Palmistry For Females – A Quick Beginners Overview

Palmistry for females differs slight from palmistry for males as certain hand and palm characteristics vary between the genders. In this post we give a quick overview of some of those differences.

palmistry for females

Females Palms Differ From Males

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Palmistry For Females – Mars And Venus

It is always exciting to know the future and being a female, it is highly important to know about future life!

The first thing comes in the impression when performing palmistry for females is the predominance of Venus in life. If the Venus mount is strong and also Mars is strong then this is combination of Mars and Venus, which makes one very attractive and give passionate nature to a female!

female palmistry mars and venus mounts

Venus is planet of love, relationships and romance. It is delicate planet whereas Mars is more of a warrior and fighter. When both are prominent and other planets are average (which is usually the case for beautiful passionate females) it creates fire within the female palm and this fire is directed towards love, arts and relationships.

This female can be passionate, attractive, caring and at the same time demanding, needing lots of attention and have good fashion sense.

In the image to the right, we have highlighted the Mars and Venus mounts. If both are raised and slightly swelled (but of course, not swollen due to injury) than this would be considered strong mounts. If it is too flat than it is weak.

Average Female Hand Shape

palmistry for females average hand shape

Average females have a square type of palm with pointed fingers and no hair over the back of hand and surrounding region. Female palms also tend to have less knots in fingers. Nails of course are often pointed, manicured and artistic. There is mixture of strength because of the square hand and sense of art and fashion because of the artistic pointed fingers. These are important distinctions between palmistry for females versus palmistry for males as they mean different things due to the differences in psyche and hand characteristics. Male fingers, by contrast generally have more hair and often very much more knotty fingers at the joints.

A square hand denotes that the person is a logical and analytical person. She will have good manners and she will be an overall hard working person.

Females have also artistic traits in their hands so they will also have some form of art interests whether it be painting or dancing or something else in most cases. Whether the female develops a focus on that art or not is altogether a different issue!

Her ideas are unique and thinking is out of box so she can do something new. Often her only weakness is (since being the artistic finger type), she may also have moodiness. She may feel lazy at times and miss opportunities to take the initiative which can result in missed opportunities.

Less Knots In The Female Fingers

Less knots in fingers denotes that one is the receiver of universal energy. This can be both a positive and negative. Each cosmic event affects the less knotted female greatly. She may even be affected by things like negative energy and thoughts easily. This is only usually true in cases where the palm is very soft , delicate and shows many artistic fingers.

This makes her vulnerable but if she is able to do proper meditation then she can master the emotional fluctuations. She can then convert this divine connection into psychic ability and you can go forward in professions which involve mysticism. Meditation is a must for the female who is affected by negative energies, otherwise this extra sensitivity to cosmic energy can create too much energy fluctuation and interfere on an emotional level.

This also makes a one artistic, good fashion sense etc.

Female Palm With Too Pointed Nails

In the female palm, pointed type long nails that are too pronounced can indicate that she may have difficulties with her chest region especially her respiratory system. This can manifest as high blood pressure or difficulty in breathing. However, when performing palmistry for females (as opposed to that for males) it should be recognised that many female nails are manicured into a specific shape rather than naturally being a certain shape. When considering this, it’s important to take the natural nail shape into consideration before arriving at an interpretation.

Female Palmistry – Thumb Types

If the thumb is very rigid type, it can make this female difficult to work for someone else in a career. She can be quite determined and this type of female palm can achieve a lot. She can be headstrong and determined to succeed – which are good qualities for her, but not so much an employer.

She should try not to get too stressed when things don’t always go her way though, as she can be more prone to auto-immune disease. This rigid thumb personality also gives rise to some obstinacy which can create frictions with loved ones. Too much rigidity of thumb in female palm is not good for peace and relation with family members.

If the first part of the thumb is strong and long this indicates a fighting spirit which can make the woman somewhat hot tempered. This in turn can lead to digestive troubles or back pains. It gives determination so it is good to have strong and long.

