Spiritual Meaning Of Teeth Falling Out

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In the context of this post we’re going to look at the spiritual meaning of dreaming that your teeth have, or are, falling out. This is because teeth falling out in your waking life has no spiritual meaning of any significance and would be down to poor teeth and gum hygiene or other things that a dentist would be far better qualified to answer than us!

But many people, indeed in a quick survey performed by me, 100% of study respondents claimed to have had at least one dream where they had teeth falling out. Some had multiple dreams of this happening, often at different times in their lives and usually within different dreams.

Of those people I surveyed, many of them had the opinion that dreaming of teeth falling out meant that someone close to them was going to die soon.

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Does Dreaming Of Losing Teeth Mean Death?

This is very unlikely – although it can, as we’ll see later, mean a rebirth or transformation. This can be taken as a way of life dying or changing significantly, but it will very rarely mean someone actually physically dying.

There are some who believe that dreams foretell the future, but our view on this is that dreams help us understand the present so that we can be better prepared for the future. Thus, these dreams of teeth falling out are not (usually) predictors of someone physically dying because that would require our subconscious to know the future – which if free will is really a thing, cannot be known.

Dreams Of Teeth Falling Out Can Be Down To Stress

One of the biggest spiritual meanings of teeth falling out in dreams comes from the stress we carry around. The actual dream isn’t so much of a spiritual message but is more our brain responding to stimuli from our mouths while we’re sleeping.

Many of us grind our teeth when we sleep, and this is particularly prevalent when you go to bed with something on your mind, or you’re apprehensive about what tomorrow might bring. When we grind our teeth in our sleep, we stimulate the nerves in our teeth and jaw, and this triggers our brain to process this as losing our teeth in a dream.

The phenomenon of auto-suggestion in dreams is surprisingly common. Have you ever had a dream where someone’s calling your name and you are, for whatever reason, unable to answer. They keep calling. You try to respond but you can’t. Then you wake up and realise that it’s a real person calling your name because it’s time to get up.

Or you dream that you’re late for work and the alarm clock is making a noise. But it’s not your usual alarm clock and no matter what you do in your dream, it refuses to silence. Beep beep beep it goes while you bash the top, trying to find the silence or snooze button. Nope, it continues incessantly. And then you wake up abruptly and realise that either your actual alarm was going off, or more likely you discover there’s a random beeping sound coming from a truck reversing outside. Your brain interpreted this as an alarm and fitted a dream around it for you.

So it can be when you grind your teeth in your sleep and you dream that they are falling out.

This is a sure sign that you are stressed. Your body is literally telling you that you’re going to bed stressed or with something on your mind and you need to let these things go before you try to sleep. You’ll wake up with an aching jaw too.

There’s lots of ways to try to relax before bed. A nice hot bath, with relaxing fragrances can help empty your mind before bed. You can listen to relaxing music while bathing or read a good ‘escapism’ novel. You can also try some spiritual meditation before sleeping to reduce the amount of stress you carry into your dream world. Whatever the reason for your stress, it’s important to realise that the spiritual effect of worrying actually serves to block our creative process and gets in the way of solving our problems. Answers come to us when we relax, so if this is the reason you’re dreaming of your teeth falling out then find your way to relax before sleeping so you can get the answers you need.

Feelings of Insecurity or Shame Can Lead To Dreaming Of Losing Teeth

For many of us, our teeth are one of the areas of our appearance that really matters to us. We spend significant sums of money on ensuring our teeth stay healthy, straight and white. For many of us, our self-esteem is at least partly represented by the state of our teeth. So if we go into our sleep with feelings of insecurity or shame, then our minds may produce dreams of losing our teeth to represent this.

Of course, when we go to sleep with these feelings they’re possibly not related to our teeth at all. We may have other things going on in our lives at this time which provide these feelings of insecurity or shame for us. As with all dreams, you’ll need to look at the context of the dream itself – how did you feel when your teeth fell out? What were you doing (if anything) that caused them to fall out? Were they painful? Did the whole tooth (or teeth) fall out, or was it, as sometimes I see in dreams, just a strange layer of tooth that comes away?

