Can A Spiritual Person Get Angry?

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Spiritual people tend to have very short tongues… You may ask why. The answer is because they will often bite them a lot. But seriously, can a spiritual person get angry? Of course they can. The key is in how that person deals with the anger rather than whether they get angry. A lesser aspect relating to whether spiritual people can get angry is of course what is the stimulus that gets them angry.

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Can Spiritual People Get Angry?

So, yes spiritual people can get angry. Generally they won’t get angry over menial/trivial things. And when they do get angry it spurs them into action to resolve things, but in a peaceful and non-confrontational way which doesn’t just exacerbate the situation.

Different Types Of Anger

It’s important to remember that there are of course different reasons for getting angry about something. A lot of the time, in modern life at least, anger is an over-reaction to offense or criticism of ourselves by others. This is a reason for getting angry that often results in lashing out or withdrawing inwards and stewing on the anger. This is an ego thing. Our ego has been ‘harmed’ (except it hasn’t really – it just thinks it has).

As we grow spiritually we begin to realise that our ego is less and less important and more and more of a hindrance to us. We begin to let go of our ego – this can, during our spiritual awakening process cause the ego to become more angry at smaller things. But letting go of our ego and being aware of the soul and who we really are begins to result in feeling less and less offended at what other people might think about us.

And as we grow spiritually, we become more and more angry about the things that need righting in the world. This anger comes from when when we see individuals or groups being victimized or marginalised in society. We get angry when others are bullied, or not treated properly. This anger comes from compassion for the other person. It’s this type of anger which spurs people into action to do something about.

Decide To Take Action

Whether it’s your ego that’s making you feel anger, or some injustice that’s driving the feeling – you need to stop and take a quick breather. It is possible to control your anger without repressing it. Repressing anger because you believe it is the spiritual thing to do is just a form of spiritual bypassing. It serves no-one, not you and not the subject of your angry feelings.

When you feel yourself getting angry, remember that these feelings are real. But they are generated as a result of something you’ve perceived – and in that perception you will discover what action you need to take to use the anger. We’ll look at this a little bit deeper in a section below. Understand that this will take practice but that there is only one thing you can control in this entire universe and that is your mind. And you can control it, even when it is feeling angry.

If you examine your perception of the thing that makes you feel angry, you will determine if it’s an ego anger, or a righteous anger. If it’s an ego anger, remind your ego who’s the boss. You are. If it’s a righteous anger, you can decide how to channel it to make a difference.

But it all starts with a conscious decision on what to do about that anger.

Anger Does Not Mean Revenge

It may not need pointing out here, but I’m going to anyway. Spiritual people can get angry – but spiritual people do not seek revenge. Revenge hurts everyone involved, including the revenger. Revenge does not come from a place of love – and any decision you make on what to do about your anger must come from a place of love.

Seeking revenge for anger is a negative way to deal with it. You’re hurting so you want to hurt someone else. That is not a recipe for a spiritual success. We are all one. What is done to one of us is done to all of us. 3D teachings tell us we’re individuals. But even if that were true, it is possible to see how revenge can become all consuming and goes round in circles. You hurt me so I hurt you back. Then your son sees that I hurt you, so your son hurts my son. Revenge is not spiritual and revenge serves no purpose.

So, spiritual people can get angry – but they do not need revenge.

Spiritual Awakening And Anger

When you begin your spiritual awakening process you will probably experience various bouts of anger. Some of these will be ego related anger and others will be righteous related anger. This is because as your ego realises that it is becoming less and less relevant in your life it will try to concoct different reasons for it to remain relevant. It will potentially make you angry about offences you would never have previously been angry about before.

Sometimes you may become frustrated with a lack of progress, or you may feel adrift in your awakening. This can manifest itself as anger too – though this is again an ego based anger that comes from frustration. Your ego is using your frustration to magnify and remind you that you still need it. You don’t.

Then as your awakening process continues you begin to feel the more righteous anger. The anger that you – and everyone else around you – have been caught up in the 3D lie. The lie that no-one is really trying to expose and those that do are labelled as eccentric. You become angry at the suffering the system around us creates for so many people. And you may be angry at yourself for contributing to this.

Remember to step back from this anger, as we said above. Examine the anger and decide what to do about it.

Spiritual Ways to Release Anger

Our 3D realm likes to consider anger as a ‘negative’ emotion. Anger in itself is neither negative or positive, it is just energy. Emotions in themselves are neither negative nor positive. Some feel nice and some feel horrible – but the emotions themselves are neither nor.

How we respond to those emotions can be positive or negative though. As we saw in the section on revenge, there are negative responses to anger. This section will look at how we can use any anger in a positive way.

Harness The Energy

Emotions are just energy. Some are stronger than others and anger can be a powerful energy. Energy is the ability to do work. So let’s use the energy of anger to do good work.

But because the energy of anger is powerful, we need to moderate that power such that the work we do isn’t damaging in itself. Lightning from thunderstorms is energy – but it’s uncontrolled and unharnessable in that state. It is energy but it cannot do good work for us because it’s too harsh, too powerful, abrupt and unpredictable.