The Mounts In Female Palmistry

This is the area that most people associate with palmistry, whether that’s palmistry for females or males – the reading of the patterns of lines and the mounts on the female palm. Most don’t consider the fingers or thumbs as important tools in the overall assessment of the female palm. But as we’ve seen above, they indeed are.

Most female palms have have many criss-cross lines on them, though not all females have them. This means life is full of ups and downs and this can lead to a position of worries. The female palms are delicate and they have lot of changes in life. They experience all type of situations in life.

A strong Venus mount makes a female attractive to males. Some discoloration on it means she may suffer gynaecological issues , hormonal disturbances and potentially weakness in muscles and joints. These conditions are all medically manageable. These females are sensitive, especially to injustice and if someone is suffering it affects them a lot.

As some female palms are little puffy, which can indicate heart complications. Again though, these are often medically treatable.

If the female palm has a strong mount of Mars (which most females do have) this indicates that she has strength and she can work hard. This also makes her a little angry which can be internalised or externalised. This shows she may be coming from average family but she will go up because of her hard work.

The Lines In Female Palmistry

Many females have weak support lines which shows they have to do everything on own. One should also be careful of some relatives and females with weak support lines should not expect many benefits from relatives.

If there is strong Venus and Mars then her appearance will be impressive as she will be interested in maintaining the look and health of her body. However if the Jupiter mount is also strong then she probably has a tendency to gain weight. With self control she will be able to maintain that.

Many lines in palm says about female that she will be an introverted person initially in life but gradually her work will make her an extrovert and she’ll make many friends. Dance or some form of art is vital for her as this can release all stress and make her more relaxed. Also music is also soothing to her.

female palm with traveling square
Female Palm With Traveling Square

Female palms which have have a mild Travelling Square near the mount of the Moon indicate that she will travel. It can indicate a restless person. She may feel good in foreign places and this is indication that she might also work with foreign people. Please check the image on the left to see where the traveling square is located if there is one.

Most female palms have a Mount of The Moon with lots of lines. A medium amount of lines indicates that she may sometimes feel as though she is about to become insane due to over crowding of thoughts. This is especially true if she has some childhood emotional trauma in her past. These things can lead to trust issues but as she grow she will be able to manage things well.

female palm showing forked heart line
Female Palm showing forked Heart line

If a female palm has the heart line which is going under the mount of Jupiter then she is an ideal lover. She loves with a full heart and she is fully dedicated to her partner. She is also the kind of person who can give her own life for loved ones. She will be a very caring person. If her heartline is forked though then this female palm shows trust issues and doubts which in turn creates troubles in finding love and relationships. So, do not forget to check your heartline! See below image to understand about heart line..

female palm showing mind and fate lines
Female palm showing mind and fate lines

Many female palms show the mind line going under the mount of the moon and also it is often forked. This is a combination which can enhance her sensitivity to the environment and the effects of planetary motions on her. She can see and feel things more intensely than males.

Most females also have a good fate line which originates from the mount of the moon. This means she will be influential and at the same time she will still see a lot of progress after marriage.

Female palms usually have good fate line but mostly it has cuts from many other lines indicates she will have above average wealth in middle part of life. Wealth will be fluctuating sometimes she might take impulsive decision which can cost her later in terms of finances. But in overall sense having fate line is good position for wealth and fame.

female palmistry hand

Status is seen from the sun line and the strength of the Sun mount. If have a good sun mount but weak sun line then you will have enough fame but some incidences are strong that you may feel insulted on occasion.

Female palms usually have a girdle of Venus which indicates she can have fluctuating mood. Mood changes are severe from one extreme to other. She is also a sensitive person. She can understand other people well.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this very light overview of what is a very complicated subject that would take an entire book, or more, to master. We’ve only just brushed the surface with this article. If you would like to know more we would recommend obtaining a book which can go into much more detail about the different lines and abilities to read the female palm. The female palm does differ from the male palm when it comes to palmistry.

But hopefully this article has piqued your interest and given you some food for thought. Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!