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What are Astrology Signs? How do Astrology signs rate to our everyday life? This post can give you an overview the 12 astrology signs for you

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The 12 Signs of The Zodiac

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What Are Astrology Signs?

The Astrology signs, or signs of the Zodiac, are 12 creatures whose images appear in the night sky, spread across 12 separate regions of space. Essentially it is a feature of the position of the earth relative to the sun and space throughout the year. As the earth progresses around the sun, different areas of space appear at night for the observer on earth.

It was used as a convenient way for telling the stage of the year (aside from the obvious temperature changes and status of leaves on trees perhaps!) in ancient times. Of course, the constellations don’t actually exist as such – they are an illusion caused by joining the dots of various brighter stars in the region of space. In some ways, similar to seeing animals in the clouds.

However, all is not quite as simple as the sun being in front of a particular constellation for a particular month of the year. The sun’s position in the sky relative to the constellations drifts over time.

This is in part because the solar year isn’t quite the same as our calendar year, but also, and more importantly, because the earth wobbles on its axis. Meaning, the North pole points at a different part of the sky throughout a 26000 year cycle.

Broadly speaking though, the 12 signs were aligned to the constellations they related to when they modern astrology signs were designed.

Another, further complicating factor is that the constellations aren’t all exactly the same size. Meaning that for some it takes longer than a month to fully pass through them, whereas others take less time.

So in order to get a full picture, Astrologists like to get further details such as the day, month, year and even time that a person was born to obtain a more accurate reading of the person’s specific astrology signs.

Are Astrology Signs Important?

Scientifically speaking, astrology signs are irrelevant. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence to back up their ability to predict the future or determine anyone’s personality traits.

The reason for scientific sceptism is fairly obvious. There’s 12 zodiac signs. If we look at the UK population on its own, there’s about 65 million people. 65 million divided by 12 is approximately 5 million. So, reading the ‘stars’ for the day to determine what kind of day you’ll have means that you’re sharing that kind of day with 5 million others in the UK. Seems fairly unlikely doesn’t it.

But realistically the daily horoscope is only a very small part of astrology. Many would argue the daily horoscope is just a bit of fun. Use it as an inspiration perhaps, but don’t take it too literally.

More in depth astrology readings involve knowing your place of birth as well as the date and time of your birth. Having this information can narrow down the number of people enormously. The UK Office for National Statistics states that 657076 babies were born in the UK in 2018. With 525600 minutes per year, that’s just a little over 1 baby per minute. So if you know the time, date and place of your birth you can pretty much narrow down where the stars were for you and only you.

Whether being able to narrow you down to 1 out of 65 million gives any scientific credence to Astrology is rather unlikely. However, here at whilst we certainly do believe in science, we also recognise that there are many things that science doesn’t (yet) have an answer for. Dark Matter is a prime example. Science believes that Dark Matter makes up around 80% of the universe. Yet science has yet to prove the existence of dark matter. 80% of the universe is made up of a substance that science actually doesn’t understand and can not actually detect. Is it possible that the interaction of the planets and stars can have an effect on the astrology signs? We certainly think it’s possible.

What Can The Astrology Signs Tell Us?

The astrology signs, being based on our date of birth, can give us a little insight into how our personalities interact with other personalities and give us some guidance for our strengths and weaknesses in life.

Although again, there’s no scientific proof of these characteristics being based on your birth month, there’s certainly plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest there’s at least some truth to the signs of the zodiac being able to predict people’s personalities.

So, if your astrology sign is based on when you were born – how do you know which star-sign you are? For a more in depth insight into your personality based on your star signs you’ll need a more in depth reading based on your day, month and year of birth, as well as, if possible, the minute you were born and possibly where. However, here’s a handy little chart to give you the basic overview of your star sign.

Date RangeStar Sign / Sign of The ZodiacElement
Jan 20 – Feb 18AquariusAir
Feb 19 – Mar 20PiscesWater
Mar 21 – Apr 19AriesFire
Apr 20 – May 20TaurusEarth
May 21 – June 20GeminiAir
Jun 21 – Jul 22CancerWater
Jul 23 – Aug 22LeoFire
Aug 23 – Sep 22VirgoEarth
Sep 23 – Oct 22LibraAir
Oct 23 – Nov 21ScorpioWater
Nov 22 – Dec 21SagittariusFire
Dec 22 – Jan 19CapricornEarth
Date RangeStar Sign / Sign of the ZodiacElement
Table of Dates to Zodiac Sign, with Elements

In the table above we’ve also listed the ‘element’ to which the sign belongs. This is because, historically, people believed that everything was made up of 4 elements – that of earth, air, fire and water. The different proportions of each basic element was what gave each individual material its properties.

