear other people’s thoughts, but when we do we tend to hear them not as words from language but more directly as the thoughts themselves.

Various scientific studies have concluded that no such form of communication exists, with some scientists even going as far to say that it would have to break the laws of physics to do so. I see no reason to accept this because quite clearly then Marconi broke the laws of physics when he sent radio signals wirelessly across space in 1895 (The Nobel Prize in Physics 1909, 2019). To me, the idea of telepathy is very much the same as radio – although of course radio does require a considerable broadcasting strength for our equipment to receive the signal and separate it from the noise.

The Possibility of Developing Telepathy

Given that there’s no scientific evidence that accepts telepathy even exists, it’s therefore impossible to find any science to backup the possibility of developing telepathy for yourself. But some people have claimed to have been able to develop the ability through meditation and other spiritual practices.

I believe strongly that we can communicate with our spirit guides and the only way you would be able to do this is via some form of telepathic communication. Quite clearly the spirit guides are not physically present in the 3D world – we can’t see or touch them. This is a subject that science can’t measure and can’t provide reliable and repeatable experiments to observe and confirm its existence. But to those that believe they can communicate with their guides, telepathy is definitely real and can be trained.

It’s my view that just like a radio transmitter and receiver, the two people engaging in telepathic practice must be on the same ‘frequency’ in order to hear each other. This could be twins for example, or it could be your guides or even just your spouse or soulmate. You’ve probably had the experience that you ought to ring someone to find out if they’re OK and when you do, you discover they’re having a really hard time at the moment. Is that coincidence? Perhaps. Or perhaps you were able to pick up on some subtle vibrations they were sending out and that you could receive because you’re in tune with them.

On this basis, to be in tune with someone you may have to adjust your own vibrational energy through the use of meditation or perhaps crystals. In order to develop your telepathy you’ll need to realise that every individual operates on a slightly different wavelength and you’ll have to adjust to match. You’ll need to be able to quieten your mind so that you can hear the right frequency because too much noise will drown out the weak telepathic signal you’re hoping to receive. And then you’ll have to raise (or possibly lower) your own vibrational frequency to match.

For this reason alone, it becomes obvious that you’re unlikely to be able to establish telepathic links to just anyone. You’ll need to tune yourself to a particular person and put yourself in the right frame of mind first. Which may be why science hasn’t yet demonstrated any evidence, because the experiments haven’t be conducted with the right people in the right frame of mind.

So, to develop your telepathic skills you may need to start with someone you’re close to, with whom you already resonate somewhat, and tune in to their frequency and practice while they’re close to you. Once you have a connection you may be able to extend the distances over which you communicate with each other. As you become more practiced you should be able to change frequencies quicker to match other people with whom you wish to communicate.

Scientific Evidence for Telepathy

There’s a plethora of anecdotal evidence of telepathy but none of this has stood up to scientific scrutiny. Often when an experiment has shown convincing results, there’s been a flaw in the study or downright fraud has been uncovered.

This is of course consistent with much of the rest of the hidden arts of spiritualism. This makes me wonder whether there’s actually the potential for science to damage our mental health by constantly debunking these things. Various studies have concluded that spirituality provides improved outcomes for patients with depression for example (Doolittle & Farrell, 2004).

So, while we shouldn’t ascribe mystical or spiritual reasons for things that science can clearly explain, it is potentially possible that, as we know, science doesn’t have all the answers all the time. It would be interesting to see what the prevailing opinion of someone being able to send signals across several miles would have been in 1894 for example.

Theories on the Mechanism of Telepathy

Setting aside the fact that science currently suggests telepathy cannot exist, those of us that do believe it could need to think about the way in which it might be achieved. Or at least, those of us with a scientific mind would like it to work in a scientific way because otherwise it’s just magic. And magic, perhaps sadly, doesn’t exist.

Nevertheless, I believe our brains are, amongst other things, a rather squishy antenna that can pick up and transmit electrical signals from the environment. Science has shown and relies on the electrical impulses our brain produces to control muscles and feel external stimuli through our afferent and efferent nervous system. It is alleged that Nikola Tesla (the father of the Alternating Current which powers your house) stated that;

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Nikola Tesla

Unfortunately I can’t find solid evidence of when, where or even if, he really said it. Tesla was eccentric enough for the time that it would be believable that he said it. And the quote is constantly attributed to Tesla online, which indicates Tesla himself believed in telepathy of one sort or another.

This reception and transmission of radio signals is, in my opinion the most likely possibility for the existence of telepathy. Other theories involve things like Quantum Entanglement whereby particles become linked together and can be used to send information across space no matter how far apart they are. Much research is being done on quantum entanglement in the Physics world and discoveries are being made regularly so it’s possible that something will come out of it eventually.

