Your Life Path Number is 1

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Planetary Ruler

Your planetary ruler is The Sun.

In astrology, the Sun is also the planetary ruler of the sign of Leo. People with the Sun in Leo are known for their strong egos, creativity, and generosity. They are also natural leaders and often have a strong sense of self-confidence. Leo people are typically warm-hearted and good natured, but they can also be quite stubborn.

If you’re born in the star sign of Leo and also have the Life Number 4, many of the qualities (positive and negative) listed here are likely to be exacerbated. Take care not to become too much of a good thing!

Positive Traits of People With Life Path Number 1

If you have a life path number of 1, you are on a unique and special journey. You are here to lead and inspire others, and to blaze your own trail in life. You are independent and self-motivated, and you have a strong drive to succeed.

You are a natural leader, and you are always looking for new challenges to conquer. You are confident and courageous, and you are never afraid to take risks. You are always moving forward and striving to be the best that you can be.

You are a trailblazer and a trendsetter, and you are always ahead of the curve. You are creative and innovative, and you are always looking for new ways to improve things. You are always pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. You are a true original, and you are always making your own rules.

You are stubborn and determined, and you never give up on your dreams. You are passionate and enthusiastic, and you have a zest for life. You are always up for anything and everything, and you are always ready for a new adventure.

You are a risk taker and a go-getter, and you always achieve your goals. You are a force to be reckoned with, and you are always making things happen.

Above all else, people with the life path number of 1, do whatever they can to be number 1 in life. Whether that’s as a winner/go-getter or whether it’s feeling like you’re number 1 to someone. You’re likely to want to be on top of your game at all times.

Life Path Number 1ers make excellent self employed business people due to their constant drive. They also make good leaders, although see below for how to temper your drive and determination to lead well. Politicians and military leaders are often number 1ers.

Negative Traits of People With Life Path Number 1

The biggest positive trait of life path number 1 people is their unparalled desire to literally be, number 1. But this can also be their biggest negative trait too. You need to guard against being ‘over driven’ because you may end up spending too much time on achieving goals and suddenly wake up and realise that you’ve no-one to share this success with.

Even though you’re obviously number 1, and will let anyone know who needs to, you’ll find it difficult to accept when things don’t go your way. And sometimes they won’t – particularly if you’re in some kind of relationship with another life path number 1 person. After all – you can’t both be first can you? Well you might have to find a way to both be first – particularly if it’s a romantic or business relationship.

You may need to learn that not everyone is as driven or passionate as you are about things. Or they may be driven and passionate, but about different things to those which you are. You’ll have to guard against being too critical of these people. You are a natural leader, as we mentioned above, but you may need some training in how to get the best out of people who aren’t quite as passionate about things as you are.

Number 1 life pathers, by virtue of their driven nature, can be self centered and egotistical. Often you’re happy being alone, because that’s the best way to achieve what you want in your life.