Astrology uses these elements to help identify different traits in people. We can use the elements to help us work out our strengths and weaknesses. They can also be used to predict how couples will interact in a relationship. This can be a romantic relationship, a friendship or even business relationship.

The Astrological Elements And Their Meanings

  • Air – The air energy is one of calm and rational thought. People who fall under an air element are social and communicative. They like relationships with other people. They’re clear thinkers and form rational arguments when discussing things.
  • Water – Water signs tend to be emotional and sensitive. They can be very intuitive but also quite mysterious. They’re not keen on being in the limelight but they do support their loved ones enormously.
  • Fire – These signs are passionate but also can be temperamental. People of the fire signs can be quick to anger, but also tend to forgive quickly too. They are generally strong characters and often inspire or lead others. People born under the fire signs generally have considerable energy and often channel that into creative passions.

Astrology Signs And Their Meanings

Given that each starsign is characterized by a certain element, we can deduce that each sign will display characteristics of that element. This is true. But each sign also carries their own characteristic. In the table below we shall go over the overall characteristics at a high level. Each sign will then link to a page dedicated to the actual astrology sign itself for further information.

Astrology SignStrengthsWeaknessesLikesDislikes
AquariusIndependent, original, compassionateAloof, scared of emotional expression, temperamental and uncompromisingFun, helping others, fighting for causes, listeningBroken promises, loneliness, being bored
PiscesArtistic, intuition, artistic and wiseFearful, can be overly trusting, sad, too much trust can lead to victimizationMusic, sleeping, being alone, romance, swimming and spiritual thingsKnow-alls, criticism, cruelty, the past
AriesConfident, enthusiastic, determined, optimistic, passionate and honestImpatient, moody. Sometimes short tempered and aggressiveComfortable nice clothes, being in a leadership position, individual sportsIdleness, delays
TaurusPractical, strong, reliable, stable and responsibleStubborn, posessive and often unable to compromiseGardening and cooking. Music and romance as well as working with their handsChange, complicated issues, insecurities
GeminiAffectionate, curious, adaptable, able to learn quicklyNervy, inconsistent, can be two facedArts such as music, books or magazines, chatting with people, short tripsBeing alone, being trapped, routine
CancerImaginative, loyal, persuasiveMoody, manipulative, suspicious, sometimes insecureDIY, home based hobbies, arts and crafts, meals with friends, privacyStrangers, any critisicm of family
LeoCreative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, funnySelf-centered, lazy, inflexible, arrogantBeing admired, holidays, theatre, expensive things, bright colours, funBeing ignored, facing reality, not being treated like royalty
VirgoLoyal, analytical, hardworking, practicalShy, worries too much, perfectionist, works but rarely playsAnimals, healthy food, reading, nature, cleanlinessRudeness, asking for help, disloyalty
LibraDiplomatic, co-operative, gracious, tactful, fair minded, socialIndecisive, avoiding confrontation, carries grudgesHarmony, gentleness, sharing with others, outdoorsViolence, injustice, bigmouths, conforming to social norms
ScorpioPassionate, stubborn, very loyal, brave and resourcefulDistrusting, jealous, secretive, will sting if you annoy themTruth, facts, being right, teasing people, being friendsDishonesty, passive people, revealing their secrets
SagittariusGenerous, funnyMakes promises they can’t keep, impatient, no verbal filtersFreedom, the outdoors, travelClingy people, bizarre / conspiracy theories, being constrained, rules
CapricornResponsible, disciplined, good mannersIs a Know-all, unforgiving, condescending and can expect the worst in every situationFamily, traditions, music, craftsmanshipPretty much everything at some stage!
Astrology Signs Individual Traits

Final Thoughts

There’s lots more to the Astrological signs than we’ve written about in this particular article – most notably that we’ve really only skimmed the surface of individual’s character traits. In our article Introduction to Astrology we look at some more general things relating to Astrology as an overview.

At the moment we don’t have an article on in depth character traits for each of the astrological signs, but we intend to create those shortly. Check back as we’ll link them in the table above when they’re ready.

We also plan to create some compatibility tables and charts to help you determine whether either your romantic partner or business partner (or even just a friend) is compatible with you. Check back soon for more information.