Numerology Meanings

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In our previous post where we introduced the concept of numerology we discussed how to calculate the numbers associated with various aspects of your life. But what do those numbers actually mean when you arrive at them?

In this post about numerology meanings we’ll look at the various interpretations of the numbers depending on which aspect of your life you’re looking for meaning.

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Expression Number

As we mentioned in the Introduction To Numerology, the expression number is essentially the ‘public face’ you present (or express) to the world. It gives you an insight as to how the world sees you and is calculated using the consonants of your name – which makes sense since your name can also dictate how you present yourself to the world. We’d recommend using the name by which you are known to most people to calculate this.

wooden effect number 1

You are outgoing and confident as well as popular. You like to be the centre of attention and are a natural leader. People like you and will tend to follow you.

You’re ambitious and fearless and have the power and determination to be a success at anything you put your mind to.

wooden effect number 2

You don’t mind being in second place – following other people’s lead and providing support for those in leadership positions.

You work exceptionally well as part of a team, having tact and diplomacy on your side. You can be over-critical however if you’re not careful.

wooden effect number 3

With a three as your expression number, you’re a social creature who doesn’t mind being in the spotlight a bit. You like to have the attention and you have large energy reserves for this.

You’re optimistic, cheery and have a positive attitude. But you can be impulsive and lack discipline.

wooden effect number 4

People with an expression number of 4 are reliable and dependable. They’re conservative and don’t like to make a fuss. You can solve problems methodically.

You can be a little stuck in your ways though and prefer to have things mapped out before you embark.

wooden effect number 5

Expression numbers of five indicate a person who is lively and witty. Free and open you’re probably not one to sit still in one place for very long as this would suggest you’re cooped up and trapped – which you don’t like at all.

You’re good with words and make a great ideas person. But you can become bored easily and may not see a project through from start to finish.

wooden effect number 6

Sixers are happy and outgoing people who tend to be quite popular with people and are often called on to keep the peace both at work and at home.

People with an expression number of six have a strong sense of justice and will want to see the right thing done. Be careful not to let your sense of right and wrong limit other people’s freedoms however.

wooden effect number 7

The number seven as an expression number can indicate a level of aloofness and introversion for this person. People with 7 as their expression number like peace and quiet and don’t give away much about themselves to the world.

You are a great problem solver and analyst, thinking internally about many things, but you can be a bit of a loner and stand offish.

wooden effect number 8

You, with eight for your expression number, are energetic and determined to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

You are competitive and enjoy challenges, usually winning them.

This determination to achieve though can make you appear to think you’re superior to other people which may come across as a certain pompousness.

wooden effect number 9

Number 9 expression people have magnetic personalities and are well liked by everyone. You’re dynamic and energetic and project an air of likeableness.

You may have many lovers or admirers and certainly can inspire people to do things for you that others couldn’t ask.

You can be a poor judge of character though, be careful of those who wish to take advantage of you, rather than those that are drawn to help you.

Desire / Heart Numbers

Your Desire / Heart number is calculated from your name in much the same way as your Expression number, but instead of calculating the number based on the consonants within your name, the Desire / Heart number is calculated from the vowels.

This number reveals your inner hearts desire. We’d recommend you calculate this number using the name by which you prefer to be known – even if that is actually a different name to which you are more normally known. If you find you prefer to be called by your middle name rather than your forename for example, use this to calculate your Desire Number.

The following interpretations will help you to understand your Desire / Heart Number;

Metallic effect number 1

You have plenty of inner energy and plenty of ambition which means you go all out to achieve your goals. You desire to be a leader and to be successful – number 1 at all you do.

People who have a Desire Number of 1 however can be rather complacent in love – they already think they’re number 1 and so perhaps feel they don’t need to try too hard.

Beware of becoming too conceited and complacent as you may fall victim to your own success.

Metallic effect number 2

People who’s inner desire number is two are sensitive people who are kind and caring and long for security.

Two people desire security and sensitivity in life, crying at sad stories. They require friends around them for support, and like to provide support for those friends in return.

Beware of feeling like second best though, your strengths are different to those around you but this doesn’t make you any less strong than anyone else.

Metallic effect number 3

You are an eternal optimist with an excellent sense of humour and like to entertain people. People with three as their heart number are often entertainers, usually comedians.

Beware though, you need to make sure you focus your energies appropriately as you can be prone to scattering them amongst several different projects at a time.

Make sure you balance your creativity with your self discipline.

Metallic effect number 4

You are shy and reserved, preferring to take a back seat in things that go on around you. You like stability and an organised life.

You like to tackle any problem in a methodical and organised fashion and like to be dependable and a rock to other people around you.

Be cautious though as you tend to throw yourself into your work – in order to be dependable – but this can turn you into a workaholic at the cost of your health.

Metallic effect number 5

You like to be your own master, in control of your own destiny. Freedom to you is the most important thing, meaning you can handle change well, provided that it because you’re free of normal chains.

But beware, you can be inconsistent, becoming bored with projects or people who don’t challenge you or who try to box you in. Be careful not to rebel against too much, as you may find yourself becoming a tearaway, resorting to drugs or alcohol to find freedom.

Metallic effect number 6

Six as a Desire Number is the number of love, which means that your heart’s desire is for a world of peace and harmony. You do enjoy praise from those around you but you’ll do your best to ensure everyone is peaceful and balanced.

You love a settled family life and will work hard to maintain it. Be careful though that your desire for peace and harmony doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself to please others, nor interfering in others affairs when it’s not wanted.

Metallic effect number 7

Desire numbers of seven like peace and quiet and you tend to be slightly adrift from reality. Relationships can struggle as a result with number sevens, since they like their own company to meditate and/or study things around them.

You tend not to connect with people at an emotional level, preferring to be more logical and analytical in your approach to everything. This can work for you as you get older though as people become attracted to your wisdom, reflection and understanding of things they may not be able to grasp quite as well.

Metallic effect number 8

Having the number eight as your Hearts Desire number means you’re one who likes to be in control, both of people and situations. You value security and are trustworthy and dependable.

You can be a visionary – seeing the bigger picture and knowing how to put things into place to make it happen. But you must be careful not to let your desire for control mean that you use and abuse other people through bullying them.

Metallic effect number 9

You’re independent and self-assured, with a strong character. You’re creative and artistic and like to be kept busy as much as possible. This can mean you bore easily.

You like your extra energy and creativity to find an audience, so you may move into something like sales or performing as an actor.

You’re generally quite emotionally sensitive but you can be moody and critical too – this may come from tiredness as you’re always on the go.