Developing Psychic Powers – 5 Tips To Easily Improve Yours

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If you’re looking at developing psychic powers then we have some suggestions for you in this article. But can anyone develop their psychic abilities? Should just anyone develop their psychic ability?

developing psychic powers

Is Developing Psychic Powers Safe?

Many people believe that everyone has some sort of psychic powers lying dormant within us. If that’s the case, and we generally believe it is, then developing them should be as safe as developing any other skill within the world.

But, just like any other skill, there are potential pitfalls and as such, sometimes it’s safer to take on a Mentor or coach to help you before developing psychic powers on your own.

When you first start to develop your psychic powers you may find yourself open to the negative feelings and vibrations of others. This can manifest itself as unusual moodiness in yourself, or even things such as headaches.

The best way to overcome this is to visualise yourself in some form of shielding. For me, I visualize a metal pole extending out of the top of my head. From this metal pole, a large, transparent umbrella extends down to the floor. This provides an energy field between myself and those around me and is how I ‘close myself off’ from the energies of others when I no longer wish to remain open.

Other people will visualise themselves zipping up a large cloak from bottom to top, with the cloak being the shield from the energies that others carry with them.

How To Develop Your Psychic Powers

There’s a number of ways to improve your psychic powers, almost all of which involve clearing your mind of earthly matters and relaxing. So with that in mind, let’s start with relaxation;


Meditation is a subject that’s far too big to go into huge details within this particular article. We will cover various different techniques throughout the site in due course. But for now, we’ll take a very high level look at it.

The meditation technique we’ll be using for these purposes is simply to relax the body and mind. This can allow the universe to communicate with you without any effort from you at all. And the meditation itself is not difficult.

  1. Find somewhere quiet that you won’t be disturbed. Take the telephone off the hook (if you have a landline – who has them anymore anyway?) or turn off your mobile.
  2. Lay back in a half sitting, half laying position. We call this position semi-recumbent and it’s the best way to relax. A recliner chair can work for this. If you don’t have a recliner, place lots of pillows or cushions behind you and lay back on them.
  3. Close your eyes and let the darkness overcome you. Ignore any images that you may see or sounds you may hear in your head. They will quieten if you ignore them. Don’t try to make them stop, just ignore them.
  4. After a few minutes, when the visions or noises in your head have mostly quietened, begin to concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in deeply through your mouth and out through your nose. You can imagine yourself breathing a white smokey like substance in and out if you like. Try to make your breathing rhythmic, in and out.
  5. Starting with your feet, and still concentrating on your breathing all the time, actively relax your feet. This sounds odd of course. ‘Actively relax’? But you’ll be surprised how much tension you carry around in all your body muscles and that tension has to be actively removed.
  6. Continue up your body gradually, relaxing your calves, thighs, buttocks, back, chest, shoulders, biceps, forearms, fingers, back of your neck and head.
  7. Keep concentrating on your breathing, in and out. Keep your mind nice and empty and ignore the images of everyday life that may wander in. Don’t try to fight them, simply ignore them.

You can add some relaxing music to the event if you wish, and many people find this helps reduce the distractions of the outside world.

Release Negative Energies

Negative energies held within your own body will greatly hinder your ability to connect with the psychic world. Our experiences become trapped in our muscles and chakras and may need to be freed as these energies block the positive flow of energy.

You can visit a psychic healer or try crystal healing to help remove these negative energies. Some of them may well be built up over years and years of personal traumas and issues. It may be that the psychic world does not want you delivering messages that are clouded by your own negative energies and so will not communicate all that much until you have cleared them.

Massage and acupuncture can also be other ways to help release the negative pent up energies within.

Finally, meditation and visualising the energies disipating can also release them. However, if these energies are from particularly traumatic events from your past it is recommended to only do this with someone present who is qualified to help you understand and deal with bringing these energies to the fore while dealing with them. A counselor or healer can usually help you here too.

Visualization Can Help With Developing Psychic Powers

Visualization is important in almost all psychic works. The mind, like muscles requires exercise and the more you exercise them the stronger they become. Many psychic energies will manifest through visual interpretations so visualising can help to keep things clear in your mind when they happen.

Visualization is also an extremely powerful way to move your life forward in the direction you wish it to travel. Visualization is a core of The Law Of Attraction and is well worth practicing for all sorts of positive reasons.

If you find that you can’t visualise anything initially, then a good way to practice this is to hold an item in your hand for a while and concentrate on it. Look at every intricate detail. A watch, a necklace, or something more complicated like a bunch of flowers or intricate ornate ornaments can work too.