Dreams of Teeth Falling Out Can Mean A Lack Of Control

It’s unlikely anyone would choose to have their teeth fall out and as such, the action of the teeth falling out is something that is happening beyond your control. This can give you a hint as to why you’re dreaming about your teeth falling out. Do you have something that you don’t feel like you have control of? Do you feel that there’s something you should have, or would like to have better control of?

Perhaps this dream is an indication that some things we just have to accept, and work around instead of trying to control. For example, of course no-one would actually want their teeth to fall out, but given that in the dream that’s exactly what happened, what did you do in the dream to ‘fix’ the problem?

Hints on how you handled your teeth falling out in the dream might help you to work out how to work around whatever it is that you feel out of control about. The answer might be subtle and might need some soul-searching to find. But sometimes the dream is trying to give you answers, so long as you concentrate on the detail around the actual feelings rather than the feelings themselves.

Dreams of Losing Teeth Might Be Because Of Feelings Of Loss or Grief

If you’ve lost someone or something significant recently you are probably carrying around feelings of loss or grief. Taking this feeling to bed with you is going to be quite normal and difficult to overcome. This is a natural part of the grieving process if you have lost something or someone significant. It’s possible that the spiritual meaning of this dream then is trying to show you something about how you might deal with the grief or sense of loss.

For example, did you go to other people to help you with your teeth loss? Perhaps friends, who would likely be able to help you cope with the grief you’re experiencing in your day to day life right now. Or perhaps in the dream you went to a dentist for help with losing your teeth. In this case, clearly it’s unlikely a dentist will help you with your day to day sense of loss and grief – but the dentist in the dream is symbolic of a professional who is trained in the area of need. In your dream it was teeth, but in your waking life you may need to enlist the help of a different professional.

A Life Transition Can Be Approaching

If you’re dreaming of losing teeth it can be a sign of an impending, and possibly significant life transition approaching. This is likely where the notion that losing teeth in a dream means that someone close to you is going to die soon. It’s very unlikely that dreaming of losing teeth means someone is going to die soon. But there may be some significant changes to your lifestyle such that the old you is no longer around and you become a new you. Your old you effectively dies and is reborn with different viewpoints on the world and people around you.

This could be at home, work or even in a relationship you’re having (romantic or otherwise).

Recurring Dreams of Teeth Loss

If the dream keeps recurring over a few nights, or even many nights, even if the context of the dream is different but the teeth still feature as the problem, then you definitely have something your subconscious or even spiritual realm is trying to tell you.

It’ll be worth jotting down your dreams in a dream notebook or something similar so you can look back and see if there’s any pattern to the dreams itself, or the solutions you come up with to reduce the impact of the loss of your teeth. What you come up with in your dream may well be symbolic of what you need to do in your real life during the day.

If the dreams recur day after day and go on for some time and become bothersome – or the situation causing you distress while you’re awake, then it’s worth considering asking for some professional help. If you’re not sure where to turn for that help, your local medical officer ( doctor, general practitioner etc ) would be worth chatting to in the first instance. You could also reach out to a psychologist or even a pastor for help to figure out what is going on.

But often, looking at the clues the dream itself gives you can help you work out what needs to be done to move forward with whichever reason you think you’re dreaming of losing your teeth. After all, the dream is your own mind trying to offer solutions to you to make sense of it all.

Summary of Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Falling Out

In this post we’ve looked at the spiritual meaning of teeth falling out in dreams and noted that physical teeth falling out have a limited spiritual meaning as it would be a physical reason for this happening in your waking life.

We’ve looked at various reasons why we might be dreaming of this, and noted that some of those dreams are rooted (no pun intended) in our waking physical thoughts causing us stress or anxiety that reflects in our dreams as insecurities or loss.

The dream almost never means that someone close to you, or you yourself, are about to die. However it can mean that aspects of your life are soon to be over and changes will come that may mean you no longer recognise yourself or your lifestyle.

Ultimately, as with most dreams, you’re going to have to look at the context of your life recently as well as the context of the dream itself to determine what it actually means. Hopefully the ideas we’ve put forward in this post can help guide you to find your own answer.

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