Other theories – that mostly debunk the idea of telepathy though – suggest that people who are close to each other can simply pick up on cues from the other person because they know them so well. Many of the scientific experiments into telepathy that have been performed to date are debunked by this notion. It’s possible that’s all there is to telepathy – but I rather hope not.

Exploring the Possibility of Communicating Outside Our Realm of Existence

When we consider other realms, of course the subject of this website is the spiritual realm. But is the spiritual realm the only one with which we might communicate via telepathy? Perhaps not. Perhaps there is the possibility that we could also communicate telepathically with aliens from outer space. Some theories suggest that in fact aliens and the spirit world are one of the same – possibly implying that as we further evolve we will shed our bodies and become pure energy which exists in this 3D realm but not needing a physical body to encompass us.

Nevertheless, some people believe that hallucinogenic drugs such as psilocybin or DMT allow us to unlock features of our brains which allow us to communicate telepathically with other realms. Science would again have us believe that what we see in these states is merely the misfiring of neurons in the areas of our brain responsible for imagination. Who’s right? I don’t know.

But then, are things like Astral Projection actually a telepathic way of communicating (and seeing) different realms? Are Lucid Dreams opening similar doorways in the fabric of space-time so that we can see across vast spaces and communicate with entities from other worlds and other realms?

These are all questions that humans have found fascinating for centuries or millenia – and for which we still have no suitable answer. Telepathy is a subject which causes much discussion between scientists and spiritualists. There may never be a suitable experiment which proves the existence of telepathy within this realm or others.

With that in mind, if it’s something you want to try, we say go for it. Learn how to perform spiritual meditation and see what you find. It’s safer than hallucinogenic drugs and it’s not illegal. You might find that you get enough evidence for yourself that’s real and at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.

Is Parapsychology a Form of Telepathy?

Actually the term parapsychology means the study of mental phenomena which are not explainable by regular scientific psychology. So parapsychology is an umbrella term which encompasses a number of things, such as hypnosis, near death experiences, mediumship and of course, telepathy.

With that in mind though, mediumship is really just another form of telepathy – communicating through the power of the mind with entities which are no longer of this realm. Once again, science remains skeptical of this and even the Bible suggests this is not possible due to a great chasm being placed between the living and the dead (Luke 16:19-31 NIV – – Bible Gateway, n.d.).

Many people have made careers out of purporting to be able to communicate with the dead however, and for many people this provides a comfort to them after someone has died. In some cases the use of tools such as Ouija Boards have been used and people have been shocked that information has come through which only themselves and the person alleged to have died could know.

Indeed, my own Grandfather has this experience where an entity came through and he didn’t believe it was her. He asked a question only he and the entity would know the answer to and was given the answer. My grandfather did not have his finger on the glass and, according to my parents who were present, then turned a whiter shade of pale and demanded the Ouija Board be destroyed and was never to be used again in his house.

That’s quite some coincidence that science fails to explain but telepathy with the dead certainly does.

Practical Limitations

As you can perhaps tell, I’m a firm believer in the ability of someone to perform telepathy and/or mediumship. But, as science shows us, there are some significant practical limitations that must be overcome before it’s particularly useful to most people.

When it comes to communicating across the vast distances of space to other entities we have to consider things like the delay due to the speed of light – although it’s possible that some mechanism may exist where thought can happen faster than the speed of light, most scientists presently agree that even entanglement doesn’t (Quantum Entanglement Communication, 2019).

We also need to consider that telepathy within our own world would allow us to feel feelings with which we are familiar, and see pictures similarly but when it comes to realms or planets beyond our imagination things become harder to predict. I mentioned earlier that in most telepathic experiences people do not consider language to be an issue but that’s because we all have similar experiences on which to draw to be able to deduce what the telepathic thought may be about. But if we have no frame of reference because we have no experience with something an entity from a different realm is trying to get across there’s a strong likelihood that the experience will be badly misinterpreted.

Some schools of thought believe that this kind of misinterpretation is what has led to a number of the world’s myths and legends and even religions…


Telepathy is an interesting subject with plenty of anecdotal evidence and precisely none that is robust and scientific. That’s not to say that it doesn’t exist though – until 1895 it was not possible to physically listen to someone speaking from across the Atlantic ocean – today we take it for granted. At some point we may just discover that for the right people, in the right situations and environment, telepathy is perfectly possible.

I believe it is. I believe it’s not something that anyone can just do, there needs to be a connection and it may be that you need to be properly in tune with the other person (or entity) before you will receive any of the telepathic information they are sending. But again, that’s just like a radio.

There is much that we still don’t know about our brains – and our minds. And while there’s more left to explore, the possibility of discovering that telepathy actually does exist is still there. It’s hard to see how a proper scientific experiment could be formulated to prove it – but for those that know it exists there’s no need for proof anyway.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful and if you’ve enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your mystical or spiritual friends using the buttons below. If you have any comments, questions or other feedback please let us know using the comment form below.

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