Introduction to Numerology

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Numerology is the study of numbers and many people believe that through the study of these numbers it is possible to discover your inner self and analyse your character. Or indeed other people’s character traits.

Some people believe that numbers can hold the key to our future destinies as well. These numbers enable us to predict the future in all sorts of areas of our lives, from romance, money, career and social life.

The art of Numerology dates back at least as far as the Babylonian days, although the system of divination used today heralds from Pythagoras who is probably one of the most famous numbers person ever.

Interestingly, Pythagoras believed, as an astronomer, philosopher and mathematician, that everything could be expressed through numbers. Numbers, he believed, ruled the universe. To some extent he’s definitely completely right – numbers form equations and even science admits that mathematics equations rule the functioning of the universe.

Within numerology, numbers appear to have meaning and each number is believed to have its own character. Some of the numbers are considered to be more powerful than others.

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Introduction to Numerology – Life Number

Numerology can be used to determine various aspects of your life and can be based on different facets of your personality. The Life Number is calculated for example by adding up the numbers of your birthdate. It is called the Life Number because it will never change and dominates you throughout your life. Many believe that the life number indicates which lessons you have been sent here to learn.

To calculate your life number, simply add up the numbers of your birthdate. If the number you arrive at is greater than 9 (which it will be) then you add together the numbers of that result.

For example; if your birthdate is 22nd of June 1952 then you would add up the following;

2 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 2 = 27 — This gives us a number greater than 9
2 + 7 = 9 — This person’s life number therefore is 9

What these number mean will be discussed in a different article as the topic for Numerology Meanings is huge and beyond the level of just an introduction to numerology such as this.

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Introduction To Numerology – Expression Number and Heart Number

Other ways to determine your character and potential future with numerology can be to use your name. Once again we return to Pythagoras for the methodology to use to determine what your name means. This process isn’t as simple as adding up the numbers though, because some pre-processing is required here.

Pythagoras assigned different numerical values to each letter of the alphabet in order to be able to add up the numbers of your name. There are other alternative assignments of the numbers, but for the purposes of this post we will stick with the Pythagorean numerology assignment.

To use your name to divine your character and future, split your name into the consonants and vowels. The value derived from the consonants will give you your outward Expression Number. The value derived from the vowels will reveal your innermost Desire or Heart number.

Numerology – Destiny Number

Moving on from this, the vowels and consonants are then added together to provide a third number which is considered to be your Destiny number. This Destiny number highlights how you handle your affairs and the things you ought to avoid in order to improve your life.

To calculate these numbers, each letter of the alphabet is assigned a specific value based on the following table;


As an example, we will use the name Geoff Smith. To calculate the Expression number (how Geoff presents himself to the world) we add up the value of all the consonants.

G = 7, F = 6, S = 1, M = 4, T =2, H = 8. We add all of these up;
7 + 6 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 8 = 28. This is greater than 9, so we add the 2 numbers up again.
2 + 8 = 10. This too is greater than 9, so we continue adding the individuals numerals together until we arrive at a number less than 10. In this case;
1 + 0 = 1.

So Geoff’s outward expression number is 1. We’ll talk about the meaning of these numbers in another post, which we’ll link to here. But for now, you can use this information to calculate your own outward Expression Number.

To calculate Geoff’s innermost Desire ( or Heart’s Desire ) number, we add up the values of the vowels in Geoff’s name.

E = 5, O = 6, I = 9.
5 + 6 + 9 = 20. This is greater than 9, so we add them together;
2 + 0 = 2.

So Geoff’s innermost desire, or Heart’s Desire number is 2. Again, we’ll go over the meaning of these numbers in a different post as this is just an introduction to numerology and this article is intended to help you work out your different numbers.

Finally, we can work out Geoff’s Life, or Destiny number from the previous two numbers we worked out. The Life or destiny number is believed to be a clue to the life lesson the person needs to learn.

Of course, one of the questions that can arise from these calculations is, which name do I use to make the calculation? This can be particularly true if you’ve married and changed your surname? Should you use your maiden name? Should you use your new married name? Should you include your middle name?

The answer to these questions depends on which answer you’re looking for when it comes to your outward expression number and innermost desire number. Because, just as names can change, so can desires. The innermost desire you had as a teenager before you got married may well be quite different to the one you have now. Even if it the desire itself is the same, the means to achieve it may have changed.

The best advice therefore is to go with the name that you feel represents the circumstances surrounding the question. If you don’t believe your innermost desire has changed even though your name has – use your maiden name. If you feel that your outward expression changes depending on whether people know your full name including your middle name, then use that in the calculation.

In our next article which will go into more detail about the interpretation of the Life Number, the Expression Number and the Desire/Heart number in greater detail helping you to work out your numerology roadmap.

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