What Are Meditation Rings?

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Meditation rings are fine jewelry based on the idea of Tibetan prayer wheels. There are many different designs of meditation ring available, ranging from plain rings through to intricately designed rings with patterns or even text on them.

One of the ideas behind the Meditation Ring is that it performs the same way as the Tibetan prayer wheels, but on a very personal level and with the ability to move around with the person. This makes them portable, powerful prayer rings for personal use where-ever the person may be. Of course, the prayer wheels on which they’re based are much larger and not portable.

Prayer wheels usually have a mantra (a sacred utterance of religious or spiritual power) enscribed on the outside of them. With prayer wheels there can be many mantras inscribed on each wheel, with multiple wheels in the one area. It is believed by the Tibetan monks that when one spins the prayer wheel, it has the same effect as reciting the prayer itself (Wikipedia Authors, 2020). Meditation rings with mantras inscribed on them are believed to be able to work the same way.

Meditation rings can perform a powerful function of their own though, unrelated to the Tibetan prayer wheels. They’re sometimes also known as worry rings – meaning that they can help you distract yourself when you’re worried about something. As they can help calm your mind, they can help get into a space where you can meditate easier. This is achieved by the meditation rings containing other rings which can be spun around the main part of the ring – creating a similar effect to the now commonly recognised ‘fidget spinner’. Spinning the outer ring helps distract you, and calm you down.

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Benefits of Using a Meditation Ring

There are a number of benefits of using a meditation ring – the biggest of which is to help calm you down if you’re anxious. They can be used as distraction from everyday hustle and bustle when you’re trying to meditate – which is their main purpose.

But many believe that meditation rings can also be used to bring good luck to the wearer – particularly if the meditation rings has any kind of prayerful inscription on it – as the act of spinning the wheel with the inscription is believed to be as powerful as actually saying the words out loud. This means that you can signal your intent to the universe no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a meeting, on the bus or train, sitting in a doctors waiting room – no-one will mind you spinning a prayer wheel on your finger, but they might mind if you start chanting the same prayer out loud!

Spinning meditation rings can also be used to ground your thoughts, center your energies and help you obtain thoughts that might otherwise have become lost in the noise that is your constantly chattering mind. Spinning the ring can distract your conscious mind allowing the subconscious the space and ability to come through to you with answers you didn’t realise existed.

How To Use a Meditation Ring

Obtain a Meditation Ring

If you’re wanting to use a meditation ring in order to more easily engage in a meditation then there’s a few things you’ll need to consider. Firstly of course, you’ll need to obtain a meditation ring. You can do that through a variety of places with many beautiful varieties available in various countries on Amazon.

You will need to make sure you get the correct size for whichever finger you choose to wear your meditation ring. It’s not important which finger you choose – it’s up to you, but the ring will need to fit snugly but not too tight. You may choose to only wear the ring while you’re wanting to meditate, or you might wear it all the time, again that’s a choice for you.

It’s likely that if you decide to use the ring as a way to improve your meditations though that it will work better if you only wear the ring when you are wanting to go into meditation. This can help to signal to your mind that you want to meditate and this will help put you in the right space at the time for a good meditation. But if you’re wanting to wear the ring as a way to distract you from anxiety, or to help you think of answers to things at any time of the day, then you’ll want to wear it all the time.

Find a Relaxing Place

This is important for a meditation, but not so important if you’re using the ring to provide distraction throughout the day. But for a full meditation you’ll need to find somewhere pleasant – warm enough without being too hot – and quiet.

If possible turn off your phone, close the door and put a sign outside with do not disturb or something similar written on it. This is your time now, you don’t want to be disturbed.

Once you’re comfortable in your quiet space, you can put the meditation ring on your finger and close your eyes. Then, take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Spin the ring around on your finger and focus on the spinning. This should help you to empty your mind of any anxieties and/or mental noise that’s constantly inhabiting your head.

If you do get thoughts come up while you’re spinning the ring and trying to relax that’s OK. Just acknowledge their presence and let them go on their way. Don’t focus on them, and don’t try to ‘out-concentrate’ them. Continue focusing on spinning the ring.

You may find you get the answers to some burning questions you’ve been thinking about whilst in this relaxed state. Or you may receive messages from spirit (if that was your intention) which will be of use to you, or someone you know. Once again though, don’t concentrate on these – let them come, acknowledge them and see where things go.

Once you’ve finished with your meditation, acknowledge the universe and thank it, or God if you prefer, and slowly open your eyes and stretch your body to return to the physical world. If you were given any revelation, words, thoughts or pictures now is a good time to write them down in a spiritual journal so that you can remember them better. You can analyse them now if you like too.


Meditation rings are a more personal variant of the Prayer Wheels often used by Tibetan monks and can be helpful in a variety of ways to help you meditate more easily or help you relax when in stressful situations. They are available in various stores online and generally aren’t that expensive.

As part of a meditation routine they can be useful to help you get into the right frame of mind for a meditation more quickly, and for some people they can be used instead of chanting mantras to show the universe what you want.

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