Concentrate on the item, study it for a while, up to 5 minutes or so. Think about nothing else. Then put the item down and close your eyes. Empty your mind, through the relaxation methods listed above. When your mind is empty, conjure up the images of the item you were holding and studying.

Initially the images in your mind may be quite fuzzy. Don’t panic. Just relax. Try to focus in on one area of the object – but remember to relax. A troubled, straining mind will not yield the results you want and indeed may end up showing you less. You must relax. If you cannot conjure up the images or they stay fuzzy, don’t worry about it. Try to rotate the image in your mind to look at another aspect of it. Sometimes just moving the item in your mind will bring it into focus.

As you get better with visualizing the images of items that you have physically held in your hand, you’ll find it easier to conjure up images of things you have not been studying recently. You may find these images begin fuzzy or out of focus too. But just as you relaxed and moved them around in your mind when you were remembering things you had seen, you can do the same with items you’ve not been physically in touch with.

With practise you’ll be able to visualise anything you want. Elite athletes have been known to improve their track record even further by visualising themselves running faster, or longer, and winning races alongside their physical training.

Actively Remember Your Dreams – Write Them Down

Your dreams can be the link between the physical world and the psychic world. Remembering your dreams is often difficult and this is by design. The link between the physical and the psychic is deliberately obscured so that not everyone will experience it all the time.

But to hone your psychic prowess you’re going to strengthen the connection between the psychic and the physical. And one way to do that, just like visualisation, is to strengthen the mind muscle by using it.

When you wake from a dream – no matter what the time of the night it is – write down the dream. Write the sequence of events. Include as much detail as you can – and if you can express how you felt in the dream and the experiences you were having at the time that will help too.

To do this you’ll need to keep a paper journal and a pen beside your bed. We wouldn’t recommend an electronic device for this purpose because the electro-magnetic radiation that will emanate from it while you sleep can interfere with normal sleep patterns and disrupt your energies. The blue light from the screen is scientifically proven to disrupt sleep and energy cycles – so the old method of paper and pen is recommended.

You’ll likely find that the more you record your dreams the easier it will become to remember them in more and more detail.

Practice With Psychometry

Psychometry is one of the more simple ways to hone your psychic abilities. It’s perhaps made a little easier because it is essentially the reading of, or picking up on the energies within a particular device.

Many people have favorite items, such as watches or necklaces and these can make great items to practice on.

The fact that you are holding an item in your hand which you are trying to pick up energies from helps because the concentration is almost a form of meditation in itself. Concentrating on the item in your hand clears your mind of earthly distractions and lets you see or feel beyond the earthly realm. It can help you relax enough that you can pick up and intepret the vibrations within the item itself. The steps for this can be similar to the meditation approach listed above;

  1. Take the item into your hand. You may find it works better in your non-dominant hand, but there’s not any rules – whatever feels best for you.
  2. Close your eyes and try to release all thoughts of the world. Relax, as in the meditation above, ignore any thoughts or sounds that are in your head. Don’t try to fight them, just ignore them.
  3. Concentrate on the item in your hand. Feel it there, move it around, switch it from one hand to the other. Become distracted by it, ignoring any other thoughts in your head at this stage.
  4. Concentrate on the object and at the same time, concentrate on your breathing. In through your mouth and out through your nose.
  5. Ignore any thoughts or sounds you have inside your head until there has been some time with no thoughts or sounds. After a time of feeling the object and concentrating on it and your breathing your mind should be empty.
  6. Speak to the person whose object the item is of any thoughts or sounds that come into your mind once it has been calmed and empty. Of particular interest will be any smells that you may experience while handling the item. The person whose object it is may be surprised by how accurate your thoughts are.

Don’t be put off if the first few times you try don’t reveal anything at all or only very little. It takes practice to calm the mind sufficiently to receive the messages more clearly. Keep practicing, in particular the ability to meditate and calm your mind from the first section of this article is necessary. The calmer and more empty your mind can be, the stronger the messages can come through.


Everything we’ve talked about in this article takes practice. Don’t be put off if you don’t master it straight away. There’s no particular order required either, although we do recommend you get to grips with quietening your mind through the power of meditation first as all the other methods will require a nice quiet mind.

Developing your psychic abilities will help in all different aspects of your life, from moving forward from previous traumas, to visualising how you want your life to progress. It will improve your intuition and quite likely make you a much better judge of people’s intentions around you.

Keep yourself closed off when in crowds though as the anxieties and angers of a crowd of people can give you a big headache or make you angry and anxious yourself.

We hope this post has given you some things to think about and shown you why it’s worth developing psychic powers and how you can strengthen them. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or comments.