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What This Site’s About

Spirituality, spiritualism, the spirit world. It all means something different to everyone. Sure there’s a few things that are common, but there’s so much that is individual. But without someone, or something, to guide us we can quickly become lost. MysticalSpiritualPathfinder is here to help you navigate a pathway to the world of spirit, in particular your spirit guides and the answers they can give you.

We believe that everything spiritual involves your spirit guides, so most of our opinions are formed through that lens of course. Things in the metaphysical such as Manifestation, Clairvoyance, Numerology, Synchronicity and especially interpreting dreams all involve communication or help from your spirit guides. Learning how to communicate with your spirit guides, and when to ask them for help – and what they can help with will enable you to unlock the best version of yourself going forward and help you learn the lessons you’re here to learn.

But as you read the things we’ve written, you must understand that these things are our beliefs. They’re our experiences over the past 50 years as we’ve wandered this mortal plane. Our experiences shape the answers we give here and have been formed by meditation visions we’ve had, or perhaps dreams too. They’ve come about as a result of conversations we’ve had with our spirit guides. And with this site we want to honor our guides – it’s written by them, for them and for you to find your pathway to your guides.

Who Are We – What Do We Know About This Stuff?

We are Claire Louise and Mark Stevens and we’ve been involved in spirit circles for over 30 years each. We regularly consult our spirit guides, indeed the content of the Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder website is formed from inspiration provided by our guides. We have a lot more information about us here.

Why We’re Here – What’s In This Site For You?

Our ultimate goal is to help you find your way to your spirit self and your spirit guides so you can find your own answers, as we’ve found ours. If we make ourselves redundant as a result of that process then our job is done. We want to share the light and help protect you from darkness until you’re ready to emerge from the chrysalis you’re currently in, victorious and glorious like the beautiful butterflies you really are.

We do hope you enjoy the things we’ve written here – but you don’t have to agree with them. You can, and must, form your own opinions – consult with your own guides to see things through your prism of life. With their help. These are our thoughts and you will have your own. And that’s the most beautiful part of creation – we’re all one, yet all have our own experiences and wisdom to draw on.

Welcome, once again, to Mystical Spiritual Pathfinder.

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