Spiritual Meaning Of Yam In A Dream

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Yams are commonly confused with sweet potato, particularly in the USA and although they are different root vegetables, the chance of knowing the difference in a dream is slim. So we consider the spiritual meaning of yam in a dream to be the same as that of a sweet potato in a dream.

As with any dream, much of the interpretation relies on the context of the dream rather than the item itself. But when you dream of yam there are some overall aspects of the interpretation that can be given, and so we will look at those below.

spiritual meaning of yam in a dream

Yams In A Dream Interpretation

When you have a dream that you would like interpreted it is good to write it down. Perhaps keep a dream journal or a notebook beside your bed. This will help you remember the context around the yams in your dream as well as the yams themselves.

For example, it can be something quite different if someone gives you yams in your dreams as a gift – as this could mean you’re being blessed with healing from some ailment you’re presently experiencing. If you’re not experiencing ill health at the moment, the gift of a yam could signify a financial improvement is heading your way. See how context is everything?

In this post we’ll look at some of the more ‘overall’ aspects of dreaming of yams to help give you some ideas about what the spiritual meaning of yam in your dream is – but as always, it’s going to need you to fill in the blanks and interpret the dream based on your own circumstances and desires.

Dreams Of Yams Can Mean Good Health

Yams have a number of health benefits and the physical yam has been used as a medicinal vegetable in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean[1]. They contain a good source of various vitamins and minerals. So it’s not difficult to see that they would also spiritually represent good health.

If you’ve been struggling with a health related problem recently and are given yams in your dream then this could signify a breakthrough is coming which will help improve your health. If someone else was given yams in your dream then they may expect a similar outcome.

If you are giving yams to someone who is poorly this can be interpreted as you providing some assistance to that person to help them overcome their health issues.

Dreaming Of Yams Can Mean Prosperity

Because yams are a good staple in our diet, and provide many needed nutrients, they can also be interpreted as symbolizing prosperity. As with any dream, the interpretation depends on individual circumstances and this can only be a generalised guide.

If you dreamed of being given yams and the context around the dream is more financial in nature (as opposed to health that we spoke about above) then you can expect some financial gift or other improvements in your financial situation shortly. This might mean more hours are offered to a part time worker for example, a pay rise, or literally just a financial gift from someone.

If you dreamed of giving away the yams then it’s possible you may receive an unexpected bill shortly or you may be making a financial gift to someone else. When trying to interpret this, look at how you felt when giving away the yams. If you felt good then it is likely it will be a financial gift to someone else soon. If you felt bad then it may be an unexpected bill warning. You would be wise to start saving some money each month if you can in order to afford this bill when it comes.

Dreams About Yam Can Mean Marriage or Pregnancy

This interpretation has a more cultural association than the previous two and may not be as relevant for western cultures as it might for some other nationalities. However, in some cultures, such as Nigeria, yam is considered an important gift to the bride’s family when a couple get engaged to be married and the family approve[2].

For cultures where yams are given as gifts at this auspicious of occasions, this can mean that a marriage is in the offing. If you’re given yams in your dream and are trying to conceive then this could symbolise that a pregnancy is not far away.

Dreams of Eating Yam

In the previous sections we’ve talked about being given, or giving yam to someone. This could of course be the whole root vegetable given in a basket, or it could be mashed on a plate and as a meal. The meaning remains largely the same. Dreams of eating yam could mean an improvement in a health ailment that’s recently been troubling you, or could mean you’re going to receive a financial boost.

If you’re dreaming of eating yam with a significant other then it could symbolize a coming marriage or pregnancy.

If you’re dreaming of eating yam with a larger party of people it could symbolize a successful business venture.

Dream About Cutting Yams

As with all dreams, the context of the cutting in this dream is important. If you’re cutting the yams to cook them and prepare a meal then it signifies that the hard work you’re enduring presently will bear good fortune in the end. Your hard work now will culminate in good fortune for your family and possibly friends too.

If you’re not cutting the yams in preparation for a meal, this can instead signify that you’re feeling overworked and underappreciated. With the overall tone of yams representing spiritual and physical health, you would be wise to consider slowing down a bit in your physical life. Protecting your health and wellbeing is important. If you have people around in your dream, then these may be the people you need to lean into a bit in order to help you slow down and look after yourself.

Cutting yams in a dream can also symbolize the need to open up your spiritual connection and connections with other people. Opening up connections with other people can help relieve the burdens you’re presently feeling.

Overall Spiritual Meaning Of Yam In A Dream

Whatever the background and context of the dream itself, the presence of yams in your dream symbolizes some sort of breakthrough after hard work. Raising yams in nature takes a lot of work, preparing soil, watering, weeding, then back breaking harvesting. If you’ve been dreaming of yams, you’ve probably been going through a rough time. The presence of the yams in your dreams indicates that your hard work may soon begin to pay off and the outcome you desire is around the corner.


As with every dream, this one has to be taken in context of your current life situation and events. But the spiritual meaning of dreaming of yam generally revolves around a form of prosperity coming after hard work. If you’re having health problems then the yam can symbolise a spiritual or physical healing is approaching. If you’re experiencing financial issues they can symbolise an improvement is on its way.

Look at the context surrounding your dream and how you felt both when in the dream and when you awoke. Jot down the details, as much as you can remember. You may find that coupled with some other information over the next few days you can interpret your dream more effectively.

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Featured Image by Daniel Dan outsideclick from Pixabay