This is where your spiritual techniques that you have learned will come in. Don’t suppress the anger. You can no more suppress your emotion of anger than the sky can suppress the lightning during a thunderstorm. But you can control it. Do not let anger control you. If need be find a lightning rod to channel the energy into.

This can be another spiritual person who can see your perspective but without the emotion. They can guide you in ways to use the energy without having it consume you. The other person can be your lightning rod – and once the energy is harnessed you can use it to do good around you. It’s not easy. Your ego will not want you to do good with your anger. Your ego will want you to lash out and ‘blast’ anything you can – just like the lightning rips the trees apart. But the trees didn’t deserve it, and nor will your ego’s victims.

Use Your Anger To Do Good

Many advances in the world have resulted from being people angry enough to effect change. Examine if your anger is coming from a place where something needs to change. If it does, then ask how you can help make that change.

It may be something within yourself that needs to change. This is most likely as you begin your spiritual journey. It may be something outside of yourself that needs to change. In which case, find out how you can get involved.

Remember though, there is nothing to be gained by engaging in trying to fix things with overwhelming force. Although you’re angry, you must direct that energy into a loving way of resolving the issue. You can still be angry yet love the people you’re trying to affect.

Also, if the thing you are angry about is a system (such as, for example, women not being allowed the vote, to think of a historical example of collective anger achieving a result) remember that the system is at fault, not necessarily the people within it. Much more will be achieved by approaching the people within the system in love, not rage or violence.

Use your anger to do the work, within the rules of the system and with love. Do the work without starting a cycle of harm, but instead a cycle of love.

Spiritual Effects of Anger

Anger clouds our judgement and causes for us great problems that we have to unravel and resolve once we have calmed down. This is why we say you should take a break from yourself and examine the source of the anger and consciously decide what action to take.

When your anger takes you on a wild ride you have let your spirit take a back seat. Your spirit has become a passenger in the world and this leads to disconnection from the one source. The effect is almost always circular. When you react in anger, you create anger in other people. This anger then gets reflected back to you, making you more angry and more likely to do something harmful.

Taking that time – it may only be a second or two – to examine the source of the anger can break the circle and can prevent the anger being used in a negative way. Remember, anger itself is not negative, but it’s often used in a negative way. And when it is, it disconnects your mind from your soul. And usually ends up with your spirit having to clean up a huge mess.

Anger that is repressed will build over time. It becomes consuming and, like pressurised gas in a container will eventually come out with harmful – sometimes devastating force. When this happens it usually has collateral damage both for yourself and anyone around you.

If you’re experiencing anger that you’re having trouble controlling you may need more than just an article such as this to help you. Whether you’re looking to become more spiritual or not, there are ‘fleshy’ ways to control your anger and there are anger experts who can help you. If you’re struggling, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your medical or psychological professional for assistance. Even if you think it’s a spiritual problem, the psychological professional will be able to help.

What does Anger Do To The Soul

Anger that is not properly directed in a controlled fashion will disconnect us from those around us and will hinder the communication with our soul. Anger adds interference to the signal – making it difficult to hear what the soul wants us to hear.

Uncontrolled anger can lead to violence, which leads to anger from other people which can lead them to violence. All this results in people insulating themselves from each other and hurting each other. None of this is the souls intention for us.

Uncontrolled anger always escalates. There is no exception. The escalation turns to hatred – and hatred is the complete opposite of everything the soul stands for. Don’t let your soul become isolated from you due to anger. Work to resolve it. Whether that’s through articles like this or through professional assistance.

Anger Affects The Body Too, Not Just The Soul

Ultimately – through anger – it is you that suffers. You will carry the tension in your body, the tension of your soul disconnected or interfered with. This anger, and tension will eventually manifest in your body, through things such as high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease.

Anger has been proven scientifically[1] to suppress the immune system. This can lead to increased infection risk from viruses and bacteria of course, but also longer term a suppressed immune system can lead to cancerous tumours growing.


We’ve discovered that spiritual people can, and do, get angry. Anger is not a negative emotion or energy, but how we deal with it can be. Uncontrolled anger can be like a lightning strike in a thunderstorm, it has massive energy that can either be harnessed or devastate the surroundings. We’ve also learned that uncontrolled anger can initiate a harmful cycle of escalation whereby everyone gets hurt and no-one gains anything. Conversely, controlled and harnessed anger can effect positive change into the world around us and be a good thing.

We’ve seen that in dealing with anger, spiritual people (indeed, everyone) should;

  • Acknowledge the anger. It is there, it is real and it must be acknowledged in order to move forward.
  • Step back for a moment. Take a break from yourself. Breathe.
  • Investigate in our minds why the anger is there. Is it an ego thing. Is it from fear or frustration. Or is it because of injustice or inequity.
  • Deal with the issue causing the anger. In a loving, controlled manner.
  • Talk to other spiritual people about what’s happened or happening.

Spiritual people, you included, will get angry. How you deal with it is the important thing.


1: Rein G., Atkinson M., McCraty R. (1995). Journal Of Advancement In Medicine. The Physiological And Psychological Effects of Compassion and Anger. 1995; 8(2): 87-105. Sourced from The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Compassion and Anger | HeartMath Institute on 27th October 2021.

Featured Image by illusion-X from Pixabay