Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

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With the recent release of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ and the connections with Astral Projection you could be forgiven for asking the question, “Is Astral Projection Dangerous?”

Of course, in order to be dangerous, on must first accept that astral projection is real. If it’s not real then it’s pretty unlikely to be dangerous.

Certainly, if you’ve made it to the end of the mini-series on Netflix you’ll undoubtedly have the notion that Astral Projection is most definitely dangerous.

There’s a few things to consider when we think about whether Astral Projection is dangerous or not. Almost none of which revolve around the Behind Her Eyes storyline, so let’s look a little closer.

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When Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

Astral Projection can, potentially be dangerous under the following circumstances;

If You Get Disturbed Mid Travel

This scenario looks at what might happen if your physical body is disturbed – for example by being touched, or by sudden loud noise while you’re away travelling. Whilst attempting to Astral travel, you must calm your mind, and you must be laying in a quiet place of solitude where you will not be disturbed.

For most people, being disturbed will not cause any long term effects. But if you have any kind of heart condition then the sudden adrenaline rush of being disturbed could potentially cause complications. The disturbance is likely to cause a similar reaction to if you’re falling asleep and suddenly hear a loud noise. Your heart races and you wake up suddenly.

If You’re Not Equipped To Deal With What You See

There’s absolutely no guarantee that what you see when you travel will be pleasant. In most cases, it probably will be, particularly as you become more familiar with travelling and can better control where you go. But even experienced travellers can sometimes be taken to places they weren’t expecting if they have a lapse in concentration.

This can lead to a few different reactions from you as the traveller. You may find yourself somewhat shaken by the experience, leading to an increase in anxiety – particularly if you’re already an anxious person. You may find that you have such a wonderful journey that you become bored and dissatisfied with everyday existence which can lead to symptoms of depression. You may just think you’re going crazy.

Social Stigma

Many (most even!) people do not believe in Astral Travel. Mentioning your travels to other people can lead to social stigma and ridicule. If you mention it to a devout Christian who is also your boss, you could end up being overlooked for promotions or something similar. You shouldn’t – legally – but they’ll find other reasons if you give them this one. So be cautious who you mention your travels to. Make sure you know that they’re likely to accept, if not believe, the experience you’ve had.

Can You Die From Astral Projection?

There is limited research into the entire field of astral projection itself so it’s hard to narrow this question down. It is possible to die while you are astral projecting, perhaps from something you were going to die from anyway. But it’s almost impossible to know if someone died because of an astral projection. This probably has a similar answer to the question of whether if you die in a dream do you die in reality?

Can Someone Else Inhabit My Body During Astral Travel

This is one of the biggest fears that people have, and I suspect it’s been compounded by the TV series ‘Behind Her Eyes’ since this is one of the things they appeared to show was possible therein.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no evidence to suggest your soul or spirit actually leaves your body. In most cases, projectors and those familiar with the practise describe a ‘silver cord’ that links you back to your. Certainly Robert Monroe describes this in his book Journeys Out Of The Body – and he touches on the subject.

It seems to me that although you can use astral projection to see other realms, and our own, that you’re doing so through some form of energy transfer, somewhat akin to a telephoto lens on a camera. You’re not actually leaving your body empty (such as would happen when you die) but instead projecting your energy to a different direction. Your soul, or life-force remains within your body at all times.

In order for something from outside your body to inhabit your body you would need to ‘uninhabit’ first. Astral projection, in my opinion, is not doing this. Also, if something should try to inhabit your body while you are projecting, it would likely disturb the silver cord and you would find yourself pulled back to your body very quickly, without warning or control.

It’s my opinion that inhabiting other’s bodies from the Astral Realm is purely one of fiction.


It’s my opinion that aside from the potential dangers listed above, which are mostly of a psychological nature, Astral Projection is safe.

Of course, there are those who state that since Astral Projection is not even possible – and not proven by science, so the question is moot. To which we reply – until just over 60 years ago, space travel wasn’t possible either. Until it was. Science discovers new things all the time. Who knows, maybe one day there’ll be evidence of Astral travel too.

If you have a different opinion please do drop us a comment below – we’d love to hear other people’s views on this.

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