Can You Learn Things From the Astral Realm?

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Most people believe that you can indeed learn things from the Astral Realm. We’ll dig into how the Astral Realm might help you learn new things, whether that’s knowledge or skills.

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What Is The Astral Realm?

Many people believe in additional planes of existence and indeed even Physics theories suggests there are at least 10 dimensions (Williams, 2014) – although this isn’t necessarily quite the same as different planes of existence. There does appear to be some overlap though.

Nevertheless, for those of us that can achieve the practice of Astral Projection, the question of is astral projection real is already answered as yes. The Astral realm is quite real, accessible and contains a wealth of information and experiences. It is believed by many to be a realm which exists beyond our normal senses and, for some, is the realm in which we exist between lives. That is, we exist in the Astral realm before we are born, and go back there when we die – awaiting to be reincarnated into a new physical body. Other people believe it is an etheric realm which has little to no bearing on our everyday lives but exists separately and distinctly.

Nevertheless, almost everyone believes that, whatever the nature of the Astral Realm, when one can travel there willingly then one can learn new information or practise new skills.

Learning New Skills Through the Astral Realm

Science recognises – and studies – a phenomenon called Motor Imagery (MI) which is defined as “a dynamic state during which representations of a given motor act are internally rehearsed in working memory without any overt motor output” (Decety, 1996). In more general terms, it means visualizing movements over and over again to rehearse them. From a science perspective the ability to visualize in this way is primarily used in person-machine interface research such as robotic limbs being controlled by a person’s thoughts. However, some studies suggest that it is possible to hone one’s skills in some actions simply by imagining that you’re practising them (Ridderinkhof & Brass, 2015).

I presume therefore, that regardless of whether you actually visit the Astral plane or not, it is possible to practice new skills by visualizing them. However, just visualizing them would be fraught with problems – particularly if the skills are not something you’re already fairly well practiced with (Orlandi et al., 2020). An unfamiliarity with the skills requires more processing power in the brain and thus would be harder to achieve the necessary visualization. Also, and perhaps more importantly though, imagination doesn’t have to follow any laws of physics – as we can see if we try to see what happens if we look in a mirror in a lucid dream for example. If the skills we’re trying to practice involve any laws of physics then visualizing them may not be enough because the items we’re trying to manipulate will perhaps respond differently in our visualization compared to reality. This will have the effect of making us think we’re better at the skill than we really are and may lead us into some particularly bad habits.

However, Astral Projection is believed by most people to be far more than just a visualisation process. And thus, the interactions with other objects may well follow the laws of physics much better. So, if you want to improve your golf swing, or your tennis serve, in the Astral realm then it may be possible. Although gravity is likely to work differently to here on earth.

With that in mind, I do believe that it is possible to learn and/or hone new skills in the Astral Realm – and since I also believe you can meet people within the realm, it’s possible that you could potentially find a mentor for such skills too. However, some skills might be more suited to practise inside the astral realm than others.

Gaining Knowledge from the Astral Realm

Many people believe in the Akashic Records which are said to hold the sum of all knowledge of the human race (Akashic Records, 2020). Many people state they can access the Akashic records via travel through the Astral realm – though to date there is little to no scientific evidence to suggest anyone has successfully done so. Having said that, matters such as this are inherently difficult to actually prove one way or the other, at least to the satisfaction of Western Science.

For some, the ability of the Akashic records to hold the sum of all knowledge of the human race suggests that one should be able to see the future of the race if one can access the records themselves. Successful predictions of the future on this basis would certainly be a significant proof for skeptics. But unfortunately the future doesn’t work quite like that and all you can see if you check the Akashic Records is probabilities of futures – until they happen. This is simply because humans were given free-will and as a result the future is not set. It’s changeable until it happens.

However, if the sum of all human knowledge is available through the Akashic records, then immutable truths should certainly be available. And many believe they are. Indeed, I have experience myself of finding answers to things through meditation and astral projection whereby I believe I accessed the records.

But in order to do it, the intention must be absolutely clear and unambiguous. In general, it’s most successful when you require understanding of something rather than a concrete ‘does X = Y’ type question. Sometimes the records can show you how to do something you’re not sure of – or answer niggling questions. Rarely will they tell you what to do though. Again – that’s an intrusion of your free will. It’s better to ask how to do something rather than whether you should or not.

If you struggle to Astral Project and would still like access to this sort of knowledge then get in touch with your spirit guides. They have access and can often pass on information to you.


You can learn new skills and gain new knowledge through Astral Projection into the Astral plane. You may not get exactly what you think you’re getting though as it can sometimes depend on which questions you’re wanting answered or which skills you’re looking to acquire.

There’s some science behind the idea of visualisation to gain skills or knowledge as we’ve shown in this post, although that science doesn’t in any way suggest the existence or not of the Astral plane.

If you’re looking for some quick steps to try to begin Astral Projection you can have a look at our post here.


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